Saturday, June 24, 2017

Week 69 - The missing pages...

When we witnessed the breakup of Dev and Sonakshi on that disastrous night, we were all devastated, because, Dev and Sona shared the most beautiful love story with us ❤️ The love story in which we got to see both of them go against all odds to come together, in which both of them complimented each other, in which both of them made each other's bad days better and good days memorable and best. There was technically no worth reason for them to break up..and yet, they did.. And even before we could digest it, there was a seven year leap in our show and Sonakshi was shown with a daughter and Dev was shown as a man without any specific goals in life. We had a million questions in our head and we all even got divided into Team Dev and Team Sonakshi.. arguing about who was right and who was wrong. Each team argued with utmost conviction!  How can Sona hide the child from Dev? How can Dev expect Sona to let Suhana talk to him? It was all Dev's fault.. It was all Sona's fault.. How can Ishwari do this.. how can Bijoy do that.. and what not!! πŸ˜’

This week was the gateway to the answers for all those questions.. πŸ˜Š This week we have started to read those missing pages of this beautiful love story..the pages that were filled with anger, hurt, sadness, guilt and everything else that took away the peace from these two honest lovers πŸ’”

The week started on a beautiful note of Dev and Sona reminiscing the magical moment they just experienced, the magical togetherness they just felt. They both never thought such a moment will come again in their life. But it came and this time, it seems to me that it will be "forever..and beyond". "Mrs.Dixit" - Dev, Sona and both their families enjoyed this title wholeheartedly and thats what gave me the confidence that the happy times are here to stay forever.❤️😊

Now that we know that all is well and the love story is back in track, it will be less sorrowful to flip through the missing pages... 

The main page that was missing from Dev's side of story was the birth of Suhana. Dev always loved Sonakshi as a woman, and he never wanted the infertility to affect their love story in any way. He did not leave any opportunity to ensure Sonakshi of his abundant love and care. If at all he wanted a child, he only wanted it so that Sonakshi will feel complete.  When their love story tragically ended, he would have never thought that Sonakshi will become a mother. Had he known, he would have handled everything differently. He is not the kind of man who would let his wife carry the burden of "their" offspring single handedly πŸ˜’ However, fate separated them and  Sonakshi did have to suffer as a single parent for seven years πŸ˜’

Similarly, the main page that was missing from Sona's side of their love story was the fact that Dev was almost paralyzed and became powerless and directionless in Sonakshi's absence. The tragic part about this was that Sonakshi was not at all aware that Dev will become so powerless in her absence...Had she known she would have never ever left him, come what may πŸ˜’ However, fate separated them and Dev went through a helpless lonely phase πŸ˜’

The makers have done a fabulous job of filling in the missing pages to Dev and Sona from each other's angles!!

Whenever I get upset with my husband and our arguments go on for a long time without any closure, I often find myself sit and write out an email with extreme anger. Once I do that, my outrage will definitely reduce. When that calmness sets in, I will just delete it and carry on..or probably save in drafts for review later!! I just checked and I still have a couple of those angry emails in my draft.. Many times I feel Sonakshi is very much like me πŸ˜Š

Shaheer as Dev once again, has acted phenomenally well as the guilty husband, who just read those missing pages from his life and realized the impact of his absence in his wife's life... πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

We live in an era where our work and social life have taken over our personal life. Many husbands who live in the same house as their wife, don't necessarily take part in the pregnancy of their wife. Nor do they give a hand in the upbringing of their children. However, here is Dev.. He wanted to read and feel all the hatred that Sonakshi felt for him during those days. He wanted to go to the hospital where his wife delivered his daughter. He wanted to dwell in the guilt and blame himself as an irresponsible man for what happened seven years ago without even his knowledge... for not being there for his wife when she needed him the most...Dev is a man to look up to πŸ™πŸΌ❤️

The guilt of Dev drove him totally helpless, unable to undo any of the damage that he did to his dear wife. Again, the makers have wonderfully conceived the hospital scene where Dev imaginarily fixes himself in one of Sonakshi's hospital visit.. A very heart wrenching scene wonderfully done by Shaheer πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» The guilt made him run from pillar to post looking for that one thing that might give him some peace.. His visit to the Bose house was heartwarming and am sure it changed Bijoy's perceptions about Dev.

Its very questionable, whether a person like Dev exists in today's world. We can only hope!

