Saturday, April 29, 2017

Week 61 - Being a woman

The best thing that can ever happen to a man is having a good woman with him as his life partner. And being that good woman in a man's life is one of the rarest blessing of God. The strength of Sonakshi is not new to us. But this week, we saw a new side of her - a familiar friendly person but in a new circumstance.

A desparate Sonakshi struggling to somehow meet Dev and tell him all about Khatri was the focal point of the first couple days this week. This woman was asked to get out of the house 7 years ago by her own dear husband. She was ill treated by the other women of the house. When she came again with Dev's child, she was sent away like a stranger and not even given a chance to talk to Dev and show their daughter to him. After seven years and many hardships, she is back in Dev's house purely because of a deal they both made in sharing their time equally with their daughter. Sonakshi did not have to deal with Khatri at all..She could have ignored him or she could have even used the secret of Ishwari against her or Dev - for all the humiliation that she had to go through because of them.  But she chose to fight him for Dev's sake, for Dev's mom's sake - because she knew that for Dev, his mom was very important. Being a woman comes with the responsibility of being selfless and protective of the people in her family and her heart. Sonakshi is a good woman. If not, things might have gone in a very different direction.

Being a woman comes with the power of understanding another woman's point of view.. Sonakshi always kept Ishwari in good regards, even after she knew that Ishwari was being manipulative. The reason was not just because Ishwari was Dev's mom, but also because, as a woman, she was able to see Ishwari's problems. Even though Ishwari might have done many unpardonable deeds against Sonakshi, Sona or anyone else cannot deny that she did a tremendous job bringing up her four kids single handedly in a world thats no less than a jungle.. And today, when Sona came to know that a noble woman like Ishwari had been undergoing trauma because of a guy like Khatri, she could not let go of him or the problem he had created! She confronted the evil for Ishwari's sake. A good woman, will definitely stand up for another woman. 

A woman is synonymous to "Strength". In the past, we have seen Sona's strength when it was a question of proving to Dev that she can also become as successful as he was. We have even seen her blaming him as "Spineless" without any regret. But those were the times that she was retaliating to the humiliations that she went through.. But now, that same strength comes through differently.. as love and care.. Even though Dev is not related to her anymore, Sonakshi knew Dev's weakness - love for his mom and possessiveness for her.. And a good woman should not capitalise on someone's weakness, especially her husband's..instead should give a helping hand when he needs it. and  Sonakshi proved that she was Dev's pillar of strength even today, whether they are together or not. She became the guardian angel and protected him and his mom from the evil force of Khatri. The radiance from Sonakshi's strength was so bright that Dev was speechless in front of her goodness!

A woman's goodness has the power to heal any wound and comfort any aching heart. That night, Dev found the comfort he has been missing and longing for all these years.. All the anger he had piled upon Sona, vanished in her kind and selfless act. Shaheer as Dev excelled his earlier performances! His screen presence is always electrifying! The way he expressed his guilt and gratitude was extra ordinary and only Shaheer could have done something like this with such ease!! πŸ˜Š❤️❤️

But more than that, what I was very surprised was how Dev defended his mother, when he came to know about Khatri's secret. The way he immediately said "my mom is not guilty..what could she have done.. she was a desperate widow trying to bring up her 4 little kids...she did it only for me..if not we would have come to the streets.." - I have not come across any TV show or even movie which touches upon the little gray shades of people and gives some meaning to it, without exaggerating it into a huge negativity. The way he took his mother's guilt upon himself, is by far the best you can describe "loyalty". This person Dev always wanted to be a good son and thats what he did even now - By being that good son and standing up for his mom in any situation.. This loyalty did not come overnight... It took a sincere effort from a mother like Ishwari, to be that trusted person in her child's life. Ishwari sure was a good mother up until the point of making her children (especially Dev) into a successful adult.

Only a good woman can be a good mother. The only hope I have on Ishwari today is because of that. She has to, at some point realize the stress and strain she had created for her "now grown-up", "not-a-ten-year-old-anymore" son. Being a mother itself is a blessed privilege from God. Once you become a mother by God's grace, its very important to be that significant person in your child's life and be a positive influence..

Eleena is Golu's mother. She was never sincere in caring for him. He was left to be brought up by everyone else in the Dixit home. He became dependent on Dev that he is now having a hard time adjusting to Dev's absence in his life.. Mami is Vickey's mother. She is such a bad influence to him! Not that Vickey is great human being. Still, if maami was a good woman, she would have acquired the power of being a good mother as well... Rounita's mom is being a bad inflluence to her daughter.  Thank God for Rounita's goodness, positivity is prevailing in the Bose family. 

A good woman knows the duties of a good wife. She will be someone who glues every member of the family together, not breaks them apart... When a wife fails in her duty to bind the family together, we know what will happen.. We have seen Neha's life. Even though Ranvir's mother was good, that family failed because of the irresponsibility of Neha. Thankfully, time healed her life and she was able to move on. But we may never know how Ranvir's life was affected πŸ˜’

Being a wife, I had always questioned how much I must do to keep the harmony of the family.. Some days, it just seems to me that everyone takes me for granted and expects me to support them physically, emotionally and in all ways possible. If am away somwhere for even one day, no-one else seems to have any clue on how to proceed..Precisely, thats what happened for Dev! His guiding force, his Sonakshi's absence all these years is slowly dawning upon him...

Sonakshi brought him back to his own home and introduced him once again, to "peace" and "happiness" in the form of Suhana. The anniversary celebrations were just a perfect beginning to a new life of Dev-Soha-Sona. The poem cannot be written better than this! It was a wonderful tribute to Dev's fatherhood. 

The magic of a woman is such that her tenderness and love has a power and strength to drive away emptiness and negativity and bring harmony to the home! When Dev experienced that magic, all he could do was express how thankful he was for her and how guilty he feels about himself for not being able to be that "good man" and cherish her love. It was good to see Dev acknowledge Sonakshi's ability to effortlessly do everything, without claiming any appreciation..

Sonakshi's beauty as a woman came through this week, not just by bringing back that harmony in Dev's life, but also by acknowledging and taking responsibility of her own mistakes in their failed relationship. The best part this week was how both Dev and Sona took responsibility for their own mistakes. Who is right and who is wrong - trying to get an answer to this question will be futile in any relationship. It will only result in bitterness. Acknowledging our own mistakes is the only way to strengthen a relationship. Husband-wife is the only relationship that needs friendship, companionship, trust and sacrifice equally from both partners and they are both solely responsible for the success or failure of their relationship. No external force can or should have any influence on this relationship!

Our lead characters have taken ownership of their responsibilities and now we will witness how much they can support each other and their daughter while continuing to be that anchor of support for their own parents and siblings as well!

