Saturday, June 3, 2017

Week 66 - Head vs Heart

Our brain has no heart and our heart has no brain. Thats why, when we speak our mind, we seem heartless and when we listen to our heart and do what it says, we often look like an idiot. Our show's tag line itself is "What happens..when we give the brain, the job of our heart?" This week there was a constant battle between the head and heart of our lead characters. Although, this time also, its orchestrated by Ishwari, there is a subtle change this time - Ishwari is now using her heart to manipulate Dev and Sonakshi... not her head like the previous times.

There is one more reason for me to like this changed Ishwari - She has become a coffee person, like me!!! "Shall we have coffee?", "I need a cup of coffee", "Shall we meet at the coffee shop?" - these statements have more meaning than just having coffee.. It means that there is request for a conversation.. its a request for a friendly hand.. its a request to clear out confusion in our mind.. Ishwari has started to "give regard" to Sonakshi. She did not bombard Sonakshi with her thoughts..but wanted to have a genuine conversation with her, over a cup of coffee.  Sonakshi and Ishwari's conversation was precise and to the point. The damage Ishwari has made to Dev and Sonakshi's life is not erasable or pardonable. Any amount of Sorry will just not be enough.  The regret Ishwari showed in her face was honest and that honesty was the need of the hour. Last week, talking about how Ishwari's equation changed with everyone post the Khatri incident, we did not talk about Sona. This week started off with this change in equation between these two leading ladies of our show

"Whenever you did something good for the family, I always mistook it as if you are pointing out my incapability.. I mistook your strength, faith and dedication as ego. I failed to acknowledge that you will give respect to others without a hesitation, but will not tolerate if others challenge your self respect.  I looked at you as my competition.." - These words pretty much summarized Ishwari's mindset 7 years ago.  "You don't have to apologize aunty ji. None of us were ready for the relationship at that time.. I am glad that we are opening up now, we can start our relationship from here!" - This somewhat gave a closure to Dev's unsatisfied wish of "his mom and wife to be on the same page.."

7 years ago, Sona and Ishwari had a similar very warm conversation.. But at that time, Ishwari's main focus was to make Sonakshi feel good..because she had given Ishwari, the happiness of becoming a grandmother. I vividly remember how Ishwari praised Sonakshi for all the good things she did for the Dixit family. However, now, her main focus was highlighting her own mistakes and repenting for it.. When we are able to accept our mistakes to someone, then it means that we consider "that someone" as our own.. and have given a that person, a special place in our heart. The changed equation between Sona and Ishwari is this - Ishwari has given Sonakshi a place in her heart ❤️. This has nothing to do with a child or making Dev happy. The reason for this change is only that Ishwari is not intimidated by Sonakshi or her perfection anymore. Ishwari now feels secure and Sona's presence or absence does not control it.

They say, a happy home is filled with Love and Laughter. That night, Ishwari Niwas became a happy home with genuine love and laughter - Thanks to Dev's perseverance to embrace Sonakshi and her family with love and gratitude, to somehow reduce the distance between the two families.. to somehow fill his daughter's childhood with fond and beautiful memories and not with pain like his own.

That night, as the satisfied Dev and Sona went on with their lives, a new phase was planned for them by Ishwari - A phase in which she will orchestrate a game between their head and heart. I really liked that part where she looked at their wedding album, realizing the pain of Sonakshi and Dev. She was able to see that Sonakshi has stopped listening to her heart completely as Dev broke it to pieces 7 years ago. Ishwari was also able to acknowledge the fear that Sonakshi now has, to even accept that she has a heart that has some wishes too. And Ishwari finally, was able to see the pain of Dev as a "Lover" who loves Sonakshi deeply, but just holding his love within his heart, because he was scared of Sona's fears. And with this realization, she was determined to bring them together at any cost. πŸ’–πŸ’•❤️

The following day, I thought that Dev will resume work.. After all the Khatri drama and dinner..I thought Ishwari communications will also need some attention..But he disappointed me πŸ˜.. in fact later in the week when Ishwari asked Dev if he can take off from work, I was literally.. πŸ˜‚ May be being a boss, work will wait for him.. But Sonakshi was back to work! Girls are always sincere and a step ahead than their male counterparts! Probably thats why... Ishwari gave Sonakshi the responsibility of finding a suitable bride for Dev!

