Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week 48 - Clarity

Lack of clarity creates chaos and frustrations in our mind and these emotions hinders in achieving our goal in life! However clarity in thoughts always guides our actions and a clear action takes us to a defined goal.

The week started off with Shruthi expressing her love for Dev. And Dev praising her beauty 👊🏻😡, but explaining to her that Love does not even exist. Even though its such an unimportant event this week, I am reminding that scene, only because it leads us to the moment when Sonakshi's "Clarity of thought" became evident to us.

For her, "Dev was never able to take any decisions on his own and lacked the courage to face the facts and respect the relationships he had made. She had made a mistake by allowing him in her life..and giving him the love that he never deserved.. Even the decision of getting separated from her was a decision that he could not take on his own..He was so much spineless that he had to depend on his mom for everything.." --- Very true from Sona's angle. She lost her 'Self respect' when she was with Dev and has it now, that she is away from him.

On monday, I realized that if I had known ONLY Sonakshi's side of story, I would have been on her side - hands down. Even though I am otherwise, a very feminist person, I have been on Dev's side all along, because I know his side of the story too...  Sonakshi's clarity came from the fact that Dev did not stand up for her even though he loved her. I was quickly transported to the time of Sonakshi's accident when Dev explained to her, how dealing with business is so easy compared to family and how he was trying his best to keep every member of his family happy always, but is never able to do that often times. Family is "ours" and we can never give up on any of them. Sonakshi had also once, mentioned how she was never able to be strict with her brother's eating habits because of the fact that he is "family". I  wonder, why a husband-wife relationship is often not taken in this spirit...especially in today's world.

Anyway - Sonakshi's side of story is quite convincing that she has no 'self-respect' in her life with Dev and its not worth fighting for, especially after he dumped her in no time, just like that 😢

When she had this clarity in her thoughts, all her actions were in pursuit of only one thing "Earning that self respect for herself and proving that she is no less than anyone else".  Everything else has taken a backseat.


Dev has always been a child-like person. He does not manipulate in matters of family, even though he can do it pretty efficiently for business. When he realized that his family members, each one of them including his mother have been manipulating against him, he was quite devastated. Which is why, his true friend right now, is only a six year old child, who is innocent. The happiness he gets in interacting with a child is far better than interacting with an adult..any adult!

Even that night in the hotel, Sonakshi only proved this to him - Manipulation. If Sonakshi has a message to pass on to Dev, she could have said it on his face! Why send it through Shruthi? And that night ended with Bijoy's interference and manipulation as well. A police was not needed 😞

Dev's clarity of thought came through this week during his little conversation with his mother and I consider it as the best scene this week! Dev is very clear that his happiness is his responsibility and he is not going to depend on other's smile for it! It was one of the biggest life lessons that his mom and Sonakshi have taught him. He wants to do what he feels right. But, in no way, has his responsibilities at home been discounted at all. Because, he very well remembers that his mother separated him from Sonakshi only because of this worry!  All his actions are based on this clarity of thought - that he will stay happy. However, as Golu rightly pointed out - big cha was sad and his eyes are a proof 😒😢 The only happiness he ever wanted for "himself" was Sonakshi's company and he lost it in a matter of a few minutes...Inspite of his sadness that he was dwelling in, Dev lived his moment to the fullest in the company of Golu who has now become his best friend! 😊

This new avatar of Dev definitely has the ability to identify the weeds in his life. And he didnt hesitate to show Vicky his place! I had always wanted to see this power in Dev. After all, maami and Vicky are only living in his mercy and I always questioned his inability to question them. But this week, he got the stock market profit with style,  questioned Vicky's decision to sell property and clarified to him that he was just a "puppet" and even made fun of mami's BP - all in a filmy superstar-ish way!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


Of all things going on in my mind, I got clarity on one thing  - Both Dev and Sona set extraordinary parenting goals!! Even though Dev was parenting only Vicky's son, the quality time Golu got from Dev in ways of bedtime stories to playing cricket to going on a bike ride made him the  bestest fatherly figure! Sonakshi's honest, independent and bold advice to her darling daughter Suhana was admirable and inspite of her business pressures, Sonakshi never postponed spending time with Soha in contrast to Eleena and Vicky! Every scene was enjoyable. But I enjoyed the "Boys are from mars and Girls are from venus" advise to the little kids! Suhana and Golu bring us a new flavor of Sonakshi and Dev!