This week was very important for the new chapter to unfold in Dev and Sona's life. There were plenty of moments that were enjoyable and thought provoking. Some moments worth mentioning:

1. The familiar warmth Dev and Sonakshi experienced in each others' company - the reassurancing touch, the warm hug, the friendly handshake brought back our lost smiles.. nice na? πŸ’žπŸ’“

2. The happiness in the Dixit home that Suhana brought back! The little girl is kind, understanding, loving and much more mature for her age - she is just perfect for this couple Dev and Sonakshi. The laughter that is heard in this home after so many years is only because of Suhana.😊

3. Shaheer's flawless acting expressing his guilt for not being able to be a good husband or son and his fear and doubt in his ability to be a good father! When he cries, we cry. When he laughs, we do too. When he is angry, we are angry as well. Such is the magic of this actor! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½❤️❤️

4. Erica as Sonakshi has gone into the skin of her role and has carried herself extremely well as the strong, independent, caring, loving, "woman" behind the happiness of Dev! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½❤️❤️

5. The poem was very beautiful and it captured Dev perfectly as a father in his daughter's eyes! He is the cape-less superhero who is so tall that she can climb on his shoulders and touch the moon :)  This poem and Sonakshi's definition of Dev - "lamba sa, hero types ka aadmi" made all those Shaheer fans smile with their eyes wide open! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

6. The dialogues were simple, to the point and not exaggerated at all! My favourite one was when he told Sonakshi "Now I am a superhero to Suhana.. but later if I fail her, I cant see the same disappointment I saw in your years ago" and also when Sona told him "I told you that I love you and that I will never leave you... but we bumped upon one problem and I left you easily..Our relationship failed because I failed to trust you".. Even the innocence of our old Dev and Sona peeped in when he said "I dreamt of us going to Paris once, Bahamas another time.. and Alibagh during yet another anniversary" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

7. The friendship that has gradually started to blossom again in Dev and Sona's life is very pleasant to see. Any sudden redemptions would have been very filmy! This handshake was just perfect! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Week 60 - We are family!

Family is the anchor during rough waters. Blood can make you related, but family is determined by the behavior, by the loyalty of its members...The love of Family is Life's greatest blessing. Our show dwelled on this topic of "Family" for almost the whole week.. Whatever happens, we are family! πŸ˜Š πŸ’ͺ🏼 ❤️

An encounter with Khatri was not something Sonakshi planned to do this week in Dev's house..However, when Khatri posed a threat to Dev's home, she did not hesitate to confront him - because she is family! ❤️ The power of family is such...that we may fight among ourselves, only until an external force threaten our peace...Sonakshi declared herself a family member of the Dixits! A family should be composed of such people! Not people like mami and Vicky who dig holes under the feet of their own family members!!

Even when Mami and Vicky did unimaginable things to Dev, he did not fail to show his love and loyalty to his mama's family who he believes supported the Dixits during bad times.. Family is this - in which every member takes care of the unsaid needs of every other member.. For Dev, Golu is his unborn son. And saving for Golu's future is not something Vicky or Eleena or mami asked Dev to do.. Dev did it because he understands that he and Golu are family! ❤️ On the contrary, the extent Vicky went against Dev in order to safeguard his own future is not unknown to us! And the evil plans that Vicky and mami are constantly making against Suhana and Sonakshi will never be forgiven, especially in the light of Dev's good heart.

Sonakshi and Dev both understand the value and importance of "Family". Its only an irony that they could not live together as a family. πŸ˜’

A family looks out for each other even when they are not living under the same roof - Like how Saurabh, the good brother was worried for Sonakshi and the new problem that she has invited upon herself! Even if Jatin is only a friend, he also comes under the umbrella of family merely for this same concern that he has for Sonakshi and her new problem in hand! Not to forget the love he has for Suhana.. This love for Suhana might be suffocating for Dev now.. but he himself cannot deny that Jatin had filled his absence in Suhana's life for the last 6 years.. Whether Dev likes it or not, wants it or not, Jatin is also family! ❤️

But our Dev Dixit has always lived in a small world in which he nurtures the people he loves, with overwhelming love... And because his world is small, he does not have enough space there for anyone other than the people he loves..His growing possessiveness for Suhana and Sonakshi is only a result of this! Even though a cute coffee date (included with instructions of how to make coffee πŸ˜‚❤️) started off the week, it only became bitter and more bitter for Dev as the week progressed.. Every time he saw Sonakshi and Jatin either talking over phone or in person, Dev could only see and think of  Sonakshi moving away from him. Even after so many affirmations from Sona that Jatin was only a friend, he just could not trust her! πŸ˜

I like Dev for the honest and deep love he has for Sonakshi. I did feel very very sad that Sonakshi was being extremely rude with him for expressing his possessiveness in his own way. It literally broke my heart to see him walk away with so many unanswered questions and eyes full of tears every time it happened..But I also felt bad that when a woman is with a man that is not his brother, dad or husband, why should the society always question her character and her relationship with him?😑 Yes, in this case, I agree that it was only due to the exorbitant love that Dev had for Sona and I am willing to forgive him just like Sona, for mistaking Sona-Jatin relationship.

But, almost the same thing happened in the fandom of the show - when Khatri was introduced in the show in the backdrop of he knowing some secret from Ishwari's past. There were so many speculations of Dev being an illegitimate son of Ishwari and Khatri!!  I know that the speculations were primarily due to the hatred for Ishwari as a character.. But still.. I was very sad that even a noble woman like Ishwari can be questioned and criticized and linked with other men.. The society is such. However modern we become in civilization, a woman needs to prove herself whether it is Sita or Ishwari or Sonakshi..πŸ˜’

I understand that Ishwari and Sonakshi's case cannot be directly compared to Sita. But when we look carefully from a woman's point of view, we cant deny that however good or bad Ishwari and Sonakshi are, their character should not have been questioned at all...πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

By the end of the week, we got a little close to the answer for the big question of the secret revolving around Ishwari and Khatri. Again, its only a speculation that Ishwari might have stolen from the family which was arranging a wedding for their daughter..Only Ishwari can come and solve this for us. Until then, like Sona, we just have to wait with anxiety.

Sometimes I wonder why Sonakshi is not being open with Dev with the case of Khatri...especially when Dev was getting restless with burning possessiveness... The only reason I could come up with was that she was scared that Dev might take the judgement of Khatri in his own hand, especially after he told Sona that he really wanted to kill that guy as Ishwari was scared of him.

