Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week 30 - Love will find a way :)

They say an apology is really a changed behavior.  The week started off with a completely changed Ishwari. The change was so profound that the insecure Ishwari completely went out of our minds! Her apology had a sincere "sorry", a heartfelt ownership of the mistake she did and a desperate desire to find a solution for the mistake that happened...She literally "begged" Sonakshi to come back in Dev's life.

Sonakshi is not a person who needed that apology from Ishwari.. She had accepted Ishwari long ago as her own mother..but the Bose family needed to see this, in order to heal the wound caused by the Dixit family. It was a very important move by Ishwari in Dev-Sonakshi's life. 

I especially liked how Ishwari spoke about having the right companion for the long and tiring trip of Life. She was absolutely right..Its very crucial to have that right companion if we seek happiness.

Asha was admirable this week, as she very carefully convinced Bijoy and Sonakshi.  When we analyze things based on "why it happened"... its important to consider "what if it hadn't happened". Thats exactly how she convinced Sona.. She very carefully explained to her about Dev's situation at the time of breakup.. "What if Dev didn't breakup with you..Would you have preferred to elope with Dev knowing Ishwari did not agree? Ofcourse not, because both of you respect your families.". 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 "Don't you want to go back to your Dev?" How many mothers have a heart like Asha's? I just loved her 😄❤️

A mother can fix anything! Not all super heroes necessarily wear a cape :) Ishwari ma and Asha ma (UP ma and Bengali ma 😂) thus took the driver seat of their families at this point and drove them in the path of "Love". 

I am sure, we all remember - "when Mr.Dev Dixit proposes, it'll be the world's best proposal!" No doubt. In a very emotional patch up, with very few words and eyes full of tears and emotions, Dev and Sonakshi became one, that night. They say, if someone is meant to be yours, eventually, they will be! What do I say about the proposal? Was it the simplicity in it that stood out? or the profoundness? Was it the tear filled eyes of the actors that showed it all? or was it their child like smile on their lips? Was it the little kids that added beauty to the scene? was it the music? I am unable to point at just one single thing that stood out that night,  it was the wholistic experience which made it magical 💕💞💖❤️ 

And now, we can let go off that breath we have been holding for the last few weeks... Its DevAkshi again 😄❤️😍 I hope there will be no more Ms.Bose and Mr.Dixit. Its going to be Mr. and Mrs. Abhodro 😄

However, its not yet "they lived happily ever after".. picture abhi baakhi hain...

When 2 different communities get into the bond of marriage, its never easy. In our case, its a different language, different culture, different food, in addition to the already created uneasiness...Dev was trying his best to get that uneasiness out of the equation. But as much as Bijoy wishes his daughter's happiness, he is also as much angry with the man who once took that smile away from his daughter.. As Dev rightly said, whatever Bijoy says or does against Dev, is definitely less. Everything needs time to ripe... and this coldness between son-in-law and father-in-law will soon vanish, am sure. After all, who else but Dev knows the value of a "father"..

It was a treat for all the fans this week with extra Dev-Sona moments. I personally had a rough week and every night was a big relaxation for me to see this lovely couple....For Sona, Dev was cute and for Dev, Sona was cute. But for us ---> "cute tho thum both ho" 😘😘

When marriage talks happen between 2 families, from different culture and community, its not bound to be smooth. There was a lot of bitterness that cropped up during the discussion, when Bijoy brought up the past and kept daunting Ishwari. Maami added fuel to Bijoy's anger with her trademark sarcasm! I was only hoping for "no casualties" at the end of discussion 😏. But with a man like Maama around, positivity has to spread. Dev gauged it right..he had a lot of trust on maama ji.. After all, maama was the one person, who Dev opened his heart during the break up period.  Finally, all ended well on a note that soon we will get to see Sona and Dev as bride and groom.

When the man and the woman tells the family who they want to marry, the ball comes to the  court of the parents . The way the parents play the game for the short period of time of "marriage preparations" has a lasting impact on the wedded life of the couple. I can very well understand Ishwari's desire to have a peaceful marriage. After all the rough tides that happened in the families, its time for them to see some happy moments. They all deserve this because the foundation of this marriage is purely love. Not just love between Dev and Sona. Its also a celebration of love of a father for his daughter and a mother for her son.  But in this celebration, a lot of compromises have to be made by either side. Small things which add up to be huge! And huge things that might end the show in a the Prenuptial agreement!