While going through these missing pages of the past, the makers have also done a fabulous job in conceiving the present hesitation from Dev's side to take any first step towards getting closer to Sonakshi πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» We know the romantic Dev for more than a year now and he has never felt uncomfortable or uneasy with her ever. However, the guilt that he has now, gives him a lot of hesitation in taking that first step.. Its a very natural feeling and 100% marks to the makers for showing this and not showing a filmy closeness and romance just because now they have expressed their love for each other. I would like the closeness to come naturally.. after all... tiny Mr.Abhodro has to be very special... right from the making..isnt it? πŸ’‘❤️

How does Sonakshi feel about Dev's guilt? The moment she knew that Dev saw those emails in draft, she only gave her friendly supportive hand and tried to trivialize the whole thing... I really liked how Dev insisted that he read those emails. My husband would never insist like that. He would be happy to not know what I wrote. But I will also never be as friendly as Sonakshi. I will make sure he reads that specific line and point it out to him saying "Read this..this part.. this is exactly how I felt that day, when you said the coffee I made was not nice.." πŸ€“πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Oh Well!! Dev and Sona are too perfect to exist in reality! We can only hope and try to be like them.

Sonakshi also wanted to know all about Dev's life in those seven years. It was beautiful to see Dev brush aside her request. Only a strong man will be able to take ownership for his mistakes without indulging in his own losses.πŸ€—

There is a very important truth about Men that we all need to know. Men are the weaker of the two genders. Weaker because, they easily let their weaknesses overpower them. They almost have zero power to fight against their weakness. The one person they truly love is their strength and in the absence of that person, they absolutely cannot perform. Women, on the other hand have a fighting spirit which gets much stronger in the absence of who they consider as their strength.. In fact, when our man is around us, we generally tend to lean on him and feel at ease and let him take care of us and pamper us. But in his absence, we take up the ownership and try to perform much better..

Dev had felt clueless, weak and almost paralyzed in Sonakshi's absence. He could not do even what he did before Sona came in his life. I vividly remember the time of Sonakshi's engagement with Ritvik and how Dev expressed that he wanted to die but could not do so..because of his responsibilities as a brother and son and begged Sonakshi to be with him and guide him. However successful a man is, he is an extremely weak person in the absence of his woman. Sonakshi made a promise that she will never leave him, but she did. Whether the Sonakshi supporters like it or not, she made a mistake by leaving him behind. She should have known that Dev is powerless without her. πŸ˜’

But, because Sonakshi is basically a good person, she relentlessly tried to find about all the missing pages from her love story.. all about Dev during those seven years. She went to Ishwari, then to Eleena and then to Dev himself and insisted that she know everything about his sisters. It did not surprise me that Dev's life became pointless in Sonakshi's absence. However, he ignoring his sisters definitely surprised me. Why would he do that? Pondering on that topic made me realize that with his every sister's saved life, lies Sonakshi's goodness. Whether it was saving Nikki from drunkards or Ria from the wicked Ayaan.. Sonakshi had a huge role to play. And Neha's wedding probably brought even fonder but now haunting memories of him and Sonakshi, so he chose to stay away from it. Well.. even though men are grown up adults, their success lies only on the women behind them. 

It was only after Sonakshi heard from Dev, was she able to realize the amount of damage she has indirectly caused to his entire family. The dependency that Dev had on her dawned on her only in that instant..Dev probably cannot go into past and make up for the missing pages of his life which had the birth of Suhana.. but Sonakshi might still be able to do some damage control in Dev's life and his family.. However she needs to be very careful in handling this.

The identity of Sonakshi is, to do the "right" things and to make the things "right".  Thats why, as soon as she came back in Dev's life, she thought about Nisha and explained to Dev that they owed an apology for her! Sometimes, Sonakshi's ways of setting things right work favorably.. However, sometimes it backfires. Like the time she tried to somehow get Neha and Ranvir back together.. It only caused more strain to their already strained relationship. Similarly when Dev and Sona broke up, the same urge of Sonakshi to set the things right for the Bose family triggered the whole misunderstanding and unpleasant arguments. Not that she shouldn't have supported her family. But, she could have done it differently, taking Dev also on her side. 