A family is one in which every member hears and understands the unsaid pain and emotions of each other.. Sonakshi sure understands the pain of Dev and Dev definitely knows that his judgement of Sona is purely impulsive.. However they need to go through this process of longing for each other, in order to understand how important they are for each other..❤️ I hope that Dev soon gets some relief from the heaviness that is burdening his heart and Sona soon sees Dev and is able to express her innermost love for him. ❤️πŸ’‘

It seems much easier for kids to explain the complicated feelings in the simplest way to the adults! Golu's reminder to Dev that "we only hurt those that we love the most" was much needed for Dev to get some relief...😊 and Suhana's innocent reminder to Sonakshi of how perfect Dev was made it easy for her to get her own caged emotions out.. πŸ˜Š

After weeks of watching the "Strong" Sonakshi, and "hurting" Dev, it was a welcome consolation to see her bring out all her emotions that she had bottled up inside her. I will not blame her at all for being a strong rock all this while, because, this society only takes advantage of a weaker person. But however strong we are, when we encounter undeniable love, we cannot fight our emotions for long..  It was almost as if she never cried all these 7 years for the fear of becoming weak. Erica did a commendable job as Sonakshi who was unable to deny her love for Dev which has not faded even a bit even after all the storm she had gone through! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» The dialogue writers need a very special mention especially for the dialogue "Maine aise aadmi se pyar kiya jo kisi aur ka chaand hai.. toh voh mera sooraj kaise ban payega?"πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» (Dev is the moon of someone can he become my sun) - which is probably why Dev was never able to satisfy both Ishwari and Sonakshi at the same time. Even though this realisation can temporarily give some relief to Sona, the permanent solution will only come when everyone bases their relationship without "exepectations" and simply "trust" that the other person cares enough for us. πŸ˜Š❤️

The "trust" that Asha asked Rounita to have in the Bose family was a priceless advice. πŸ˜Š Like Ishwari once said, a family is like a plant..and a new comer in a family is like the new leaf and branch and has to be protected by the whole family.. Its the plant's duty to take care of its new leaves and its the leaves' duty to trust the plant. The Bose family is a good example of such a family..

Even though Ishwari was wise enough to understand this, she failed to instill this trust in Sonakshi for the sheer fear of losing Dev's affection and warmth. But Dev and Sona can still make it all work just by trusting each other. Thanks to Asha for the million dollar advice! I cannot wait for Dev's return to the Dixit home and Sonakshi to express all her feelings to him and rebuild their relationship completely based on "trust".

Eleena married Vicky only based on this "Trust" of love, even though she knew very well that Vicky did not have any moral values. And till date her relationship is only going strong because of the trust she has on him. Time and again Vicky has proved his incapability of being a good father, a good husband, a good businessman or even just a good human. But I am sure that Eleena's constant "Trust" in him has kept their relationship alive. And I hope that this strength that Eleena shows, will one day, change Vicky to be a better person.

Even though I had always thought that Eleena has wasted her life by falling for a guy like Vicky, somehow this week, I started to have some hope in this relationship. Especially after Asha's advice about "Trust". Eleena is such a strong person in the Dixit family, in more than one way. Her heartfelt talk with Dev and Sonakshi definitely introduced them to themselves!! Dev and Sona both got a glimpse of their own hearts in the light of Eleena's speech..Of all the things that Eleena mentioned to Sonakshi about Dev, I particularly liked how she explained that he dwelled in the unfulfilling life for the past seven years and how he can never hate Sonakshi ever!

As the week closed out with many sad sequences, one thing that stood out in my mind was that if the "Family" remains strong, no storm can shake it. But if the family doubts the sincerity of each other, then even a slightest breeze will get the power to uproot it.

Some of the noticeable sequences that are worth mentioning this week:
1. Erica's extra ordinary performance in the tail episode this week.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Sona's heartfelt talks with mama ji and Eleena was much needed for us to see through the wall that Sonakshi has created around herself!
2. Dev's emotional outburst to Sonakshi trying to express the hopeless love he has for her and his helpless state of possessiveness. Especially his comment about her eyes was both romantic as well as drenched with hatred and sorrow - I don't even know who to commend this for. Whether it was the dialogue itself or it was Shaheer's acting ❤️ - that part of the sequence got me very emotional.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» 
3. Eleena's sense of belonging to the Dixit family and her interactions with both Dev and Sonakshi are worth mentioning this week! ❤️
4. The Bose family's lighter moments, as usual got us the much needed relief from the heat of stress that prevails in the Dixit family.😊
5. The little kids have been used wisely and aptly in this show like no other show!! Their innocent remarks never fail to explain and clarify the deepest human emotions.❤️❤️

I cannot believe that I am hooked to this TV show for such a long time! It feels that I just started watching this show a few weeks ago! But we have come to 300 episodes milestone ❤️❤️ Our heartfelt wishes to the cast and crew for making a unique show in TV even though it is the same old story and plot of husband-wife-mother-inlaw! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» This show has taught us acceptance, sacrifice, trust and loyalty through the different shades of Love ❤️ Three cheers to the best TV show ever! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Week 59 - Who is right and who is not?

The well wishers of Dev will argue in favor of him and those that like Sonakshi will argue for her. But whoever they talk in favor of, those who really care for either Dev or Sona, will only root for them to somehow come to terms..because the people that truly understand Dev and Sona will know that the two love each other and care for each other very much.πŸ’”

Bijoy's case of high blood pressure opened the week's door for us. The doctor's verdict on further observation increased the blood pressure of the Bose folks and us! Knowing the bond between Bijoy and Sonakshi, I can understand that she was worried more. But I did not understand what Dev's fault was... Even if Dev tried to stop Bijoy, how did Sonakshi expect Bijoy to listen to Dev? Well.. what followed next was a series of back to back lecture on how Dev was selfish and how he never cared about anyone else and how he is so unfit to be called a Superman and how fit Bijoy is for that title. And I listened quietly like Dev... Only difference between me and Dev was that Dev shed a tear or two. But I just kept looking at Sonakshi with a big exclamation mark on my face... "Really??!!"😲 😑

When we are impulsive we say many things.. Retrospectively, we may repent. But there is no use. A word said is like an arrow shot from a bow.. It cannot be called back and it will reach where it was aimed at.  It does not matter how sorry we feel later on.. words hurt a lot, especially when it is said by someone who has once made you feel very special...😒😒

What Dev brought up from the past was an apt situation to compare with the current scenario.  When Ishwari dared to give up her life because of his relationship with Sona, he did not hesitate even a moment to ask her to go away. Who can understand it better than Dev that words said impulsively don't mean anything? And Dev was right that these two have always been very impulsive in blaming each other..and expecting each other to constantly prove their sincerity.. and not as quick or as smart in understanding each other. πŸ˜’😒

Was Dev wrong in not making sure that Bijoy was safe enough? May be... because, he should have known that Bijoy was very dear to Sonakshi and that he was quite old to handle so much scotch at once!
Was Sonakshi wrong in blaming Dev for it? May be.. because, she should have trusted Dev. She should trusted him that he would have tried..