A Prenuptial agreement is a legal agreement done between the bride and groom prior to marriage that clearly lists how the property will be divided among the husband and wife, in case of a divorce later on! To me, it looks like a process of fixing your cremation ground, prior to your death...😏! Sona very rightly said..Marriage is not a house rental agreement, where if you have to leave, you give notice, cut the maintenance and go..If its not forever, then its not Love. The marriage ceremony by itself is a "promise to never give up on each other".  I am very glad that Dev threw the agreement in the trash bin. If he didn't I would have been so upset with him. 

Just as we were all feeling safe for our Dev and Sona, Ishwari's insecurities surfaced again! And this time, its for her daughters and I feel, it cannot be completely ruled out this time.. but she could have asked Dev to safeguard his sisters' future before getting into a marriage with Sona (may be write some properties in their name) - its as simple as that. Both Dev and Sona would be happy to do that, because Sona knows how dear are his sisters to him. But Ishwari chose to get Dev's signature without his knowledge - a decision which is going to haunt her later on, am sure.

In a minute of desperation, Ishwari was going to spoil the peace that just started to prevail in Dev and Sona's life. I was very happy to see Dev stand up for Sona and talk to his mom..and to see him talk to Sona's father and explain how confident he is, about his Sona's love for him.. I was even more happy to see him run to his love and express his fear of losing her. Otherwise, we would have missed the " little Sonakshi hogi" dialogue 😄❤️😍 Its really endearing to watch Dev and Sona talk happily with each other. Promises were renewed again. "Please don't leave me, ever - I will not, if you promise to be with me, forever." I sincerely hope that this time, promises are kept and the Prenuptial agreement becomes void 🙏🏼

Shaheer, playing Dev, has a lot to be proud of, especially this week. His forte is his expression of different emotions. This week was a mixture of happiness, anger, romance, love, sadness and every time it was just bang on! I probably say this every week, but what can I do? He just proves it every week! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Any marriage preparation will be incomplete without talk about food! And a bengali marriage starts and ends with food. The Bengalis have a great love for food. There was a girl in my school, who was from Calcutta (as we called those days). I used to love her food and will exchange it for mine all the time. Until one day, when she brought fish. I am a vegetarian and the moment I opened and saw it, I just felt like throwing up. I know, its not a very pleasant thing to say or do, especially on someone's food.. but I really felt like throwing up. Its not as easy for a vegetarian to accept fish or chicken or meat or for that matter, even egg. Its really an impossible task to accept non vegetarian food in the same table as vegetarian, that too, in a sacred event like a wedding. Dev's family's reactions are completely understandable. And this feeling of aversion that the family expressed can probably only be comprehended by a pure vegetarian. Well, marriage is all about compromises.. I kept calming my heartbeat that was racing and told myself  "All is well..All is well".

In between the heated marriage discussions and prenuptial agreement, many times this week, we got to divert our mind and attention to the happy times of Dev and Sona. Dev is just like a friend I know...taking out the veggies from Pizza :) We know our good old Dev is back in form - Internet research has started again this week on "Jokes like Rithwick", "Bengali traditions"..😄😄😄 The "show me your kharghosh wala teeth" probably made the entire fandom show their khargosh wala teeth 😄😁 

With some ups and downs, and the extra 30 minute time we got with the KRPKAB team, we were pulling off this week happily until Dev and Sona returned home after seeing the wedding hall.  Sona's tiredness was already noticed by Dev. Why not? Its only natural 😊 Mr.Cool Dixit - It was a nice attempt, to pre-order your permission to occasionally forget the birthdays and anniversaries in future.  But Sona was right, the "Cool dude" doesn't suit him...And he will actually be the person that remembers all these dates more than her!! 

When Sona said bye to him that day, I did not know that it was a good bye for their dreams about "tiny Abhodro and tiny Sonakshi"..

