Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 39 - Confrontation

How long can we beat around the bush? Sooner or later, its better to confront it and make it clear! Sometimes, thats a better option than to cloud our mind. This week we saw Sonakshi trying to frankly discuss certain things that has been bothering her and us as well. I felt somewhat good. How about you all?

Dev's birthday was the biggest agenda this week. However, before going into that, we first need to clear out that "I have become a responsible good boy" image that Dev created last week!!

Last week ended with Dev feeling ecstatic about regaining the space that the swing had taken. I still cant understand why that cute swing was bothering him so much..anyway it was not a big deal for Sona. She always has a take it easy policy for these small things. Especially after Dev made her believe that he is doing all his work himself..πŸ˜²πŸ˜‚ 

Whats good about Dev is, he is really not someone, who wants to purposely not listen to his wife. He is just a spoilt kid - that too, only in terms of taking care of his basic needs.

Dev was looking super hot in the white shirt and black tie..😍 and all went well up until the point when dhal fell on Dev's shirt. Thanks to mami's timely intervention, Sonakshi witnessed Dev taking his mom's help to clean the shirt πŸ˜² Soanakshi was right in getting angry with Dev - not for taking his mom's help, but for making a fool of her and hiding the truth from her πŸ˜  What Dev did was not fair, and as I told last week, what Sona did was also probably too rushed.. But whatever it is, this adorable couple is never ready to give up on themselves ever! It only took a couple of seconds for Sonakshi to reach out to Dev. Not that she ended the fight because it was his birthday. Even otherwise, their fights and misunderstandings are very rarely long and meaningless.

Dev very beautifully said how he has started loving "Love"..The Love, which makes every problem solve by itself and every issue resolve on its own..That was a beautiful dialogue ❤️😊

One other highlight of that scene was that Sonakshi confronted this issue directly with Ishwari! I have always praised Sona's assertive nature. With that assertiveness, she respectfully yet strongly condemned the "habit" of the mother-son combo. And even though Ishwari had some points to say in her and Dev's favor, in the end, I am sure Ishwari and Dev both realized that there was more logic in Sonakshi's argument πŸ‘πŸ»

There were 2 simultaneous plans going on for Dev's birthday. One was fondly made by Dev's mom without any agenda of separating Dev and Sona. The other one was romantically made by Dev and Sona with a conscious plan of keeping the whole day free for Ishwari and taking only the midnight for themselves.. If at all there was any manipulation, it was only done by maami and Neha!! Really, what the hell is wrong with Neha?? Cant she just admire her bhabhi's genuine inner beauty, without unnecessary hatred or jealousy?

Although the phone battery went down and the music was loud and Ishwari and co. were too enthusiastic, etc. I am still not 100% convinced that Dev could not reach out to Sonakshi somehow. For example, such a big businessman that he is, he could have called the club and spoken to them and asked for his wife.. Where there is will, there is way. Only that Dev loves his mom way more than any other son does and because of that, we have always seen some hard to believe sequences between the mother-son combo and this is just one such.  Ok.

I don't want to sound as if I am biased about Dev and Sona's date. And Ishwari also did not purposely plan to keep Sonakshi away. But in the end, the reality was shown very clearly. Sonakshi was standing outside the circle - the circle which had all of Dev's family, except Sona.

Sonakshi-Asha phone conversation was by far the best part this week.. However old we get, when we are hurt, we need our mom's lap. I have seen my 65 year old mom look for support from my 90 year old grand mom. Such is the mom-daughter relationship. And this relationship becomes much more stronger when daughters get married. Its true even in Ishwari-Neha's case... Its a feeling only a mom and a married daughter can understand. And only a good mom can advice her daughter, the way Asha did that day. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

We have seen, in TV serials, how women add fuel to another woman's already big burning problem! Our show is an exception and only because of that are all the awards and accolades!! Congratulations on the AVTA award for best soap! Congratulations to our dear Sonakshi as well for grabbing that best actress award! And another interesting fact about this show is - often there are references to Shahrukh movies! I don't know if you guys noticed this week, the Devdas dialogue reference (delivered by mama ji)πŸ˜„❤️ In the past also, there had been many references, including the KKR team reference!