One more thing that was pretty clear to me this week - both Dev and Sona are mad and anyone who comes in between them is proven mad as well. Whether it was Shruthi or the police in the hotel or Vicky who sold part of Dev's office space to Sona - whoever came between them were all proven crazy! 😂


We all know Mami and Vicky have one clear goal in their life and that is to become rich using Dev's money. Vicky was gutsy enough to sell the property that was given to him with lot of trust! It was no wonder to me that Dev was protective of his property. Dev has always been a person with very deep roots. His office space definitely was close to his heart and to give it away and have someone else's name in the space was a big blow to him. But, I felt that when he knew that it was Sonakshi who has taken it, he was somewhat ok with it! However, I was confused with his reaction on her spelling the name board in her name. I was not able to say whether he was upset that Sonakshi's sur name is not Dixit anymore or if it was more because of his name being replaced in the office space...

What surprised me beyond limits was Ishwari's reaction to the whole scenario. She was not bothered that her son's sentiments were shaken. She was not bothered that Vicky attempted to cheat and forge. She was not even bothered that the hard earned property of her son went out of hand. She was only bothered that Sonakshi was again coming closer to her son Dev!!! She even dared to put the blame on Sona instead of Vicky!! I could not comprehend the sort of woman that she is, leave alone a mother and I seriously feel that she needs medical intervention.

This time around, mama ji's advice to Ishwari was not impressive.. but we cannot blame him. Even he does not know the full story.

There was also one thing that bothered me a little this week.. And that was Sonakshi's attitude. However bad Dev behaved with Sona, she definitely knew that Dev was an honest businessman and she always respected Dev's hard earned success in life. I failed to understand why she was adamant in being in that office 
😒 The only good reason I can think of is that, she wishes to be around and keep an eye on him, especially after seeing him around with other girls!!

Whether it was with Shruthi or Paro, Dev was quite charming and I am sure that Sonakshi wants to keep the other girls away from him!


At the end of the week, I realized one thing about Dev and Sona - Like the horse with its bridle, their mind is set on only one thing ever since that dreadful night when they got separated..Even though they don't have a clear path, they keep making affirmations for themselves that "they can do it", keep taking that step forward and keep going straight...Even though they have a restless heart, they don't stop for the fear of falling down...The new song is very appropriate for this season 😊

I belong to the generation that is neither too conservative to ignore all of the spouse's mistakes nor too modern to walk away in a snap. Every time, I find myself (and rightly so) constantly questioning about the situation I am in, and coming to the conclusion that I have a beautiful life and a beautiful family. The relationships always end up being more important than the problems ❤️

My sincere hope is that Dev and Sona introspect their situation in the light of the next generation kids around and realize the beauty of the life and the shortness of the life and get back together without any delay. The process of this will be a treat to watch  ❤️😍

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Week 47 - Mr.Puzzle Dixit and Ms.Perfect Bose

Ms.Sonakshi Bose got what she wanted 
- a successful business that could prove the world, and especially Dev that nothing is impossible for her.
- a child to complete her womanhood and to prove to herself that she is a perfect woman and doesnt lack in anything. 
She is probably the best daughter anyone can ever have and may be even the best mother any child can ever get... 😊❤️

But, parenting really involves a mother and father and I think she is right now trying to figure out how to fill that "father" place..She has given the decision of whether to meet her dad or not to a six year old - To probably just to avoid a later potential accusation of "how are you a good mother? u didnt even allow me to be with dad"..🤔🤔