Of all the rights and blessings of a woman, the greatest is, to be a mother.  And, a man is not complete until a little hand holds him to call him Dad! It truly breaks my heart to see Dev and Sonakshi's future as a couple struggling to have a child of their own..I couldn't wait to see the tiny Abhodro and tiny Sonakshi...

Man proposes, God disposes. Who knows what tomorrow will bring us? The good thing amidst the bad news is that there is 7% chance, Its planty of room for a miracle to happen. Ishwari was right, after all... The journey of life is long and if you don't get the right partner, it will be so difficult to complete the journey...Now that we know this medical problem, we cant agree more that Sona and Dev were meant to be with each other. Love finally found its way and got Dev and Sona together :)

Shaheer, the last scene was just excellent! When a medical diagnosis is given to us for the first time, there is an unexplainable grief and a million questions that occupy our heart and mind. This is more when its for a loved one! Perfect portrayal of this emotion 😘😘😘  Only you can act like this. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Week 29 - Come on, lets marry now!

The Maha-episode was "maha" in terms of everything. The only thing that was not Maha was the happiness quotient in the supposed-to-be engagement :)

When Dev met Sona for the first time in his life, he probably did not know that she was going to become this important to him. So important, that one day, he will have to go out of his mom's leash. Sorry for using the word "leash"... As much as we loved the mom-son bonding initially, we have started to feel the suffocation and this week started off with a rather urgent need to open those windows out to look away from her and to breathe freely - especially the way she refused permission for Dev to go to the engagement.  Well, I am glad Dev took the right step without pondering much on whether to go or not for the engagement.

Shaheer is just tailor made for Dev. I cannot think of another actor who is more suitable for Dev or another show that is more suitable for Shaheer! Amidst those TV serials that show meaningless conspiracies and unwanted drama, here is one that is real and one that we can put ourself in as a Dev or a Sona or an Ishwari or even a Ritwick.

"Naadaniyon mein kho gaye saare rishte".. we lost all relationships out of ignorance.. What profound lines these are, so apt just like all other songs of this show! Apart from he looking damn good in that off-white shirt, he also has the best handwriting I have ever seen! And then, I told myself.."pay attention to the show" :)

As he wrote that letter, I could not stop my tears. "pleeeease..forget all the pain I gave you" how desperate he was to send that apology to her.. if only she ever gets to read that letter, am sure she will forgive him in a second....and I ended up wiping my tears with a sigh, along with Dev.

Dev's love for Sonakshi is very pure and not even in his dream, will he mean any harm to her. His going to the engagement was a genuine attempt to wish her well and let go of her. Sonakshi's love for Dev is also very pure and never ever will she want him to suffer emotionally like the way he was, right now. She will never wish that for him. That night was a very genuine attempt of her as well in her pursuit of a new life with someone else.

Even though Dev and Sonakshi were trying their best to be honest to themselves, they could not stop themselves from feeling for each other. When you see your beloved with someone else, you are bound to feel jealous..and possessive..Whether its Devdas or Dev Dixit - this feeling is the same. If there is one thing you cannot share with anyone at all in this world, its the love you feel for your beloved lover.

And suppress this emotion of jealousy, our Dev resorted to scotch.

Shaheer did his role of "Dev, the deewana" to perfection - the stumbling walk, stumbling speech with a swollen tongue, body language and above all, his eyes that were drunk too were all so neat and flawless, I must say!

Dev, as a person has always been impulsive and takes decisions for that moment only. How much ever he tried to come mentally prepared for the engagement, he needed only one small trigger to nullify all his mental strength. He was always a possessive lover. As he kept seeing Ritwick and Sona together,  he needed to numb himself to it, disguise himself as someone else, so that he can accept it and regain all that mental strength in him to go talk to Sona, to wish her lots of happiness in life that he failed to give her.

Dev did not plan any of this. Impulsively, he had the urge to disguise himself as someone he is not - he did not like to see what he was seeing, but he had to stay there; he could not digest what was happening in front of him, but he had to be a witness to it; he would have preferred to die that day, but had to be alive. Everything went out of control from Dev's side and he became a prey to his emotions and alcohol that night.