Sonakshi had all the rights to make that celebration unpleasant that night. But she chose not to do. This should have been a good lesson for Neha. But Neha chose not to learn from it, but to only find a problem in it !! 

Whether Neha recognizes the goodness of Sona or not, whether Ishwari recognizes it or not, our Dev always recognizes and generously praises Sonakshi for her good heart and understanding ❤️πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

Sonakshi was on a mission to stump Iswari this week. In yet another discussion that night with Ishwari, Sonakshi proved her genuineness. And yet, Ishwari cannot accept her with all her heart? Very sweetly Sona told Ishwari that she has a lot of respect for Ishwari and an apology is not at all needed in this case. I don't know what went on in Ishwari's mind, but in my mind, I was just thinking how  23-24 years old girls get married and come into a new family having a lot of respect and trust for the mother in the new house and how much of a responsibility the mother, has in making sure, that girl's trust is not broken at all. Similarly the girl has a lot of responsibility as well in making sure that she gets into the groove of the family even if she is repelled and even when the going gets so tough. Family and Love is all so fragile yet so powerful.

The big "aunty" problem was also confronted duly this week. It was bothering me a lot last week and I was finally able to sleep peacefully when Sonakshi told Dev that he calling her mom as aunty warranties her calling Ishwari also as aunty. The following scenes would have been much more cuter if it was for a different fight. But for this fight, I need an answer right away, Mr.Abhodro! If you can call Sona's mom as aunty, why can't Sona call your mom as aunty too? But its good to know that Dev is finding Sona calling his mom as "aunty" as completely intolerable. Thats a first step. Eventually Dev will realize what he did was very bad.

The final Sona-Ishwari conversation was the best of all confrontations this week!     I am glad the conversation went in the direction of Ishwari getting into a self defensive mode! Ishwari's tone had some hesitation, but she tried to tell with as much conviction as possible, that Dev was probably not ready to accept anyone else as his mom other than herself.

Sonakshi explained how she also used to think that way about her mom before and how that perception of hers changed during the wedding, when her mom adviced about taking Dev's family as her own..Ishwari was speechless when she heard that. And if that was not enough, Sonakshi questioned Ishwari why she did not give any such advice to her son!

There is the Dixit family that has so much of hesitation in including Sonakshi in any of their family matters. Yet, Sonakshi has accepted it to be hers and treats each relation in that family as her own.. And then there is the Bose family where everyone pours their love on Dev! They celebrate his birthday even in his absence.. they make sweaters for him with so much love, they treat him and shower him with lots of love and yet, his own mom's insecurities has stopped him from accepting the Bose family as his own..

Neither is Dev bad nor is Ishwari. Because of the basic goodness in these two characters, I still have lots of hope that they will be able to come past this and be able to embrace Sonakshi and her family with all their heart ❤️ That day is going to be very soon. This week's confrontations have surely paved way for it!

Next week, Ishwari is all geared to clear out that "mamma's boy".. Its not a bad word, is it? And more over, she really works so hard in making Dev a mamma's boy..isnt it? And why should she get upset if he finally got that title.. 

I just feel sad for Ishwari. Her possessiveness for her son makes her be someone that she is not..Ishwari is a good person underneath, no doubt. We have seen and adored this mother like no other! The good news is that Sonakshi is not like Neha or any other normal daughter in law. I am sure she will get that good mother out of Ishwari, without hurting her even a bit. And hope Dev supports her all the way!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 38 - Happiness is Acceptance

When a new relationship comes in our life, we need some time to adjust and get used to it, and over a period of time, we will be able to accept it with all its good and bad. Acceptance allows us to learn while being happy.

When Dev went to Sonakshi's house, he started to feel one among them without any differences. It came naturally to him, without any outside pressure. There was genuineness in his eating there, forcing Sonakshi's mom to eat and in laughing for Bijoy's jokes. His calling Asha as mom was as natural as Sonakshi calling Ishwari as mom. And its only because of this Acceptance, there was nothing but happiness last week and life was just beautiful...

However, this week was so full of emptiness.😞

The week started off with Ishwari giving a lecture on how the plant needs to forget its love for the old soil, when it comes to a new place and how Sonakshi should keep the fight between her and Dev within their home and not take it to her mom's house. This very first scene this week totally put me off.