I also felt, she was looking for a validation for her decision that she took 7 years ago..Now, after quenching her thirst of being the "perfect" person, she has started to question her decision.. and for that  she needs her six year old daughter to validate it by agreeing with her that papa is indeed a spineless person, who is not as cool as mom..😡😡

But the little girl Suhana only reminds Sona and all of us of the caring, sweet adorable lover and husband Dev..From the little lip biting mannerism to calling her a Kharghosh or even saying the family dialogue "Mein aisi wali beti hoti tho!!" and being the tail of her mom, she is a carbon copy of Dev! A complete Daddy's princess..❤️😍 How I wish Dev should experience this daughter's truly unconditional love..unlike the one his mom or wife had for him...

The Delhi trip itself, I think, was only a trip that Sona takes in pursuit of answers to the unexplainable questions clouding her mind..or to just inform Dev of their daughter..I say its probably even a crime to keep the dad unaware of this and she may even be feeling guilty of it!!

Dev Dixit lost pretty much everything
- a wife that he loved more than he can ever love himself
- a mother that he worshipped as his God
More importantly, he lost a basic purpose in his life. In what seemed like just a moment, he lost all the happiness that he ever had. And it was not even his fault!

Well... just as I was feeling bad for him, he came with his super cool bike and a flirty attitude and accompanied Vicky's son to his parent-teacher meeting 😍😍 Sigh!! The lucky teacher 😁 It got me into thinking "wow, Dev really has not become a drunkard and loser (like the previous breakup time) ..he is pulling it off real well!!". He even went to work in the torn jeans (BTW I noticed the new color paint on the office wall..seemed like an orange shade..) and seemed to have managed the business quite well too..And the attitude he showed to Vicky was super awesome!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️

At Ishwari Niwas, his "dependents" have all that they need. Gareeb ki beti has even become Ex-Gareeb ki beti and everyone seem to have all that they need, in fact much more than they need. 

However, I realized the emptiness in his heart..His talk with his mom was almost a scream from his heart crying about his loneliness and even validating his being alive by telling her "everyone's life is now secure... ab mein mere liye jeena chahtha hoon..teek hain na maa..." It was very similar to the conversation he had with Sona on her engagement night when he said "I cant even die..because of my responsibilities.."  Only difference between the 2 situations is this time he was wearing a Mr. Cool Dixit mask. The Cool Dixit mask  hid his tears as Ishwari kept talking about Sonakshi and even made him walk out of Ishwari's room without getting her blessings! 😲😲🤔

Well..just as I was again feeling bad for him, the road signal scene with his beautiful family ❤️😍 got me into thinking...🤔🤔 "Man..this guy.. I think he is behind Sonakshi's success..In fact he might even know he has a daughter.. And I think he has a plan to get back his family?? May be..Saurabh and Eleena are helping him behind the scene??" Hiding behind those cool sunglasses, I could see his eyes set on his daughter and Sona... or not.. May be I am just imagining too much....😬😬

He is, was and will always remain a Puzzle to me 🤓🤓

This time around, there is noone that can influence Dev. He is a lone ranger. However, Sonakshi is being influenced a lot by her father Bijoy. I have come to hate him now 😡 Talking of Bijoy, Ishwari hasn't changed a bit as well. In fact, she has become worser..I have come to believe that she really needs to see a psychiatrist. She even is not ready to accept her mistake of getting the prenup papers ready and has the guts to blame it all on Sonakshi?? 😡 😡 As she explained the events of that night to mama ji and how Dev was shattered to pieces with Sona's leaving him, I thought she will take atleast some blame upon herself, if not all... But, I am afraid now, that she actually has a medical condition that needs proper intervention. One of the main intervention being keeping Ex. GKB as far away from her as possible.