The whole week had many such situations, when they blamed each other and later quietly thought about the other person..As viewers, we all got a special pass to get into the hearts of these two characters which is now completely shut down for the outside world πŸ˜Š

I am very glad that a girl like Rounita is entering the Bose family. I hope her mother keeps her insecurities away from Rounita. Because Rounita is the only person that has the potential to get into Sonakshi's heart to get the true emotions out.. It was good to see Sona and Dev talk to Rounita and Saurabh about the process of getting into a wedlock..πŸ’‘

Dev is sooo wise and knows all about relationships, but why was he never able to save his own relationship with Sona? What went wrong? Will Sonakshi and Dev ever be able to forgive each other? Perfect questions asked by the bride and the groom..  My answer to Rounita and Saurabh - Ofcourse they will be together soon.. Infact they are already together. They just need some fine tuning.. its just a matter of time... πŸ’žπŸ’ž

Saurabh and Rounita's wedding brought back such lovely memories to not just DevAkshi, but all of their fans as well.  Inspite of all the tension that prevailed during the DevAkshi wedding, one cannot deny the abundant love between Dev and Sona at that time, which was filling the air with its beautiful  fragrance..and how the two families tried to keep aside all their differences, so that this love can blossom.. It was only natural for Dev and Sona to think about their wedding at this time.πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

Once again, the couple shared the right emotions at the right time.. Yes, they made their relationship a challenge and test in which they failed miserably. But now its a matter of "their" child Suhana and they will not and cannot afford to fail.  Dev and Sona are extremely responsible parents, which is why they are able to acknowledge their mistakes that are now beyond any redemptions because of the pain they have caused for each other. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

Like I always say - as husband and wife we have all the right to do whatever we want with our life, but as parents we don't have any right to break our relationships. Because it really involves the child's future. Whatever it takes, we have to make the relationship work. The young fans may or may not agree with me on this, but this is the fact. Honestly speaking, any couple who are now parents have to make tons of adjustments to make the relationship work. There is no right or wrong person... One day, a dad has to give up, so that the mom can feel the importance of her presence in the family. And one day, the mom has to give up, so that the dad can take charge..Its a cycle and over time, I swear, it will work for all families, however crazy they are!! My happiness knows absolutely no limits to see that the story is revolving around such responsible parents!

Well, in our story, it was mom's way for the last one week. And now, after the Bose wedding, its dad Dev's way!!  Midnight?? Really Dev - your craziness has not changed even a bit. But in a way, it worked. Because, it made it easy for Bijoy πŸ˜Š

But before I wrap up the Bose family stay - I must mention that Bijoy's underplayed emotions after the hospital visit was good to see, rather a big relief to see πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š I must also thank Asha who helped Dev to be his sane self in the Bose house. She was able to get into his heart more than a few times. In the last seven years, it was probably only to Asha that he openly accepted his concern for Sonakshi.❤️❤️ Bye Bye Bose family. See you back in seven days!

The Dixit mansion had no charm without Suhana's dadi.. The sleepy head GKB is no match for Ishwari's charm. Alright.. I can already hear your grudge.. relax.. I didn't say Ishwari was a good person..😬😬

As Sonakshi stepped into the house, I was also pretty much playing back the same scenes in my mind.. Obviously, there is going to be so many memories of DevAkshi attached to the Dixit home. Every brick of the house will have something to tell her. I was glad to see that the first thing she noticed there was the jhoola πŸ˜Š There are going to be many many memories in this place for Sonakshi, apart from the Jhoola and the ice years can change everything... but memories remain the same, especially if they are wonderful like Dev and Sona's..πŸ’

I am not surprised that GKB and Vicky have not changed even a bit in seven years. Some people are born evil and will remain so, until they are destined to be. They had the same grudge or even more for Sonakshi !! And this time, Sonakshi does not need to show any regard or respect for them! I would just say that Sonakshi should take a free hit at these two and give them back royally for all the trash they throw at her. It was a good start Sona - well done!! The choti mirchi Suhana is also quite capable of handling GKB and I would love to see some hilarious encounters between these two πŸ˜‰πŸ€“

It was sad to see Suhana get sick with chicken pox.  Dev was waiting to spend his time with his daughter and this was so very unexpected. But with kids, you almost  never know when they will fall sick and when you need to change your plans!!

In a way, Ishwari's absence was good... Because, her involvement might suffocate Sonakshi and Suhana the very first day!!

As much as Ishwari's absence is appreciated, Jatin's presence is very much not appreciated! Even though Jatin is not allowed in the Dixit mansion, he apparently is in touch with Sonakshi as her "friend"... her "confidante" these days...πŸ˜‰

Dev might have lost his role in Sonakshi's life, but Sonakshi has not lost her effect on Dev. Thats how Dev is. For Dev, Sonakshi is the only person he has ever loved and will ever love. For him the word "love" is synonymous to Sona and therefore he is still very possessive about her. Unfortunately, he cannot openly express his possessiveness.. I am sure he knows fully well that Sonakshi is a good mother. However, the only way to question her and Jatin was to bring the topic of Suhana...

Even though it was a sharp and hurting remark, what Sonakshi told Dev was true - that he needs to first clear up in his mind what his problem is - is it that Suhana is sick? or is it that Sonakshi is talking to Jatin? Sometimes, I feel Natasha should make a reentry and become Dev's good friend, so that Sonakshi can also express some "possessiveness"...πŸ€”πŸ€” Dev never had a real friend other than Bunty and Sona πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

And again, like always, a hurting remark by either of them was only followed by a quiet reflection of the past...Every time they think of the past, I feel so bad for them.. because they know their own mistakes and are almost on the verge of apologizing to each other, but stop themselves..πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

Not just these past memories..even their present togetherness makes us feel sad for them. Every time they look into each others eyes, the familiarity of the moment is so magical that its very hard to snap out of it into the reality of the moment. And the reality of the moment is that they don't mean anything to each other anymore. Its only for Suhana that they are playing this role πŸ˜πŸ˜Š

I don't want to talk about GKB's wicked plans of projecting a wrong image of Sona. GKB was, is and should be treated as an inconsequential person. Why was Dev even listening to her? But thats the strength of GKB and Vicky - that they find the right opportunity when the other person is even slightly vulnerable and uses it to their favour! Even a strong person like Sonakshi had to fall prey to their trap! How horribly Vicky defined Sonakshi as "Dev's daughter's mother"?? πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ» Only he can talk like that!! And GKB is even capable of taking advantage of a child's emotion!! πŸ˜‘😑

Golu is the apple in Dev's eyes today. Like Dev said to Asha, its because of Golu that Dev had been able to live these past seven years..And the two hold a special relationship that even the actual father is jealous of! Even when Dev was in the Bose house near his daughter, he only came to Golu's side when he needed a shoulder to lean on. And Golu understands even the deepest emotions of his BigCha and can read all the unsaid things from his Bigcha's eyes.. However, thanks to GKB, this little kid has started to look at Dev from a different angle. And Dev is obviously too caught up with Suhana that he could not do anything about it πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

But Suhana is a very intelligent girl and so, I am banking on her to become alright soon and explain to Golu about his Bigcha's state...I cant wait for the day when the two little kids can sleep together to Dev's bedtime story! πŸ˜Š

The week's finale was a complete twist with the entry of Khatri!!😲😲 Khatri is so fresh in our memory because he had troubled Ishwari with some secret that we were all so curious to find! The unfinished business of Khatri is here again to be finished once and for all. We must wait and watch for Sonakshi's role in this man's story!  However I could not understand why she called Jatin...