Ishwari's advice to Sonakshi was not wrong. However, her inability to use the same logic is Neha's case is definitely disturbing.  I vividly remember the scenes prior to Neha's wedding and even soon after her wedding, when Ishwari kept stopping Dev from helping Neha fulfill her thirst for comforts. At that time, Ishwari's thoughts were more grounded, unbiased and very fair.  The change in Ishwari now, is due to her lack of acceptance of Sonakshi as her daughter in law. Whether she agrees or not, part of the reason why Ishwari is not persuading Neha to go back to Ranveer is to just be on the side where Sonakshi is not there.

When there is no acceptance, there will only be fear, prejudice, self defense and everything that will take away the peace and happiness from you! And because this week dwelled on the lack of acceptance, I realized that it left me also with a feeling of emptiness.

When the swing first came to Dev-Sona's room, I was very happy. In fact Dev's subdued reaction and his explanation of "how much more reaction can I give for this" - all seemed cute. I liked the swing a lot and at that time, I did not realize that this swing will become one of the main negative roles in Dev-Sona's life!! Kudos to Dev, who was making a conscious effort in trying to accept this character in the room πŸ˜„ But the lights on it, and keeping the lights on during the night was a little overboard, Sonakshi!! Actually speaking, I will get scared with a character like that just in front of my bed. My oversmart brain will start to imagine someone sitting on it...😨😱 thanks to the horror movies πŸ™„

Whatever it is, I think they will sort it out. And even if they both are unable to correct their flaws they both know that their Love is bigger than their flaws! Dev and Sona are 2 matured individuals to figure these things out. Their chemistry is something to adore ❤️, not feel jealous. 

However, Neha's unhappiness and jealousy over Dev and Sona's life is not surprising to me. She has always considered Dev as someone who takes away her limelight, and by fate, this time also, her brother has something that she doesn't have..Neha's unhappiness is also due to her lack of acceptance of the life she had. Neha could still have that chemistry with Ranveer, if she really wants it. Only time will teach her this lesson. Until then, Sonakshi must endure all the sharp, hurting words of Neha.

Thank God, Sonakshi is a much level headed person that not only the Dixit family, even the viewers are spared of an emotionally high powered typical TV serial drama πŸ˜Š She does not react much to any negative criticisms or comments at home nor does she take it all and complain to her husband. There is one soul, though, in the Dixit family that is aware of all that is happening with Sonakshi - maama ji πŸ˜Š

As the week moved on, a new family was introduced. Ria's marriage is on the cards! But, the fear factor of Ishwari stopped her from informing Sonakshi of the visit of Ria's fiancè, because she knew Sona will be able to easily manage the whole show on her own and she did not want it to happen! To justify her actions, this time, she used self sympathy and explained how she didnt want Sonakshi to skip work even one day (reminiscing her old times when Ishwari knew what it meant to skip even 1 day of work) .... All of this uneasiness can easily be wiped out by accepting and embracing Sona into her heart. Well, again, only time has to teach the lesson to Ishwari.

Dev has completely gone off track this week. His role of "pyaara pati" is now taking a break, as he is busy playing the role of "adarsh beta" πŸ˜

How much ever I try, I am just unable to find any nice way of justifying him calling Sona's mom as aunty, especially since he took this decision based on Ishwari's uneasiness. Dev has long ago, accepted Sonakshi as his life partner. However, Ishwari, due to her inability to accept Sona, managed to cloud Dev's mind of many things. Well, why blame Ishwari - Mr.Dev Dixit should have a brain of his own!

But, when Dev is so dependent on his mother for everything, what can be done!! It was quite a surprise for me to see a business tycoon Mr.Dev Dixit, unable to keep his wardrobe organized..Howver, in reality, I guess some men can be like that! After this week's episode, I told myself that I better teach my little boy all these things now itself πŸ˜¬

If someone comes and tells me that they will help me with my household work, I will be happy to hand them over some work and sit in my couch and watch back to back episodes of Kuch Rang Pyar ke aise bhi...I don't know why Ishwari is having so much trouble in letting Sona do some household chores.. She considers herself to be in a race with Sonakshi all the time!! She is determined to prove Sonakshi that she cannot excel in everything, especially in matters pertaining to Dev!