But, what has made us ignore the senior citizens of this show, is the entry of the next generation kiddos! Extremely cute Golu and Soha light up the screen with their presence 🤗🤗. The innocence in them makes us forget the flaws of the adults. Inspite of the gloominess in Ishwari Niwas, I can see a ray of light shining through Golu. And inspite of the fake happiness in the Bose family, I can see them all looking up to Suhana for some peace to their stressed mind and soul! Hope these two kiddos bring lot of joy to both the families and I hope they also bring Dev and Sona together very soon.

A proof that Dev and Sonakshi are longing for each other was the award show. Dev was extremely happy and proud of his wife's achievement. Sonakshi was very glad that her dear husband was with her during this important moment of her life and owed it all to him. This was what their eyes told us, although they projected something else! 😏😏

Why will Dev be even jealous or mad with Sonakshi? This is something that he wished for her and finally its all coming together..this is really a time to celebrate and what better way to celebrate than to be there with each other after a gap of 7 years!! When Mr.Abhodro and Dr.Bose are together, friction and sarcasm are bound to be there. We have not forgotten the first meeting of these two folks nor do we need any reminders of all the cute fights they both had prior to expressing their love for each other. This phase that they are in, is pretty much the same phase, except now they are both wearing the mask of "I hate you" and "I don't care for you at all"!!

Amidst the rushing emotions, I couldn't but laugh at his act of walking away with her trophy and giving that motivational speech for those journalists!!

As I was enjoying the electrifying chemistry between the two inspite of their fights, some unknown Shruthi woke me out of my dreams. Arre yaar.. now, who are you??? and why are you here in our show?? We would have survived the weekend with the 4 seconds of time we got in the elevator with the two of them so close to each other inspite of the distance separating them. But the arrival of Shruthi made our beautiful song go out of tune...

Has Dev really become a casanova?? No way... He can never do it to his Sonakshi..can he? But then, Shruthi seemed to know a lot about him..his ex-wife and all that..and she was talking even about serious relationship! Even though, in my heart I know that he is doing all this to make Sona jealous, (and thats exactly what they even showed in the promo, as he adjusted the rear view mirror) I just have this uncomfortable feeling about this girl Shruthi, which will probably go away only on monday when I make sure she is not with him anymore.

Erica as Sonakshi carried herself really well as the confident and successful business woman. Supriya as Ishwari was excellent as usual as the mother struggling between her conscience and brain. The two little kids very easily captured our hearts, not just with their cuteness, but also with their honest act ❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

But Shaheer as Dev emerged the hero this week, as he walked into the show majestically one more time, in a brand new stylish avatar and eyes full of emotions that he carried over from the previous season. He is so different from the Devrath Dixit that we have known yet the same emotional guy that loves his mother and wife equally and madly 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️😍.

The left over scene from the previous season was one more addition to the best Shaheer moments.. It brought some closure to our mind as Dev changed his equation with his mom. Although we had seen the entire flash back scene in one of the promotional segments mid week, we could still feel the same heart wrenching pain when we watched it again in the show as Dev expressed how he felt when the two women in his life completely deserted him. I just wished Sonakshi had the temperament to listen to Dev that night...😞😞

From that night to this award night, a lot has changed. But one thing that did not change even a bit is the love Dev has in his eyes for Sonakshi ❤️😍. Even as he ridiculed Sonakshi, it only looked playful to me and hardly contemptuous. Everything that he did that night was only his craving for Sona's attention. And I think he was successful in getting her attention, because the precap showed some serious counter reaction from Sonakshi!

The makers have given a great first week of Season 2 depicting the beautiful tragedy it has become of Dev and Sonakshi..The new remixed song of an old classic is awesome ❤️. They have successfully presented to us, Mr.Puzzle Dixit and Ms.Perfect Bose as well as the little Master Golu and Princess Suhana. I cant wait to see whats in store for us next week!


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 46 - At the Crossroads

Sonakshi has always been a go getter, a perfectionist. And she works honestly and very hard to become the best, and makes sure she wins. For the first time, she failed in something that is beyond her control.. atleast, she thought she failed as she is unable to become a mom.