Who was really wrong this time? Me being a Dev fan, questioned Jatin's presence and argued that Sonakshi should not have called Jatin, because this is Dev's house and she should have first told Dev! But then when Dev found about Rounita's mother, he did not tell Sonakshi either and wanted to deal with it himself. Sonakshi is doing the same. And she is taking a "good friend's" help... why not Jatin..Jatin is a friend..When we need a friend, wont we call a friend? Dev is now none to Sonakshi, not even a friend, just Soha's father. And Dev and Sona are still doing the same thing. They care for each other in their own ways without feeling any need to tell the other person about it. Who is right and who is wrong is a question that cannot really be answered.

But after seven years, everyone sees a different side of the same person. What was wrong before may become right now! Like Asha said to Bijoy, Sonakshi is now in Dev's house not as his wife, but as "Soha's mother".. And Sonakshi does not have any expectations of the Dixit family members, nor do they have any expectations of her. Sonakshi might start seeing them, especially Ishwari in a completely different light. After all Ishwari is a single mother who has brought up not just one, but 4 kids. And that too without the support of money, or education or a family like the Bose family to lean on. However bad she may be to Sonakshi, who can deny the strength of this mother? With Khatri's entry who has a secret from Ishwari's past - now anything can happen to the relationship between Sonakshi and Ishwari. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

Some high points this week are:

  • Dev and Sonakshi's heartfelt discussions and acknowledgement of their failed relationship. The tears from their eyes were genuine..πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
  • Dev's helpless situation, because of which he had to stay away from his own daughter... Emotional scenes are a piece of cake for Shaheer and he plays his roles with such an adept skill! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
  • The beautiful flashbacks.. that makes us want to go back and catch those episodes one more time...❤️πŸ˜„πŸ˜
  • The bedtime stories and its effect on the kids.. These stories have now become a character in our story!! A dad who is hands on with kids, looks very good and Sonakshi, am sure is in love with the "dad" Dev. πŸ‘¨‍πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§
  • All the quick blames of Dev and Sonakshi on each other. Even though their words are very hurtful, they only bring their innermost sorrow.. Sometimes, I feel they should end their sentences with "mein aisi wali 'Ex' hoti tho"..when they realize that its going a little overboard πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
  • Lastly, Khatri's entry!! Its probably the only TV show that will celebrate a villain's entry!!😎😎 I cannot wait for more Khatri next week πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Week 58 - To be brave

Being brave is not the ability to move forward without fear..Its the ability to move forward inspite of fear. It is the ability to recognize that something else is more important than fear..

Our show dwelled on this topic predominantly this week! The different characters from the little kids to the adults showed their bravery in some form or the other!

The week itself started on a neat note from Jatin to Dev about being brave. About how men generally like to overpower women and that Dev was brave in making this decision of staying in the Bose home. One part of it was right that it is a male dominated society. But Dev was never chauvinistic ever! Yes, its a different matter that he favored his mother more than his wife. But chauvinism was not his trait. Yet, I will agree with Jatin and compliment Dev for showing bravery - because, he chose to be in the Bose house inspite of knowing that he will be treated with much disregard and disrespect there. Most of the time, we end up showing bravery when we have no other choice but to be brave. He was brave and came to the Bose house only for Suhana. Period.

It was praiseworthy to see the way Dev defended Sonakshi and the Bose family in front of Rounita's mom.  And I was awestruck to see his sentiments about "Love" even after he himself was deceived by it. The comparison of "Love" to pure water and "bad attitude/negetivism" to salt that gets dissolved in pure water and spoils its purity was worth a round of πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» for the dialogue writers! True.. And I hope that Dev will handle the salt(s) of the Dixit home the same brave way he handled Rounita's mom.

Every one of us go through several points of decision making in our lives right from childhood. And all those situations build the strength in us. Suhana also displayed her strength that day by telling Dev confidently that she knows that her papa cannot steal ❤️❤️. That trust that she had in him gave him enough strength to carry on with his mission at the Bose house.

Even though the bose family is not his own anymore, because of the bond he now has with Suhana, he considers Bose house as his own family! Bijoy blaming Dev for stealing the jewelry was no surprise for me, because Bijoy is always impulsive, especially in matters of Dev. Dev taking the blame of robbery for the sake of Saurabh-Ronita only showed the basic personality and character of Dev - which is "whatever it takes to keep his family happy". 

Even though Dev tried his best to mingle with everyone for the sake of his daughter and even though he tried to ignore all the disrespect he got there, Bijoy and Sonakshi only pushed him further and further I must say. The times that he retaliated, made his relationship with them only more bitter! But yet, he continued to stay strong in his mission of being there for his daughter's sake and started to concentrate on Suhana and her interests.

However, standing between him and his daughter was the "third" person Jatin. Even though Jatin is not related to the Bose family, he is related to Suhana and Sonakshi emotionally for reasons beyond Dev's comprehension. The fact that Dev was able to live in the same house without harming him in anyway was by itself a big brave step for Dev, as he always gets to extreme measures to express his possessiveness.. It was a very heart breaking day when he made the fish dish for Suhana. Even though Jatin did not do anything on purpose, he literally blocked Dev's path to his daughter's heart πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ And I was again upset with Jatin for doing that to Dev.

However I had to just quietly accept his presence, as Sonakshi explained Jatin's role in her life when he almost became a father to Suhana in terms of caring for her and by giving Sonakshi the much needed moral support.. Well.. its only fair that Suhana loves Jatin uncle dearly.