And Sonakshi also, out of sheer reflex and impulse, came running to Dev who fell unconscious.. Remember the secret power that I was telling you about last week? It was time for Sonakshi to experience her secret power by which she saved her true love from dying that night. 

The sequence that followed the engagement was only a dialogue between the subconscious minds of Dev and Sona. In reality they are both trying to move on sincerely. But their subconscious mind is going through a trauma of emotions. And all those facts are kept on table for Ishwari to see, as she kept watching the two, breaking down and melting for each other.

Yet another well made scene and the best performance so far by Shaheer! The breathlessness comes so naturally to him as he was struggling to keep himself up or even say the name Sonakshi. Anyone who watched him play that night, would be awestruck! The little boy Dev who was given life by Sonakshi expressed his helpless state to her and begged her for answers, begged her to help him..The remorse he expressed as her lover was so true and heartfelt that she could not overlook it. It was a moment of realization for Ishwari to see the love birds that she had destroyed due to her own meaningless insecurities. My heart ached as I watched that scene that day and it aches now as well, as I write about it.

Oh God! We forgot all about Ritwick.. The poor guy was made waiting with a ring in his hand. He supported Sonakshi throughout her journey of "moving on" and here he was standing, completely alone and completely not cared for. It was the most unfair, unforgiving thing do to and so unendurable for him as well the families. And yet, the gentleman that he was, he waited for Sona to come and explain things to him. He was willing to forgive, if only she will realize what she did and why she did it. Of all people around Sonakshi, he was the one person, who Sonakshi finally, openly and in her complete senses, admitted that she loved Dev. No questions asked, he left the place, just like a gentleman would do. Well done creators for making such a character and well done actor Jay Soni. The follow up visit in the morning was only to express his respect for the elders of Sonakshi's family.. duniya mein do tarah ki log hain - one is Ritwick and the other Dev. We'll miss you, Ritwick.

While Sonakshi and her parents are going through the embarrassment and humiliation they experienced, because of Dev....

Dev was still unaware of what he was doing and only because he was unaware he was able to finally ask Ishwari what she gained by eating those sleeping pills.. what did she want to know that she didn't already... and why he had to let go of Sonakshi who was dearer to him than himself but not as dear as his mother. Ishwari was shocked and the viewers were finally at peace.

It was not that Ishwari did not know that Dev loved Sonakshi. She knew very well, even before that night, that they both were in love. She did not like him have that love for her and so she deprived him of it. Now she sees that he is longing for her so badly that he has become a loner, a loser. She now feels bad that she took her away from him and so she wants to give her back to him.

Dev is obviously happy that his mother accepted Sonakshi.

Ishwari is happy to see Dev happy and you would think that the way to complete this sentence will be "Sona and Dev thus lived happily ever after". Its not a game and none of them are kids to do a mistake and go on to the next part of the game as if nothing happened.. people were hurt in the process of breakup - mainly Sona and her family.

It was so illogical to me, when Dev just walked to Sonakshi's office with a bouquet to announce that his mom has agreed for their marriage. How illogical was that marriage proposal!!! Not only that, how very insensitive!!! He broke up with her, because his mother did not like it. He did not give her any peace to move on with the decision that "He" imposed on her. And when she was still trying to move on, he just spoiled her engagement - the ceremony, for which the two families had assembled a big crowd of family and friends. And the very next day, he walks to her office and announces "My mom has agreed for our marriage, because my mom could not see me sad. So, come lets marry!!".

I would say Sonakshi as well as her family had been extremely kind with the Dixit family in not making a big deal out of the unconceivable things that Ishwari was doing now. Just about a couple of days ago, she hated Sonakshi and her family and used such unpleasant words towards her. And today, she was in their house talking about the marriage of Sona with her son!

Sonakshi was right, she was not a toy that Ishwari can give to her son Dev, to make him smile :) and she and her family cannot dance for every finger movement of Dev and Ishwari. And Bijoy was right as well that Sonakshi was better off staying in their home instead of going to Dev's house. 