Sonakshi loves Dev. There is no doubt in our heart about that. In fact, she also knows it very clearly. But she cannot accept it. I tried calling this stubbornness as "ego". But somehow "Ego" seems a very harsh word to use on Dev or Sonakshi. It just doesn't suit them. Neither Dev nor Sona will be able to walk away when they know that one of them is in pain. Then how can we call it Ego? When Ishwari asked her to find a match for Dev, she immediately withdrew because her heart heard it first.. But then, her head jumped right in and told her heart that "All is well.. you go back to sleep. You are still sick. Let me handle this". Well... atleast her heart is not dead.. it can be revived soon, with proper care πŸ’

Dev loves Sonakshi. We have no doubt in this. He has no doubt in this and he has no problem in accepting this as well. However, he has promised Sona that he will never express this in a conscious or unconscious state, as it disturbs her. But when he was cornered with a marriage proposal by his mom, Sona and even his daughter.. what could he do? He was just devastated and lost in a world of no answers. The state of his heart was pretty bad and his head did not have any power left to think.

The conversation between Dev and Sonakshi, following Ishwari's master plan was one of the highlights this week. Sonakshi's "I am a strong girl" image became very transparent to Dev but yet he did not have the guts to go through it to reach her heart only for the fear of hurting it again. And therefore, he pretended to acknowledge Sonakshi's advice for getting married again. Some of the subtle dialogues were very soothing for the DevAkshi well-wishers.. 

Sona:  "Dev, tum itna selfish math bano..Maa ke bare mein socho"
Dev: "Tumhare baare mein kaun sochega?" ❤️😭

Dev: "Mein yeh sab nahi karne wala hoon"

Sona: "Kyoon?"
Dev: "Kyonki, mein woh jagah kisi aur ko nahi de saktha tume diya tha.." πŸ˜­

All of these dialogues, tell us, how Dev tried to gently get into her heart.. only to be repelled by the fear of goofing up again.. A very well made scene πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Dev then accepted for the proposal and asked Sonakshi to promise that she will stay with him until the time he takes his wedding vows and then go away and never ever look back at him - At this point, the reality probably struck Sonakshi. All this while Dev and Sona have been piggybacking on Suhana, saying whatever they do, they do for her. But now, Suhana would like to see her dad married as well!! They don't have anywhere to hide and had to face this situation on their own as a couple or ex-couple.

For a while, I was wondering why a small child was made part of this game. Then I remembered an event that happened a couple of days ago for me. In the library that I volunteer for, a little 3rd grader came upto me and asked me if she can renew her book without having the actual book with her. It was the first time, that I am coming across a situation like that, so I called the librarian to help me with that in the computerized system. The girl, while she was waiting, in her anxiety of not being able to bring the book that day, told us "See.. my parents just got divorced. I am with my grandparents.. the book is in my mom's house and she is away on a business trip.. I cant get this until next week... is it ok?" - These words are from a 3rd grader really shocked and saddened me... Kids these days, have to face it! Its a cruel world out there. So, Suhana being part of it... does not surprise me anymore after remembering what happened in the library.. (by the way, we got that book renewed for her without a problem.)

Children come into this world with dreams of their own... who are we to destroy it? The parents probably had a very justified reason to get a divorce.. but whatever it was, either they should have worked it out or never went for a child, when they are unsure of their relationship... In a way, I am glad that Suhana at least did what she did with adult supervision (I mean her grandma..) and was told later that a lie is a lie and we need to confess to God. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

Sonakshi burdened her mind with the reality of losing Dev. This strong girl has only one person, with whom she can pour her heart out - her mother. But in this case, she cannot open up even to Asha, because, 7 years ago, she buried all her real feelings deep inside her heart and built a fort of strength around it, through which nothing can penetrate. If she brought those feelings outside, then all that she built these past 7 years for herself and her family, will come crashing down. She knew that she cannot afford it and if she let it happen, it will become difficult for her to survive that storm.

Dev has a lifetime access to her heart, but even he cannot do anything to the strong fort she has built, after what happened 7 years ago.😒 He attempted though.. His call to Sonakshi to confirm the plan of going ahead with his marriage was one final attempt! His stiffness and her cool attitude were both  masked emotions. They both know that, but were too stubborn and scared to accept it. Their conversation on phone that night was a classic example of the conversation between their head and heart. Dev's questions were as if their heart spoke and Sonakshi's answers were as if the head spoke. ❤️πŸ‘€ Head decided "No looking back".. Heart followed the head cluelessly...