To be a father is much more than being the bread winner of the family. Who will know the importance of father than our own Dev Dixit, who had lost his papa at a much much younger age.. Dev has his own daughter Suhana today. However, he had played the role of a father much before, to his sisters. He has played the role of a "moral support" to his mother much before.  He had always been the candle of his own family (his mother, sisters, mama ji). But the million dollar question is, why did he fail to do that exact same thing - why did he fail to care for, protect and stand up for Sona in a way that she will not feel a need to walk away from him. The answer is simple - that he did not see Sonakshi different from him. To him, he and Sona were just one. Whatever he did, he assumed Sona will also do. πŸ˜ž

And thats where he went wrong and thats where most of the men go think that women (especially their wife) are the epitome of sacrifices and that they don't need anything for themselves.. Often times, many women end up having no identity for themselves after marriage. And those women that fight for an identity for themselves are seen as rebels and a person that intends to break the family! I don't know whether Sonakshi did the right thing by going away from Dev 7 years ago, as I personally don't believe in breaking relationships. But at that time, for all the injustice that she had to go through in the Ishwari nivas, that seemed to be the right thing and the "brave" thing to do from Sona's angle.

A dear friend of mine, who studied with me, is going through a rough personal life right now. I have known her as a carefree teenage girl and we both share many sweet memories of that age. We hardly knew at that time, that 30 years later, we would have gone through so much in our life. I have seen her then and I see her now and I know how much of a rock she has now become and it truly breaks my heart to see her like this. Over time, I have faced many challenges myself and have changed in my personality as well. However, when we both are together, even if its only for a few moments, without our own conscious knowledge we somehow relive a bit of those teenage days every time and smile in that beautiful moment. My friend has definitely put her brave foot front and have somehow been cruising successfully. But in that process she cant deny that she has tightened her heart and spirit a lot which has overall changed her personality.πŸ˜’ 

When Sonakshi came to know of the blame that Dev has taken on himself to save Saurabh-Rounita's marriage, she brought up a very valid argument of "families" marrying each other and not just the couple and how their own marriage failed as the families did not accept each other. But she did not stop with just that. She went on to say many unpleasant things that indirectly were aimed at Ishwari and Dev's family in general. Although I am in agreement with most of the accusations of Sona, I was just disappointed at her tone and the words she used. Especially after knowing that Dev has done something good for her brother's sake, I thought she will be a little grateful for Dev..😒

For some reason, it reminded me of the time Mr.Dixit broke Sona's phone thoughtlessly just because she silenced his phone.. (as she did not want him to be disturbed while having a good time with his sister).. And for a moment I felt how Sonakshi has turned almost into an Abhodro these days!

When we don't have a choice in our life, but to be brave, we somehow will build courage within us and do what we have to do. But it will surely take a toll on our personality.  Sonakshi's state now is a result of her disturbed emotional state for the last seven years and het utmost need to face it all alone and bravely..

And it was a super coincidence that Dev said almost the same thing to Sonakshi that night..that she has become an Abhodro!! So much has happened to both of them and have changed them to an extent that they probably cant recognize themselves!! Because of the circumstance that separated them, it is extremely important for Sonakshi to prove to him that she can be much more successful than him in everything! And because of that attitude of Sona, Dev's comment of "I only pity you Sonakshi, for your state today" obviously irked her more.. and the series of things that happened this week was because of this bitterness between them, that was only becoming worser by the day.

It pushed her beyond the boundaries of the basic character of the original Sonakshi! The reminder from Asha about Dev being "Suhana's father" was much needed and Sonakshi's heartfelt apology and acceptance of her side of the fault brought some relief to the growing stress!!

Probably because of this, she behaved very normally when Ishwari came to meet Dev and Suhana. I was quite disppointed with Ishwari when she again tried to prove to herself and to Sonakshi that Dev is still a "mamma's boy" and she is proud of that!! I just wish that Vaishno Devi somehow gives her some kind of divine blessing by which she can become a mother like Asha or atleast like me...

Asha as the mother, the pillar of the Bose family is a highly inspiring personality!  ❤️πŸ˜„πŸ˜ From the time she has extended her support to Dev and Sona to be Soha's parents, she has been impressing the audience through her assertiveness and rational thinking. The way she took decisions about handling Rounita's mother without even the slightest hint of showing any superiority only made me think of Ishwari in contrast to her. I was thinking of the several occasions during Dev-Sona's wedding when Ishwari made it look like as if she was doing sooo much out of the way, just for the sake of her son's happiness.  A mother's strength and bravery comes through during such times - when she becomes the glue that holds it all together, inspite of the million reasons for the family members to fly apart.

Her timely intervention during Dev-Sona's fight to remind them of their duty to be a part of "one" team was worth a big thumbs up from all viewers! I especially liked how she said "Suhana ko mamma aur papa ka saath nahi chahiye.. mamma-papa ka saath chahiya" - to take care of their child together as parents not as "mother" and "father" πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

The Bose family is a family which listens to Asha, because they "want" to listen to her. Its the respect that she has earned for herself, not based on any compulsion, but purely based on the love thats very genuine between all of them. That way, I am in awe of Asha's beautiful family and the love they all have for Asha. My folks also listen to me, but I feel it might be out of fear for me.. not love..😬😬

The lighter moments of the week through the "curfew" set by Asha was a very welcome sequence in an otherwise a pretty stressful week!

Asha was the only person that could put some restrain on Bijoy and Sonakshi's rage!! Throughout the week, there were multiple occasions when Bijoy crossed his limits. Apart from the "robbery blame" sequence, the dining table sequence during Dev's fish dish was the most unpardonable one! Dev made a special dish for his daughter. He is sad because his daughter has already eaten outside. Whats so funny about it? It was really disgusting to see Bijoy making a joke of it! If that was not enough,  the cold treatment he gave to Eleena and Golu was even worser!!

But, inspite of all the hatred that he accumulated over the entire week for treating Dev so badly, Bijoy  somehow stole the show the last day of the week  πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» when he explained how a dad feels when his daughter is sad and hurt...A lot of things in this show have a history of getting resolved once and for all, over a drink! And I hope Dev-Bijoy's relationship improves for good, after those heartfelt discussions. I really liked that part of the show, because Dev never tried to justify his mistakes. He quietly accepted it with a drop of tear.  This time he realized it as a father, not as a husband and not as a son. It takes a lot of courage to quietly accept to one's mistakes without arguing into the details or highlighting the other person's faults. I sincerely pray that Bijoy should be alright soon πŸ™πŸΌ  There is a lot of unfinished business between this son-in-law and father-in-law.

At the end of the week, I realized that almost all the characters of our story have stepped out of the zone in which they have so far lived. Golu and Suhana have started talking about sensitive topics like "between Soha's mamma and papa, who might be at fault?" Sonakshi has taken a bolder step of allowing Dev yet again in her life as her daughter's dear father. Dev has been extremely brave in trying to start a fresh life with Suhana and Sonakshi, leaving all the 7 years behind him. Even Rounita went out of the zone that she lives in, and welcomed Dev into her life with a cordial relationship that he deserves!