I remember one of the cute discussions of Dev and Sona long time ago, when Sona said that their new relationship will not compete, but rather complete all the old relationships. Sona is living those words, however, Dev is not, thanks to Ishwari's mood swings and long faces and occasional pep talks. I think Dev was quite guilty of having to do things that he is not in total agreement with.. Probably because of that, he had trouble looking into Sonakshi's eyes this week!

Even though whatever Sonakshi did was right in terms of trying to get Dev to not depend so much on his mom (for all his daily tasks), her way of doing it was probably not the best. And its a learning curve for every girl who gets married - to understand that men are made differently and their organizational skills in the home front, is very different from women's. One suggestion, which I will give Sona is that these things has to happen like sticking a needle in the banana..I mean it should be done so smoothly, without the other person even guessing it is happening to him. Men resist change in all forms, especially when its forced on them. After all, Dev has been having this habit for the past 28 its not easy to come out of it. It was natural for Dev to seek his mom's help to get out of this problem. How long can he go to work with black socks on one feet and white on another!!

But more than Dev struggling to get organized, I enjoyed Ishwari's Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.. I am somewhat like her in keeping the things in order..hmm..I used to be like that..but not anymore. Once you have kids, the OCD in you, gets cured mostly.. I wonder why Ishwari's didnt cure yet..πŸ€”  I guess hers is chronic...

As we came to the end of the week, many things changed. The swing came down, Ishwari unofficially took over the care of Dev's wardrobe, Ria's wedding talks started and the new family was introduced and finally Eleena and Vicky broke up! I have long been postponing talking about Eleena and Vicky because of the fakeness in it.

It did not hurt any of us seeing Eleena heartbroken..because we all know she is going to be thankful for this later. However, knowing Vicky, I am almost positive that he is not going to stop until he does what he wants to do. The only ray of hope is that, since Sonakshi knows about this now, she will do something to protect her little sister.

The end of the week also was my favorite part. I really loved the way they made the scene of Ishwari taking the side of Sonakshi in Dev's birthday celebrations. And I also loved how Sona quietly slipped into the kitchen to feel that moment and how maama ji followed her and gave his blessings.. Thats how acceptance feels. I am sure you all felt it too. 


Friday, November 11, 2016

Week 37 - Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful, if you know exactly what to focus on. The story of this week was all about this. Before I proceed to talk about all the lovely things we got to see this week, let me first stop and say a word of appreciation for the writers of this show. Although we saw the cuteness of the world's best couple this week, it was really meant to be a lesson for Ishwari and Neha through them. Any other show would have given this hard hitting lesson in a very dramatic way, but the writers chose to do it this way and I want to really appreciate them for this. 

As if we don't have enough drama in our own lives, TV shows compete against one another in giving high voltage drama all the time. Amidst all that, is this subtle show, that has taken up the same old story, but has given it in an easily digestible and easily relatable way! So this one for the crew and cast πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

The week started off with the left over fight from friday, which was about taking away Ranveer's job. Even though Dev had changed quite a lot for good, ever since he met Sonakshi, often times, he goes back to the Abhodro mode, due to pressures in the home front, especially in matters related to Ishwari and Neha. Whenever he is in that mode, he forgets his logical reasoning ability, his basic common sense and fails to show even a little bit of compassion for people around him (other than his mother and sisters, of course) The current problem that Neha is facing, is a direct hit on one of Dev's life goals, which is to keep his sister happy forever. 

Sonakshi's argument was completely true and justified when she said - "Dev-you are becoming someone that you are not. You are not someone who will take away the job of the only bread-winner of a house, just to revenge him! And that "him" you are talking about is someone your sister was in love with.." But, Dev, who is now Mr.Abhodro, the person that believes in balance sheets only is in no way going to listen to Sonakshi who believes in fairy tale love stories.. I was thankful that Neha herself came up with the request of giving back that job to Ranveer, resting that drama then and there..