Even when she first opened up to Dev about this, all she said was.."I always worked hard and got what I wanted.. but now with this, I have failed and I will remain incomplete, as I cant become a mom". Somehow that day, I felt, she could have told "What are we going to do Dev...without a child, OUR life will become so incomplete.." As good as she is, this is one character that is the gray shade of Sonakshi - the urge to shine in everything.. At one point in life "Me" becomes "Us". The institution of marriage converts all "Me" to "Us" and "We"... That scene ended so beautifully with Dev calming her down, so I did not make a big deal about it.

In Shimla also, she said the same thing. "It was not my mistake, Dev..that I cant become a mom. Everyone blames me for that." How can Dev prove to her that no-one blames her and she doesn't have to worry about a thing... How can he prove to her that it hurts him every time she feels bad and she gets hurt? In a rush of adrenaline, he made love to her ever so passionately to express how he feels about her, to show her how much she means to him. Much awaited episode on monday lived up to its expectations. After all, from 2 actors that look so beautiful together, what else can we expect?

I wished some kidnapper kidnapped them from Shimla and put them in a dungeon far far away for the rest of their lives. Atleast they would have stayed together.😢😢

Their outfits on their return ride from Shimla warned us of the upcoming scene, and just like them, we also wanted to enjoy every minute of them together.

As they were returning back, maami was busy stirring the "5 crore" kichadi with Ishwari. And the bose family arrived just on time.. Word for word, abuse for abuse - things were getting hotter and hotter. Bijoy was shouting and Ishwari was shouting on top of it! It reminded me of the street corner fight for a pot of water in a drought-sticken city.

Well, from this point forward... its a turn of events and our 3 main characters were just pushed to a crossroads where they had to choose their partner and destination as well.

Ishwari has been proven time and again that Dev has changed for a girl..."us ladki ke liye...??" One more time she was told by Dev himself that he gave the money to Sonakshi's brother on his own accord and that nobody asked for money and he was the one that decided not to tell anyone about this. I can easily ask Ishwari "so what if he didnt tell you know.". Probably only Ishwari knows the importance of Dev not telling her about this. And every time this is proven to her, she moves one step away from her dear son.

In addition to her inner fears, GKB's constant bad influence in this matter fueled her negative thoughts. But above all, Sonakshi's perfection in everything scared her the most. Thats why when the infertility issue came up, she took it to her advantage to over power Sona! If not for the 5 Crore news, she might have been just satisfied with the power she had. But with this new disappointment, she almost went back to her earlier state of "us ladki ke liye...??"

She reached the crossroads first and made up her mind to get Sonakshi as much distant from her as she can, be it with Dev or without him. I think at that point Ishwari just used the situation instinctively (not deliberately at all) to play with the words and create a rift between Dev and Sona. Sonakshi's return of the money only aggravated Ishwari's hatred for Sona. How can a girl be this capable??

What always bothers me is that the rules she has for Sona - she never applies them on Neha.

Ishwari was one of the main reasons that it became the last night of our dear DevAkshi. She dragged them both to the crossroads that she was in, and hardly gave them a choice.


Sonakshi, the perfectionist - did she really love Dev? I thought she did, especially since she was the one that first fell for him, even before he could realize. But we all have our doubts in this matter after this past week.

Bijoy has always proven to us, time and again that he is a person with utmost self respect and that he will get extremely angry if anyone questions it - especially Ishwari. On the day that mishap occurred, once Dev accepted the truth of he voluntarily giving money to Saurabh, Bijoy could have silently walked out.. There was no reason to extend the argument further, as Dev's words were more than enough to keep his self respect in front of Ishwari. But I understand - to be called a "thief" is not simple. Its hard to let go.. after being accused like that.