What if Ishwari suddenly feels more insecure when Sona, after marriage, takes the duties of the household or when Dev's sisters look to Sona for advice instead of their mother or if Dev forgets to check on his mom just one night..If Ishwari's insecurities creep up once again, what is the guarantee that Dev will not come to her one day and say "Hume alag hona chahiye, Sona dear"... There is all possibility for this to happen, because Ishwari looks at Dev as a 9yr old boy and Sonakshi as a toy that he desperately wants.. She doesn't realize that Sonakshi has emotions.

Even on the day that Ishwari came to Sonakshi's house to convince her, she was hardly apologetic for anything she said or did. Rather, she was blaming it on lack of time to understand and accept their relationship. It is very clear to me that Ishwari has not changed even a bit and the only reason she allows Sonakshi to enter Dev's life was that Dev could not survive without her.

How much of all this does Dev really comprehend? And who can even help him understand the complex thoughts going on in his mom's head...Sonakshi was the only person who could help him understand many things, but she is not in talking terms with him..

At the same time, another question arises in my mind. We all know Dev is blamed for going by his mother's decision in breaking up with Sonakshi. What will Sonakshi do, if her parents did not support this relationship?  Will she be able to go against them? Because after the last episode, it does not look like Mr.Bijoy is going to Enjoy any of this...

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Week 28 - Moving on...

The dinner date! What was the name of that guy who the Bose family had shortlisted for Sonakshi initially? She went for a dinner date with him but Dev kept calling her as he needed help to cook dinner for his mom... I was only reminded of that as I watched the dinner date between Ritvik and Sonakshi. Dev did not allow it to happen then and he does not want this to happen now. The problem with Dev now is that he is struggling to find a balance to keep himself in control. Therefore, he is unable to play the game of life with grace...he embarrassed himself that night.  The game ended with Dev losing to Ritvik. But the crowd favorite is always Dev. Especially when he expressed his possessiveness for Sona. "YOU ARE MINE". Yes, the biggest truth that night was that Sonakshi loves Dev and only Dev and everything else is the balancing "act" that she is trying to do with her life.

The scene post dinner date in Dev's office was one of the most beautifully made scene. I could write pages about how beautiful this scene was, and still not do enough justice. That night was the night when Sonakshi expressed how deep her love for Dev is and how "moving on" is only an act that she is trying to do for the sake of her family... For a moment, Dev, Sona and all of us relived the good old happy days.. Very emotional scene and very aptly enacted. Dev was finally able to express how exactly he felt after he bluntly said "We need to breakup Sonakshi".  The guilt that was killing him alive finally found some peace..The guilt is at rest now... However the very deep sadness that Dev is experiencing is beyond healing...From the time of their breakup, I have always felt sad for Dev and he made me feel so much more miserable for him as he told Sona how much he loved her and how painful it was for him to see her with someone else.. Sonakshi's promise was the right way to deal with it. Her underplayed emotions were very apt. I cried with them when Dev asked her helplessly "Mujhe nahi bulaoge?..shaayad tumhe wayse dekh khe mein bhi move on kar sakhoon" But inspite of all the high emotions, their conversation was like water on a lotus leaf - rightly so! They had so much to tell, yet could not, so much to apologize for, yet did not, so much to cry about, yet could not... This is for all the said and unsaid things 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 

Talking about "unsaid" - Ishwari was the reason behind the new person in Sonakshi's life and this is hidden from Dev. It was time for the truth to come in front of Dev. I wonder which time period Ishwari lives in? Either she treats Dev as an 8 year old or she behaves like one! It was like an 8 year old trying to cook up a story of where the cookies from the plate went! When you say the truth, you really don't have to remember anything... But she was trying to weave a big story on why she sent the alliance to Sona. Well, lying doesn't come naturally to anyone. So, her body language, her stammering was enough proof. Dev's quiet walking away was the just enough reaction. His face expressed everything that had to be. Once again this is for the unsaid dialogues, Dev 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 

I don't know how necessary for the story was the article about Dev-Sona in the newspaper. But I felt it was necessary for 2 things - 1. To show that Dev was indeed a person with values who will not tolerate a woman being treated like this. 2. For Sona to realize that however nice Ritvik was, she does not feel good if Ritvik criticizes her Dev. And we don't feel good as well. And, why did Dev not talk back to Ritvik as he went on to accuse Dev of the many things he did not and will never do? You should have given him back, Dev and shown him his place. Seriously Ritvik.. did you call him "Ek number ki ghatiyan insaan?" I don't intend to project Ritvik as the bad guy or anything. But I just did not like him shouting at Dev like that - especially as Dev is making a sincere effort to follow all that Sona told him. Its been a whole a week since Dev met Sona, probably the longest since the time they first met.