But the only people that continue to remain in their own small world of deceiving, lies and manipulations are GKB and Vicky! Only they are capable of poisoning a little child's mind, and to take advantage of an old man's already disturbed mind. People like these two and Rounita's mom may claim that they are doing all this only for the sake of their loved ones. But through these acts, their love or bravery is not proven. Its only their weakness and insecurities that are proven!

The show that once started with the love between a son and a mother has now branched into several forms of love.. When love is challenged, it takes a detour in order to reach the person that its meant for! To show courage, to be patient and brave is extremely important, especially when the detour is long and tiring!! Its a wonderful experience to watch this journey week after week! I have come to realize that no-one is perfect. But their feeling of "love" is more than perfect. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Many scenes this week are worth mentioning - 

- Especially all of the scenes of Asha. The makers have taken a great deal of care in keeping this character consistently beautiful πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ». 
- The relationship between Rounita and Dev that blossomed so nicely, after the helping hand Dev extended to her relationship with Saurabh! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Their phone conversation was awesome! πŸ˜¬πŸ€“
- It will be the least of compliments to say that Shaheer has done exceedingly well portraying the multiple roles he is currently playing - a loving father, an extremely demoralized son-in-law, almost a numb husband, and a genuinely caring brother in law πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»❤️😍 
- To cap it all was the sequence between Dev and Bijoy for the flawless drunkards that they were and for the serious emotional message in an extremely hilarious way πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
- Finally, a round of πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» for the makers for showing the complexity of human relations and love in an interesting and positive way.

Kuch Rang Pyar ke aise bhi πŸ’“

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Week 57 - Shining amidst the storm

There are as many kinds of love as there are Hearts. Our show revolves around this topic constantly! ❤️

For the last 7 years, Dev and Sonakshi have struggled through many storms. They may not agree with me, but they have survived all that, only in the hope of being together again.. And ever since Sonakshi came back to Delhi and ever since Dev came to know about Suhana, this storm is slowly losing its fierceness and becoming gentler..😊 However, thats not the case with the antagonists of the story.. Ever since Dev and Sona met again, Ishwari, Bijoy, GKB and Vicky..are all having high blood pressure and spending sleepless nights!! This week gave us the experience of the fierce storm as well as the warmth of the gentle breeze..πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

The week started off with Dev reaching the Bose house to the surprise or rather shock of the Bose family members! No-one except Suhana gave him a warm welcome. But only Suhana mattered to him and no-one else - he reached the Bose house only for her. And because he was going to Bose house, he remembered to take his cool dude mask - he knew that he must be sure to not get provoked by the many unpleasant things that might happen there. His first impression with the blood pressure pills was not to only mock at Bijoy, but also to establish his cool dude avatar!! "Dev, naam tho sun hoga" πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž Its extremely important for Dev to be this way in front of that she does not stamp him as an Abhodro as well πŸ˜‰

Jatin got into my very bad books on monday by rubbing Dev on the wrong side. On examining carefully..I realized he was not very wrong.πŸ˜’ But still I was upset with him. And stayed that way..until Friday when he became my friend..πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Bijoy and Ishwari were both extremely stressed with the current plan of Dev-Sona-Soha. And were both experiencing a fierce storm in their minds. GKB and Vicky were also brainstorming their plan of action. Bijoy tried to make every moment of Dev's stay there difficult for him, thankfully saved by Asha most of the times. And Ishwari was constantly thinking about Dev and what he was doing there...- Mama ji tried to advice Ishwari as much as he could. 

While this group was making the environment so traumatic to endure...

The little kids gave us the much needed peace and tranquility. Golu's matured advice to Ishwari came as a pleasant surprise to me. His love for Dev, is quite remarkable and this little kid understands Dev and his situation inside out and is exactly what Dev needs right now. The makers have done a fabulous job of keeping the kids as kids and yet saying highly inspiring lessons for the elders. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»"Dadi, lets not disturb big cha now.. If we call him now, Suhana will feel bad.. because thats exactly how I will feel when someone disturbs my time with my dad..." this was neither over-smart nor childish.. perfect, just perfect! "I am like this from childhood..just nobody noticed me..." - many kisses to you Golu, we really need you a lot amidst these crazy old folks. πŸ˜πŸ˜

Suhana also brought us the gentle warm breeze in the Bose house that was otherwise giving Dev such a cold treatment. Her cupboard space for her papa reminded me of my childhood, when my cousins used to come and stay with us during summer vacation..and how we created space for them πŸ˜Š  Its unfortunate that Suhana has to do something like this for her own dad..😒

The fight over AC temperature, sharing a single blanket, bed time story, sweet good night kisses is all that Dev longed for..a happy family. He was willing to do anything for this happy family.. God had been cruel to this family, I thought..

But I have always learnt to see the positive side in all problems - every family has issues. Believe me, the AC issue, snoring, and comforter issues are international problems πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ After all, men are from mars and women are from venus.. so I am thankful that Dev now knows about his daughter and his daughter has accepted him as her papa and their bond is growing stronger every second. And there is a gentle breeze between Dev and Sona too, amidst the "I hate you" game. I wished Sonakshi at least later found out that Dev had put the AC temperature back to 26..πŸ€“ Suhana's "Agar mein nahi hoti tho aap dhonon kahan hote" - another simple yet  powerful dialogue - the basic crux of season 2!

And its because of Suhana that Dev and Sonakshi are getting another chance to live their love story.. And its also because of Suhana that Ishwari is trapped in her possessive world yet again! Even though I hate GKB, what she mentioned to Ishwari (while making room for Sonakshi's clothes in Dev's cupboard) was very true. Ishwari has to realize that Sonakshi's presence is real and she better move aside and give way...else she will be forcefully made to do so.. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

Worrying about the future will take away today's happiness and Dev was not a person, who will risk today's happiness for a better tomorrow. He has always lived in the present only. He now wants to live his moment with Suhana to the fullest and is extremely good in being her father... because, he knew the price of losing a childhood..and he will never be the reason for his daughter to lose her childhood. When he explained to Suhana how he never had the toys nor the time to play in his childhood, I felt bad for him. And Sonakshi was the only person in the whole world who had seen that little lonely child in Dev and had given at least a part of his childhood to him..I am not just talking about the video game that she made Nikki give him. I am also talking about the rain and the dance and the many other things that they both shared...😊

Today, a lot of things have happened between them and they don't share the same equation as before.. but who can erase the memories, especially when the memories are soo good. Throughout the week, its these little memories that came and touched our hearts gently.πŸ’•πŸ’ž Every breath and every touch is beautifully familiar to them and seems so perfect every time, but neither of them want to accept it, because they are both hurt deeply by the other person... Its these "false" repulsions which is now their new love language! 
Dev : "You look like aunty!".. 
Sonakshi: "You are so fat and ugly".. 
Us: "Awww.. DevAkshi is too cute"..πŸ’–