The Dixit kids have taken after their mother a lot. Otherwise, why would Neha feel happy about Dev listening and obliging to her request as opposed to Sona's πŸ˜πŸ˜ But what Neha has to learn from Sonakshi and also Dev is how they are going to sort out this difference of opinion. I was very proud of the way Sonakshi told Neha that she and Dev will sort out their problem!! 

Even though it was not orchestrated by Sonakshi, the whole week of episodes ended up to be one beautiful lesson and I especially loved how it all ended with 2 school kids learning the moral of the story!

Sonakshi was obviously hurt by the fact that Dev, once again kept her away from the problems of the house saying "you don't understand, Sonakshi"! Even though Sona is more important to him than his own life, Dev still could not take her advice in this matter and that really saddened her. She used the opportunity that Ishwari gave her on the occasion of Bhai dhooj, to go to her mom's place and stay away from Dev for a couple of days.

Well, for Dev-Sona 2 hours is a big deal, forget 2 days!! Dev promptly showed up and it will be the biggest lie if Sonakshi said, she did not expect Dev there πŸ˜„❤️😍 

Its hard to try and make up your couple fight in front of others..especially parents. The discomfort of Dev and Sonakshi was pretty visible. Sonakshi was not ready to give in and Dev was not ready to give up. So the casual visit to pick Sona turned into a dinner and later into a sleep over as well..

Neha who was watching all this silently, was bound to feel sad, because Ranveer never went so much out of his way to make up to her for any mis-understandings they ever had..Its a good start that she is relating Ranveer to her brother and I sincerely hope that soon, she will start to relate herself to Sonakshi also.

There was a clear contrast between the Bose and the Dixit family. One was at ease and the other was rigid. In one family, the problems start and end at the dinner table as they share the food but in the other, the problems are never shared. In the Bose family, everyone has a free mind yet bonded by love, but in the Dixit family, there is only love that enslaves the others. In one, the principles are rigid like all families, but the means are flexible. But in the other, there are strict expectations from every individual to follow the guidelines that are set. I wont completely blame the Dixit family for what they are. We should never forget the fact that Ishwari had to play the role of a father and mother as she was struggling to bring those 4 kids up.

Amidst all these contrasts, one striking similarity is how both Dev and Sonakshi are the go getters of their families. I really enjoyed the Bhai dhooj at the Bose house. Just like Dev, Sonakshi was always the protective umbrella above her brother's head. Sonakshi's business idea was very cool and I wish Saurabh all the very best in this new venture.

For Dev, I must say, the experience at Sona's house must have been like a breath of fresh air that even though he was well aware that he was going a little over board, he really did not mind it. It was very warm to see the bose family bond with their son-in-law - Dev beta, who has come a long way from Mr.Dev Dixit and Dev babu and later on, a drunkard as well πŸ˜’

It was extremely cute to see Sonakshi acting to repel Dev and Dev trying to make up in all possible ways.. and very endearing to see them relive their "ghar pe rehna seekhiye and chup rehna seekhiye" moments πŸ˜„πŸ˜

It came as a small shock to me, when Bijoy threw them both out of the house at midnight!! But, inside, I was only really laughing (just like mama ji), because I realized that Dev and Sona had to have a chance to talk it out in private. Obviously, we cannot expect Ishwari to take it that light, nor can we expect maami to leave this aside.

Every bit of Dev-Sona's date at 2AM was enjoyable! Even the part of getting into trouble with the 2 responsible Indian citizens was quite interesting ! The subtle facial gestures and expressive eyes of Shaheer was as usual enjoyable πŸ˜„πŸ˜, especially as Sonakshi explained how Dev was occupying most of the bed and that she almost even fell out of the bed, a couple of times! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I really liked how Sonakshi never really brought the topic of Neha at all. Instead, she just claimed her place in the house where Dev has taken her as his wife. She just wanted Dev to see the contrast between her and his house and wanted him to know that, it is his responsibility to make her feel at home in the Dixit house, by allowing her to participate in everything. Really, that was what was missing. Whether its Neha's problem or Vicky's problem, or any issue that might come in future, its important that Dev trusts Sonakshi and her opinions as much as he does himself or his mom's. And, if Sonakshi is wrong, she should be told that she is wrong, in a way, that anyone else in that home will be told. The message Sonakshi wanted to really convey that night was that its important for Dev to understand that Sonakshi needs to feel "at home" in his home.