Usually, Dev is an open book. But this time, he was not. Time has taught him to conceal his heart. The person, who is used to thinking only with his heart, was left clueless in this situation. He was not getting any answers from his heart. A similar situation happened many years ago, when Sona was about to marry Ritvik... But at that time, Dev had the guts to confront the situation and his free pass to Sona's heart was still valid. But now, all his doors were closed. I felt very sad for Dev as he flipped through the album of girls lined up for him to get married to...😒😒

Mothers know the pain of their children however old their kids get. Asha was a very intuitive mother, from the beginning. And has always been there for Sonakshi, in whatever her decision was. She was quick in acknowledging Sonakshi's pain, but was unable to heal it as Sonakshi was determined to live in pain. But this time, Ishwari had opened the door for the Bose family.. So Asha, unlike the previous times, was able to talk to Ishwari. It was a very emotionally draining scene, because Asha gave Ishwari a sneak peek into Sonakshi's heart and the pain she had been enduring for the last 7 years. Asha, in simple words, said "Sona used to safeguard all of Dev's newspaper articles  and used to cry secretly whenever she saw Suhana.." But those simple words made me cry for Sonakshi...😒 Am sure the makers are quite skilled in getting into our hearts with simple yet profound dialogues and screenplay πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Now that Asha is also in team Ishwari, I am positive that GKB cannot do much. Bijoy cannot do much as well, even if he tried to get God on his side!

But in a twist of tale, Ishwari and all of us were surprised when Ishwari's plan backfired and Dev said yes to moving on and marrying someone else.. However, knowing Dev for the last 300 plus episodes, I was sure he had a plan in mind. Because of this confidence that I had in Dev, the scenes that came later on were quite enjoyable and funny πŸ˜„

With the New/Old avatar, Devrath Dixit was ready to sweep Sonakshi off the floors one more time!!  ❤️😍 We were all swept away as well πŸ˜πŸ˜ 

Dev: "Good morning! Ms.Bose"
Sona: "Thank you.. I mean...Same to you.. uhh....Good morning" 
Reminded me of the time she told him "Mein biceps hoon..Aap Hot hai?" πŸ˜„❤️😍

Not just that, the entire meeting of Payal was quite enjoyable! It reminded me of the date with Natasha when Sonakshi was sitting with overwhelming jealousy!!  Except, this time Dev was purposely doing it :) There was even a scene of Payal touching Dev's hands like Natasha!! And Sonakshi fuming inside just like before!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Well.. I told myself, "No looking back" πŸ˜’

In a single date, Dev even finalized the girl!! But somehow Payal Dixit doesn't sound good.. So, she is rejected from my side. Apparently, Sonakshi and Ishwari are pretty confused with this quick decision!! Hmmm...

Some of the other lovely scenes tihis week:

1. Ishwari and mami's discussion over the photographs mami brought - it was so lovely to hear Ishwari explaining to mami about Dev's unmatched and irreplaceable love for Sonakshi!! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

2. Soha and Golu's talk about new Big chi and Ex Big chi. Suhana knew the plan and Golu did not. So, Golu was trying be supportive to Suhana.. and this big brother's promise to his little sister was the cutest scene this week πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

3. The discussion over Ballet dance and stacks was pretty hilarious! πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚ 

4. Shaheer and Erica have excellent chemistry - whether in comedy or romance or tiffs. Every scene they come together lights up the screen. I specifically enjoyed their conversation near the bike and also the restaurant sequence! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»❤️


The worst battle that all of us have to fight is between what we know and what we feel. Lets wait and watch how Ishwari makes Dev and Sona's heart to talk to each other..😊


  1. Reading your blog is like having the dessert after a hearty meal. The dessert finally gives a sense of satisfaction that the meal is complete and nothing more is required. The simplicity of your blogging and the analogues you draw are very appealing.
    Nothing more to add.
    Looking forward to your blog next week. Love and regards.

  2. @saipriya, you are sweet 😊 Now I felt like I just had a lovely dessert..thanks for your compliments 😊

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  4. I really love reading your blog again & again just like the KRPKAB episodes :)
    And your analytical writing of the emotional journey of the hearts in variable situations of this practical worlds is just as bang on !!! Hats off for that :)
    I agree with sai Priya "its like having the dessert after a hearty meal"