It was very uncomfortable to see Bijoy trying to intimidate Ishwari with sharp words.  Knowing Bijoy, someone from the Bose family could have stopped him. Knowing Ishwari, Dev could have said something to keep her happy. Knowing Dev and Ishwari's bond, Sonakshi could have said something to ease the situation.. Well... it could have ended well... However, as fate would have it, Dev "inadvertently" slapped Bijoy.  Really.. inadvertently...

Being slapped by son-in-law is not simple.

I undertood Sonakshi's position and her need to follow her dad and her family.. to be with them in the need of the hour. I also understood that she did not want to come back to Ishwari niwas for some time. But I failed to understand why she refused to talk to Dev. She could have shouted at him. Even forced him to find a home separately for her and Dev. Asked Dev to come and apologize to her dad. She did not feel the need to do any of this. One more time, she took it up on her to be a perfect daughter.

It was extremely sad to see Dev call Sonakshi to ask her what he should do now.. to bring the situation under control.. He continued to think Sonakshi and he are in one team. At this point I really started to wonder if Sonakshi felt anything at all for Dev...I am not saying she doesn't love him. However, "She" is more important to her than "Him" or even "Them"... Just like how Ishwari is obsessed with being "Dev's mother and know all about Dev", Sonakshi is also obsessed with being "the best and smartest". She could not come back and face Ishwari without finishing the mission she has taken in hand.

In a world where women are looked down upon by men and even other women, its not wrong to possess that quality of "fire". Its rather important to always be strong to make sure that no one takes you for granted. And Sonakshi is truly an inspiration for women in that angle.  But there are times, when losing by itself is winning. Its not that I am trivializing the matter of her father's self respect and integrity. I am just saying that there was no reason to put the responsibility on her shoulders alone, keeping Dev completely away from it.. I am sure she is intelligent enough to know that Dev did not purposely slap Bijoy and smart enough to understand that there was some percentage of mistake on Bijoy's side as well that day.

When she came to the crossroads this week, she was blinded completely by her ego and her urge to be the winner. She could hardly feel any love for Dev, even though, not long ago she expressed her love to him and promised to stay with him always.


This is my favorite part. I had to handhold him and get him to the crossroads where his two most important women are standing. I am talking about Dev. And thats precisely his problem that he needs guidance...Its hard for him to take decisions, not because he cant take. He is after all a very successful businessman. He cant take decisions, because he does not want his decision to hurt the women in his life. He is man that follows only his heart. He does not understand any negative manipulations, when it comes to his family. If he manipulates, its ultimately only for the happiness of his family. This is my favorite part, not because I am Shaheer's fan. But because I just adore this character Dev, who puts his wife's happiness and his mother's happiness above all. There are not many men in this world like him.

His love for Sonakshi is something we have spoken time and again about. There is nothing new to say about it. Except that he was never able to love her enough in a way that she could stand with him even in storms, and guide him out of it. Its not that Dev did not make mistakes at all. He constantly makes an extent that the count of his "I am Sorry" would be more than "I love you". Especially in matters of his mother, Sonakshi knows very well that he will become completely insane. It happened before and it happened now. Probably she thought it will happen always and so, she did not want to stay.

Dev was also never able to impress Bijoy Bose. Whatever he did was just not enough, because he had once hurt his daughter very badly. Even though he slapped Bijoy by mistake - a mistake is a mistake and any amount of Sorry will not make the pain go away. However, I feel Dev should have gone right away to the Bose house and stayed there and pleaded for apology until he was forgiven. For why he did not do that, I will only blame Sonakshi. He tried and depended on her to guide him...And he waited for her hands, but she never came. And when she finally came, it was not his Sonakshi. It was Sonakshi Bose who was full of grudge and full of rage.

5 Crores is a huge money. As a business man, he knows the impact of interest and the monthly repayment and he wanted to just safeguard her and the Bose family genuinely. Like I said, he never manipulates. And he always respected Sonakshi for what she was. But that day, with the war of words, he did use some statements degrading Sonakshi's inability to understand the enormity of 5 Crores. But the intention was not to belittle her. And she just have to trust him on this, which she failed to do.