Is there anyone in this world, that cannot like DevAkshi? Except... Bijoy and Ishwari!! Ishwari was dying to peek into the Bose house and Golu was her perfect reason! But that day, it was good that she came and saved Dev from the embarassment at the lunch table. Bijoy - Bengalis are known for their hospitality.. And he..coming from the land of West Bengal had to stoop so establish his point that Dev is not welcome in the Bose house...Its very sad that enmity can take a toll on the basic personality of a person.πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

Kids are like God and they hardly know this "enmity". Dev and Sonakshi are both good parents and are careful in not sowing any negative thoughts on these kids. Being a mother myself, this is a big selling point for me to watch this show. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»❤️❤️ I cannot stand TV shows using kids in their negative propaganda. Dev's explanation about Family as tree was a great lesson for kids and I was looking at Dev with the same admiration as Sonakshi. The gentle breeze was getting gentler and gentler...Talking about positive influence on kids, I also loved Dev's explanation earlier to Suhana about why Bijoy was always rude with him. After all Sonakshi is the baby girl of Bijoy.. just like how Suhana is for Dev.😊

But, Mr.Bijoy Bose had gone down so much in my respect that day - he had absolutely no Love to show to Golu. Only a hateful face and very hateful words that made Dev send his mother and Golu back to the Dixit mansion right away without any delay😑😑 Now this behavior of Bijoy surely made him a very unpleasant person. But Dev's retaliation was worth some claps. I am glad that Dev tried to be stern but stayed within his limits in front of Bijoy.

However, I did feel he crossed his limits with Asha. The beauty of motherhood is such that no matter how old they get, they are never tired of giving that shoulder for their kids.. even if it was in the form changing themselves to punching bags so that we can vent it all out on them.. Both Dev and Sonakshi needed Asha to be their punching bag that day. Even though Dev realized his mistake and asked for an apology later, it really didnt matter to me. Sorry is just a word and it will not undo the hurt. But he will not repeat it again, I knew that. 

As Sonakshi went on to say how good a man Bijoy is and how good a husband he is, Asha stopped and explained that a good man, a good dad, does not necessarily mean a good husband. And as Asha explained the difficulties she had faced as a wife, and yet moved on, because there was nothing more important than their "relationship" - I am sure Sonakshi questioned her own relationship with Dev. I also feel, that the discussion about anger and how Asha puts up with a husband like Bijoy will leave Dev with a doubt about himself and what price he had to pay for his anger. Well... mothers are for giving us that enlightenment when we need it.. and Asha played her part well. She is a woman that should be looked up to. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

After the big storm came the Sangeet. 

Celebrations are always a way to put aside our anger and sadness and be a part of the people that are celebrated. Saurabh and Rounita are a cute couple and Dev had always wished for nothing but good for his brother in law. That day was no different either. He never left an opportunity to mingle and become a part of the Bose family celebration. And Sonakshi cannot deny that she was proud of him. Her pride came through when she told someone that Suhana was with her papa..

Every scene these days only make us think of the happy times.. the walking down the steps, the photo frame gift, the Sangeet dances everything reminded me of all the Dev and Sona memories and I parallelly relived those as well..

Thankfully Bijoy's actions were shown in a lighter vein during the Sangeet ceremony! Otherwise, we would not have been able to see the magic that still exists between the beautiful couple. As Dev insisted and forced Sonakshi to help him wear the dhoti, I was reminded of the "pyar haq de deta hain Sonakshi" scene from Neha's sangeeth... Even though they are in complete denial of even the faintest hint of attraction that still exists between them, they cannot but acknowledge the ease and familiarity of the feeling ❤️❤️. It was a beautiful parallel of the Gajra scene πŸ˜πŸ˜. I enjoyed this parallel more than the fact that the whole scene was inspired from my favorite Khan's Swades!πŸ˜„

As Bijoy's acts were still only in the lighter vein, I really enjoyed the photo session as well! Especially the fitting reply of Dev to Bijoy.. "Ok.. you guys take the family picture. Me and Suhana will take a picture separately!!" Dev's cool dude mask is shining so brightly these days. I was almost celebrating Bijoy's frown!! πŸ˜‚

Now we have all become so sharp in identifying parallels.. that "Jaat ki Jugni" promotion.. only reminded me of the "Beyhadh" promotion when Dev went to drop his dadi bhua to Haridwar... But the "Love" explanation that the couple gave us, touched my heart. Love stories should only have "Happy endings" - I agree. And our DevAskhi will have a happy ending too. Thats my pinky promise to you all πŸ˜„

One of the highlights of this week was Dev's "Izaar-e-Ishq" (Love confession).  ❤️ Who can give a better speech on this topic than our own very dear Dev Dixit. His love for Sonakshi is pure, heartfelt, true and beyond any defeat. The analogies he used for explaining Love are apt for the modern days! Free wifi in a low network area, perfect parking spot!! But like he said, what he says is not important, but who he says it for is the most important thing. He knew who he meant it for and "she" knew it was meant for her. But she probably also remembered when Dev once said "After few years..I will love someone else a tad bit more - she will be slightly prettier and cuter than you!" So she got Suhana in front of him. Or she probably did not want him to get carried away in the moment.. whatever was the reason.. it ended pretty beautifully.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» 

After Dev's honest confession, Jatin could not help but admire the hopeless lovers Dev and Sonakshi - the crazy and hopeless couple who knew nothing better than loving each other. I am banking on Jatin a lot and I am pretty sure he will have an important part to play between Dev and Sonakshi.. He will be in the team DevAkshi along with mama ji and Asha πŸ˜Š Sonakshi knew whatever Jatin mentioned about Dev was probably true. But why will she accept and even if she does, what is the point? It had been long decided that their relationship will never work, especially in the backdrop of Ishwari's possessiveness. 

Dev's possessiveness was no less either! Even after several assurances in the past that Jatin is just a childhood friend, Dev just could not get over the bond that Sonakshi shared with Jatin. Like I always say, Dev is a little child in these matters and he crying over his own hopeless possessiveness and love for Sonakshi, just broke my heart literally... Behind the cool dude mask that he has been wearing for several years, there is a little child who has been crying deeply for the loss..😒

His one and only friend, Golu, I must say, arrived just on time! Golu's arrival was also like one of Dev's analogies about love - that of a pleasant shadow on an extremely hot June day. Thank you Golu for wiping your Big cha's tears.. Please be with him always.. Only you know how to make him happy..😊

The week thus ended giving me a beautiful message that the warmth of the Love is all you need to survive any storm.. ❤️

The precap gave me a very unsettling feeling during the weekend. I don't know why Ronita's mom has a negative shade to her.. A friend and I were discussing if GKB might have a part in it...I feel Suhana might come to her papa's rescue, against her dadu.. Lets wait and see.