I somehow feel, this time also, she is being too hasty in right away plunging into the Dixit sisters' family matters and setting everything right without the knowledge of others... Somehow I feel her coming back to the Dixit home itself was a hasty decision to somehow set everything right between them and the sisters. And her way of handling the keys also did not seem right to me..As Ishwari pointed out, she could have spoken to Ishwari before giving the keys to GKB. She should have definitely asked Ishwari and/or  Dev before contacting Ria on her own. I hope this is one of those times when Sonakshi's plans work favorably for everyone πŸ˜ž

Talking about Ishwari - She did the right things this week. 

- Her genuine heartfelt happiness in seeing a happy and content Dev was something I had been longing for. As a mother, I had always questioned her inability to feel happy for her son. And finally I felt that satisfaction. 
- Her visit to the Bose family to ask for Sonakshi's hand again not just for her son as his wife but also for herself as her friend was also a very satisfying moment for me. Just like Asha, I am sure all mothers of daughters would have felt their eyes getting wet. 
- At the same time, her efforts to make Exotic Avocado Salad brought a smile on my face πŸ˜ 
- Her interactions with GKB were perfect! I wish she had so much confidence in her son and his choice of Sonakshi many years ago... And I hope that this confidence and clarity that she now has, is here to stay forever.

Similarly, Bijoy also did the right things this week. After a long time, the elders are finally becoming a positive source of energy! 

- Bijoy's warm welcome to Dev in the beginning of the week and his wish for good luck uplifted our moods. It was a perfect comparison of native place to your life prior to marriage and the place we migrate to, for the sake of job, to our life after marriage!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
- He also gave Dev a very valuable advice to become each other's strength and not weakness.. 
- The best part between Dev and Bijoy was the part where Bijoy acknowledged that Dev was best and Dev acknowledged that Dev can only look up to Bijoy. 

The flavor the kids brought in made the show more interesting this week. I am sure parents often get stumped by their kids' questions.. 

- What is "Propose"?? πŸ˜²
- Iss room me kyoon itna decorations hain? Kyoon big chi hass rani hain??
Kids, especially these days are very inquisitive and its hard to explain many things to them!! πŸ˜²πŸ˜‰

The dialogues as usual is another hero in the show!

- The scene where Ishwari compared Dev as dabba and his love as the biscuit inside.. was classic πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ The tug of war between Ishwari and GKB for the dabba was a perfect comparison of the war that happened seven years ago, between Sonakshi and Ishwari..πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
- The scene where Dev told Sonakshi that he wants to read all the emails was also another highlight!! "kya kya delete karoghe? yahaan se delete kar sakti ho, par apne dil se delete nahi kar sakti ho na..."πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

The lead characters definitely stole the show this week! 

- Shaheer's excellent portrayal of his own guilt and his protectiveness for Sonakshi both must be applauded. His dialogues are always pitch perfect.. His body language and emotions are always bang on!!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
- Erica's reactions while Dev was explaining his setbacks in the absence of Sonakshi was perfect. Without dialogues, she easily conveyed her deep regret.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

There were lot of promises made this week... 

Dev promised Bijoy that he will try his best to not disappoint him.
Sona promised Dev that she will henceforth walk with him and support him during his moments of weakness..
Ishwari promised sonakshi that she will consider Sonakshi as her own daughter and not a daughter in law.
I hope all these promises are kept by everyone.😊


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  2. Hello! I had made a lot of typing errors hence deleted my first reply . Here's a fresh one.
    Reading your blog the first thing in the morning makes my day.

    How well you bring out the highlights of the week's episodes without dragging or going into useless details. The fact that you never are judgmental is also what makes me love your blogs.
    You have correctly said that it is hard to find a man/ husband like Dev Dixit. This character ,a fictional one at that, is going to be etched in our memories for ever. Shaheer has played this character so well that as a novice to his shows , I have become a die hard fan of his.
    Love and regards. Looking forward to your next blog.

    1. Thanks Saipriya..the show is such that everyone have their own good n grey shades..isnt it? thats why there is no reason to judge..I enjoy writing because of the appreciation n encouragement. Thank you 😊

    2. @Saipriya, when I wrote the email part, I was thinking of you πŸ˜‰thanks for your compliments dear 😊

    3. Oh ! I loved that email part that you had written. Another personal and interesting anecdote .I love reading these personal tit bits as they enhance the connect between all of us- you, your blogs, the show and last but not the least your readers- no, your admirers

  3. Such a wonderful article. My Sunday never ends without reading your article. Thanks you

    1. Thanks a lot dear. Glad to know you liked it :)

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