The week moved on. But surely Dev did not move on. He was clinging on to Sonakshi's bracelet as well as her memories...

As far as Sonakshi is concerned, she surely has a fool-proof plan in place to move on, that is, to get married to Ritvik as soon as possible. However, she is not even close to moving away from Dev even an inch.  Sonakshi's mind is clouded completely with the grief of separation from her beloved. Her inability to move on came through vividly, as she was struggling with everything that day from fitting the bangles in her hand to fitting Ritvik in her mind.

It was sad and hard to see the engagement card in Dev's hands as he struggled to breathe. Blame me for being his fan! Well done for the nth time Shaheer 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻  His hesitation and compulsion to ask for permission to attend the engagement was very well done!  Its time for Ishwari to realize that her son is an adult. Its time for her to realize that there are many forms of love not just the love between a mother and son. Its time for her to realize that its  completely appropriate for her son to feel that love for someone. And Its time for her to realize that her son is losing himself in the process of living without his love. It would be best if Dev himself tells her all this. Because only he can say how he feels for Sonakshi.

One of the biggest truth of this week is that, moving on is completely impossible for Dev and Sona. 

The second biggest truth of this week is that Ishwari can never make her son happy enough. She may be successful in making sure no-one comes in-between her and Dev. But Sona's thoughts and the emptiness that she has created in Dev's life are going to linger forever.  The only person to fill that emptiness is Sona herself...

They say Life is like a bicycle..In order to keep the balance, we need to keep moving. There are 2 kinds of people in life - one who can keep this balance and one who are not able to.  The people who are weak and unable to keep this balance tend to fall down. And then at that point in time, comes the mental strength, which is the secret power that God gives for all of us. You will not know your own power until the time you have no other choice but to use it.  Dev and Sona's life is losing the balance and they are struggling to move on...Will they be able to move on in different paths? Or will they experience their secret strength and save their Love? Well, we just have to wait and watch 😄❤️😍

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week 27 - First Love never dies!

Sonakshi was deeply hurt by Ishwari and Maami last week. She could not share that pain with Eleena, because Elena will only get more angry with Sona for giving Ishwari so much of power over her emotions... Her dad and mom will be more hurt, if they come to know about it. She does not have anyone to share that pain, and when Ritvik came in front of her, she cried her heart out to him - about how special her and Dev's relationship was... And thus Ritvik became a good friend of Sona. Ritvik was empathetic and sensitive and even was able to light up her mood. Like I said, Ritvik will be a perfect fit for Sona, if Sona hadn't met Dev before. You cannot rewrite your first love. Its just impossible. 

When we are young, and when we say the wrong things, we can say Sorry and undo our mistakes. Our every mistake is pardoned. When we become adults, our every single word is for real and cannot be taken back. I wish whatever happened between Dev and Sona could be corrected by a Sorry.. or atleast by eating a kilo of green mirchi - I am sure Dev would not mind that if it will "unhurt" Sonakshi. Sonakshi, please realize that he is the person that asked you not to give him the power to hurt you. He is not the kind of guy who wanted to throw you out of his life in a moment. He was helpless at that moment, as his mother was almost in her death bed. Still, what he did was not right - every single word we say as an adult has an impact.

The scene where Dev, unable to sleep and sulking over their breakup was one of the best scenes this week. His act, when he heard his mom enter the room, his uncontrollable tears as his mom pitied him for not knowing how to keep himself happy and his seeking his mother's lap for comfort was all very realistic. This is just one of the many scenes (that I am going to narrate) in which he excelled himself. 