I always wondered how come Sonakshi hasn't changed the look and feel of Dev's room.. And I cant wait now to see the make over :)

The two little kids were the highlight of this week, not just because they were cute, but because through them we got the lesson that we need to talk in order to solve all problems. I told myself yet again, that this is fiction and Dev is fictitious! But I am going to try and show my husband this episode where Dev was willing to "listen" to all that Sonakshi had to say!! Hopefully, Ranveer, my husband and all other husbands will be like Dev one day.

But on a serious note - Dev and Sonakshi gave one of Life's very important lesson this week on making relationships work. To break is not an option at all.

Its probably unfair to compare Neha's problems with Sonakshi's problems. But amidst her problems, Neha has to learn to appreciate her blessings.. her blessing of an understanding mother in law who was really willing to let go off her son to a different house nearby, much before they even got married. I am sure that her mother in law is not as clingy as Ishwari is with her son Dev. And I say this to show Neha that her passport for happiness is not in living in a mansion with all material comforts, but is in living in the small hut that her husband very lovingly builds for her and others in "their" family. All this distance that is now created can still be defeated by her Love for Ranveer.

If only Ishwari accepts Sonakshi as her 4th daughter, things will be so much calmer in her mind and Life will be beautiful for her as well.

Life will be beautiful for all of us, depending on what we want to focus on. We may never be happy if we stand outside in rain worrying about getting wet. However, if we learn to dance in the rain, we will be able to experience how beautiful this Life is.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Week 36 - When Love is not above all

When Love is above all, forgiving is easy, forgetting is easier and keeping the faith and trust in fact becomes easiest! Its not at all possible that Love will be absent in anyone's life. The priorities might change as we face life's difficulties at different stages. Sometimes, Love is above all.. Sometimes it is not. Something else takes the place of Love and those are the times we feel lonely and sad. Sometimes, Love is present but is in disguise, that its so hard to even recognize it.. It doesn't always present itself as hugs and kisses and kind words. However, when you completely give all of you, to the person you love, then you start to trust that person so much that you can recognize love, even if its disguised and then forgiving, forgetting, keeping faith all becomes easy.

With that prelude lesson on Love, lets go on to talk about this week of Kuch Rang pyar ke aise bhi.

One of the highlights of this week was the matured relationship of Dev and Sona. For them, Love seems to be above all of their day to day problems and difficulties. The real demonstration of "Tu mujme mujse zyaada hain" was seen this week, from this couple's angle.

However, Love was almost absent in Neha-Ranveer's life. It was Self respect and HIS family minus Neha for Ranveer and comfortable living & getting away from Ranveer's family for Neha. These priorities have taken up so much of their life that there seems to be no room for Love to even peek and ego clouded their mind.

Dev and Sonakshi have undergone the pain of separation much before they got into their marriage..and probably because of that, they both know how much they mean to each other. When they both had no other choice and were forced accept their separation and move on, the power of their Love for each other came in the forefront above everything else. It was so profound, so strong, that even rock solid Ishwari had to give way for it to flow through..and for it to blossom and grow...

Neha and Ranveer probably haven't yet realized the power of their Love. They say that the importance of someone's presence can be realized only in their absence. They probably need this separation. But I am scared if this separation will become permanent..As Dev said, there was no fire in Ranveer.. Dev perfectly compared his own state in Sona's absence with Ranveer's current state. For the first time, I agree with the Abhodro avatar of Dev in this context. Ranveer seemed to totally lack that compassion for Neha.. Atleast she thought of him while having Golgappa..

It takes two to experience the beauty of Love. Dev and Sonakshi seemed to have mastered this art. 

As Dev was going through the trauma of "I need to fix my sister's life right now", Sonakshi stood by him all the time.. At times, she was a caring wife who gave him a warm hug and assured him that tomorrow will be a better day.. At times, she was a good friend and took him out for a coffee date in her sleek scooty and gently checked with him on the issue thats on everyone's mind at home.... Dev was no less either. He was protective of his wife, always admired and praised her inner and outer beauty, never ever showed his male ego, and always had time for her.  Dev has turned out to be a perfect husband that every girl will ever want! 