Well, the breakup was initiated by Dev. So, the guilt is killing him alive. Along with guilt comes a desire to justify his mistake or to look for the other person to also join his club of guilt. So, he just hopes to find something wrong in the person that Sona is looking to making her life partner... But, it turns out that Ritvik is as good as "good" can be 😏

From the time we know Dev, we have seen how he cannot live with guilt at all..  I would just like to remind you all of he breaking Sona's cellphone.. he spoiling the sugar free cake..or even when he broke his engagement with Natasha - He first had to do something to ease out his guilt..thats his first priority. That is his character. This mistake he has done now, is by far the worst ever..and can never be justified. He is very well aware of that. And therefore he was literally dying of guilt.

His pursuit of healing takes him to wherever Sona goes..or bringing Sona to wherever he wants to go. Thus, he tricked and brought Sona to the restaurant that they both used to go to.. Sona is strong alright..But not emotionless. Obviously she loved him the same way or more than he loved her. The pain in her voice with which she held his collar and said "Even I loved you!", during the break-up, echoes in my ears even as I write this. Sona stopped and looked at the table the couple used to sit at, just as expected.

But she is genuinely trying to move on. What do you expect Mr.Dev Dixit? That she should sit in that table and cry? Women have been taken for granted for ages. And they are more strong emotionally because their emotions are tested time and again by the very men who say they love her. Alright, I am being a little too women-chauvanistic here. I just want to say, today's women are stronger than yesterday's. They got to be, to take on this male dominated society and Sona trying to move on does not surprise me that much. Her being a little rude with Dev bothers me..because I am a fan of both Dev and Shaheer. Dev, the lover, was every girl's dream..I have see how the girls on social media dreamt of finding their prince charming..who was just like Dev 😍. Not anymore, I guess!!

Sonakshi purposely sat in a different spot and purposely ordered a different kind of coffee. Coffee lovers know the importance of not messing with their cup of coffee..  So, Dev, please don't come to a conclusion about your relationship based on the coffee decision.. Well... having said that, Dev is all over Sonakshi's mind, for sure! Its just impossible for the two to think about anything other than themselves. Right now, they are just torn between, love, family, ego, etc. As the storm in their mind settles down, they will find a way to make this work, I am sure.

Coming back to Dev and the extent to which he can go for keeping his Sona from flying away, can be alarming for some. But, he stalking Sonakshi outside her home, on social media, etc. like an immature teenager, he overhearing Ritvik's conversation like a cheap spy, and then like an underworld Don, cancelling the bank loan and buying the property that Ritvik was going to rent for his clinic... can all be overseen..😄 - because everything is fair in Love ❤️.

But what does Dev want, after all? He broke up their relationship. He was the one who asked Sona to go away. Now why is be disturbing her? Why is he standing in the way of Ritvik's career? Sonakshi's anger in this matter was genuine. And Dev's dilemma was also genuine.

Even though a million butterflies still fly in front of Dev, everytime he sees Sonakshi, the poor guy is unable to express his love for her, which he poured on her in abundance before. Instead, he was just a statue in front of her, completely engulfed by his guilt. The scene where Sonakshi storms into his office again and challenges him that she will marry Ritvik was one of the best again! Shaheer's body language, his voice modulations to show the anger, helplessness, desperation, love- phenomenal acting, once again Mr.Sheikh 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Every time Ritvik and Sonakshi's name come together even I get irritated. So, Dev cannot be blamed for his irritation on that matter. He was trying to tell her that she is rushing getting into another relationship.. He was right. She was digging her own grave. How can a marriage built over compulsion bring happiness?? 💔💔

Trying to move on with life is ok to me. I like strong girls. However, getting into another relationship so soon is not the right thing to do.. Its almost as if Sonakshi was just looking for a place to hide herself. And another person's heart is where Dev cannot come and she just wants to get there soon.  Ishwari being the catalyst in getting Ritvik's alliance materialize has, for once worked in Sona's favor! But what Ishwari did in this case, was the lowest she can stoop down. Or may be more is in store for us...

When Bijoy came to Ishwari niwas and shouted at her, I did not feel even a bit sorry. Whatever Bijoy said was completely true. Dev's love was weak. Ishwari's love was selfish.  I felt happy when Ishwari was told by Bijoy how bad a mother she actually was. I like how Ishwari gets intimidated every time she sees a member of the Bose family! She was totally speechless when Bijoy came the second time to complain to her about Dev's calls to Sonakshi. Bijoy was fully furious, but I honestly, was enjoying it inside when Ishwari's face became sooo small  😄

Although Bijoy was right mostly, I cant agree with him when he said Sona's love is the only pure love. "Pure Love" never gives up... does it? Then why did Sona give up so soon?? Having known the relationship between Dev and Ishwari, why did she not give some time to Dev to think with some peace? Why did she take him so seriously that night.. She could have just quietly walked out that night..and given him sometime to think and call her back..Am I asking for too much? 😏

There is a thin line between being "arrogant" and "assertive".  Sonakshi crossed that fine line this week, which was keeping her so far in the "assertive" zone. The way she challenged Dev, the way she snapped at him the next evening when he came to meet her was all too arrogant. 

But then, just when I came to this conclusion.. I couldn't stop thinking of the innocent and gentle Sonakshi who understood her Dev inside out. Her little conversation with Eleena when she pointed out how Dev has no-one to share his feelings as she was his only friend was so nice to hear.. I wish Dev heard her that night. Dev and Sona lived a fairy tale together..and even had a small Sona and a tiny Mr.Abhodro in their mind. I can only imagine what the poor girl must be going through to take away all those moments from her heart and mind. How much ever she tries, she may never be able to..because "First love never dies".

The creators have very carefully weaved the flashback scenes to make the current breakup track more realistic and more impactful. The bangles scene had such sweet dialogues and was such a treat for all the fans to catch a glimpse of their favorite onscreen jodi.

Dev underwent a lot, emotionally, this week. One day, there was a pinch of happiness and hope in his heart when he found out from Saurav that Sonakshi's engagement was not over yet.. The very next day, he was hurt very deeply by Sonakshi when she challenged him that it will happen very soon.. One day, he saw that Sonakshi was thinking about their special times together, but the very next day he heard her say that he has no place in her heart anymore. And Shaheer as Dev has excelled in every frame of every scene ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

One such was the scene post Sonakshi's challenge. Ishwari and Nikki were waiting for Dev to pick them up. But Dev was in shock. He was angry with Sonakshi, angry with himself, disappointed and Dev had no place in his mind for anything else. But, when finally he was reminded by mama ji, he got all guilty and ran to his mom to apologize.. The apologizing was heartfelt..but shorter than all previous times, when he had to... 😊 Along with me, I guess Ishwari also noticed that the apologizing did not linger for a long time..😲  Only difference, I was happy because I was in no mood to see the mom-son bonding that night; but she was not happy 😏😏 Post this incident, the way Dev dwelled upon Sonakshi's words as he held that glass in his hand was just too good. Dev is the kind of guy who gets more hurt than the person he hurts. Mama ji's timely intervention was soothing for Dev, I am sure. Well, I felt relieved that Dev finally had someone to talk to who gave him the good news that "First love never really dies and therefore Sonakshi's love for him is still alive ❤️"

Now that he knows this, he was on a mission to stop Sona from entering into a big commitment.. But Sona was in no mood to listen to Dev anymore. She had closed all the communication channels for Dev after his unreasonable acts towards Ritvik. I must give it to both Shaheer and Erica for their excellent performance. Every time they talk, I can feel the lump in their throat! From Sona's side, her hurry to get into this relationship was too glaring for Ritvik and he really was not comfortable with this. From Dev's side, he getting into Sonakshi's territory was too glaring for Ishwari and finally made her openly tell Dev that "he should not talk to Sona anymore".  Ishwari - he is not your 8year old son anymore! I think she herself is finally realizing how unreasonable she is..(thanks to Bijoy and Sona's pep talk) Her conversation with Dev finally brought out a little bit of the caring mother in her..its too late now, to undo many things...

Well...lets wait and watch how strong this couple's "First love" is ❤️