With Dev and Sona, I especially admire how they are able to genuinely cherish the beauty of their relationship amidst all the stress in their mind. I keep telling myself that Dev and Sonakshi are fictional only..My husband is no Dev and more importantly I am no Sonakshi either!! But, they are so adorable that its hard not to dream ourselves as one of them. 

After this week's DevAkshi moments, am sure every wife will want a husband who will 
wake her up so lovingly every morning. And, if at all he makes any mistakes in waking her up, he should allow her to sleep for 5 more minutes and wake her up again, in the cutest way ever possible! 

And every husband will need a wife who will make him smile even during life's toughest moments and will stand by him always!

There is this perfect couple Dev and Sona and then there is this imperfect couple Ranveer and Neha and I cant even begin to classify the third couple Eleena and Vicky!! What is wrong with Eleena? I know Love is blind and all that.. Still...How did Eleena miss the Ravan inside Vicky?? Well, my sincere hope is that she recognizes the real Ravan and saves herself from a disaster.

Amidst all the tension in the house, I honestly liked the idea of celebrating Diwali. Apart from the religious significance of our festivals, those are the times to reassure ourselves of new beginnings and that happy times are just ahead. Festivals are that time of the year when we can put aside all past bitter days, genuinely feel happy with what we have today and be hopeful of the future. The Dixit family deserved to be happy.

And, gifts have the power to make everyone happy... even Gareeb ki beti!!

Dev, the world's bestest brother, got the perfect gift for his darling sister, Neha - A talking doll that she always wanted...  Sometimes, I wonder if Ranveer knows the deeper details of Neha's childhood.. Because, if he knew, he might be able to see why Neha longs for "things" that may not be important for normal people..And I wish soon Dev gets the right temperament to sit down and talk to Ranveer about all these things. Or atleast Ishwari should get into the groove of the problems and solve it in her style. Talking might be easier for these two, because Ranveer always held Ishwari in high esteem and he was her favorite son-in-law. 

The son in law of Dixit home was in trouble, this Diwali. But, the son-in-law of the Bose family got some brownie points by sending gifts to them!!

All went well until Sonakshi burnt her feet. Every happy time, leaves a mark just as a token of remembrance :) This festival left a mark for Dev, Sona as well as  Ishwari. A hurt feet will probably heal soon. And even if it leaves a mark, Sonakshi and Dev may only cherish it, because, for them Love is above all. But for those that have expectations from Love, the mark leaves only bitterness in the heart.

Ishwari could have waited just a little longer for Dev to come or could have knocked their door and asked him about the temple.. or atleast sent Keechu bhaiya to call Dev (knocking on their door and disturbing their private time is not new!!!) . Of all these options, Ishwari resorted to going to the temple all alone with a long face. 

The poor son, Dev, wanted to genuinely go to the temple with his mother to fulfill the tradition they had formed over years..Ishwari not just disappointed him, but also confused him by talking about dividing his time between her and Sona!! Ishwari... Tumi ekdom impossible!

Caring for the person you love and feeling responsible for them are essential constituents of Love. But without the knowledge about the beloved person or the respect for him/her, Love deteriorates into either possessiveness or domination..The actual feeling of Love will not be predominant anymore. 

Neha felt that her care and Love for Ranveer will probably motivate him to improve his standard of living. But she failed to understand what Ranveer is basically made of. Eventually what she thought was Love, became "domination".. It was very sad to see Ranveer file a case against Neha in those grounds...

Dev's love for his sister was blinding his logical thinking. His Abhodro avatar was back in form and took away the job from the very honest Ranveer. 

I feel that although Ishwari went through lot of difficulties in bringing up her kids, she is right now, not being a good mother to either Neha or Dev. We all know that her possessiveness towards Dev is blinding her logical thinking as well. In Neha's case, she has failed to show the right path to her.. She must start thinking.."Agar, Sonakshi aisi bahu hothi..tho?" That will probably make her send Neha back to her husband as well as accept Sonakshi with all her goodness.

Well... Some colors of love are so..