Dev trusted his mother a lot. He never imagined her to manipulate him. But she did. And he did not even realize it. When he came to the crossroads that night, he did not even know that his mother was capable of getting his signature on the prenup without his own knowledge.

Vicky and Maami just played their cards. That is all they did. They just capitalized on the vulnerability of the three pillars of Ishwari nivas. Mainly they just tried to get Dev and Ishwari against Sonakshi. 

Ishwari was already convinced that Dev and Sona should separate. She did not need any alcohol for that! But even under the influence of alcohol, Dev did not turn against Sonakshi at all. Atleast not until he found out that she has given up on him.

Ishwari handed him the presigned Prenup just like that, of which he had no idea and asked him to choose between Sonakshi and the rest of his family. Sonakshi came to him with utmost belief that he has manipulated her and tricked her, a trait that a True Lover alias Dev will never have. Technically he was drunk. But it seemed that only he was in his senses. Everyone else was out of their senses!!!

In my opinion, Dev just made it very easy for Sonakshi that night by giving her the passport to her favorite destination of "Being the Best"! He said the right things that will irk her. To the extent that she will hate him and leave him and quench her thirst of becoming the best. And he must have also thought that Sonakshi deserved a better mother-in-law.

We don't know yet, what will happen to the love he has for his mom. But my gut feeling is that he will probably just ignore her existence. Or hate her so much that he will strive hard to become the "worst son" ever!!

As for maami and Vicky - I personally don't want to see Dev getting defeated in business by this team. Dev is much smarter than this hopeless duo. Hopeless is what we thought..but they turned around to be the perfect villain!! So, who knows what they will do to Ishwari Communications.

I hope that the rest of the Dixit cast along with Elena and Saurabh will support Dev and be his well wishers.

This week, I must stop and applaud the makers for keeping us in the dark for most part and making us restless day after day 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 It was just a roller coaster ride.

I cant say enough to appreciate the cast of this show. Every person in this show has lived the character that they played. And its an awesome feeling to catch a show like this on TV. Our day is just not over without this show.

This show has truly touched so many people. The amount of writeup floating in the social media is a proof of that. The cast and crew can be very proud of their product. ❤️

The new promo is Awesome! 7 years later, there is a tiny Ms.Sonakshi, just like how Dev wanted it. Ms.Bose seems to have become Ms.Abhodro - I mean she was quite serious. Mr.Abhodro has become a cool dude. The rear view mirror of Dev's stylish bike said something to us.. Did you hear that?

End of Season 1.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Week 45 - Its Complicated!

Such mixed emotions this week and its so complicated to explain... Let me make an attempt..

The week started off on a rather embarrassing note of Dev getting irritated with Sonakshi's father. On one hand, I agreed with Bijoy when he said Ishwari did not behave like a grown up. On the other hand, I also agree with Dev that now Bijoy's daughter is his wife and that Bijoy has to let go off his worries about Sonakshi. I have personally experienced and found that unsolicited advice or support from my parents always worsens the situation. Whenever there is an argument in my home, even though my mother will always have an urge to talk in my favor, I will always ask her not to interfere 😞 Its much more manageable that way.

Well..thank God this scene ended without much drama (there is a part 2 to this Dev-Bijoy interaction, which is going to happen soon 😞😞)

At the temple, Sonakshi found Ishwaari. I wish the scene was as simple as Sonakshi clarifying the confusion to Ishwari. However, Ishwari went back to her old self of "You took away my son from me"... At that point whatever Sonakshi says, Ishwari was not even ready to hear as she had a preconceived notion that whatever she was going to say was a lie and nothing else. I particularly got very angry and disappointed with Ishwari when she wished Sonakshi to become a mother only so that she can experience the love for a "son" and the sadness when a girl takes the "son" away from her. At this point, I even started to wonder whether this mom is suffering from some disorder... She had even gone off track of Sonakshi's pregnancy..🤔🤔

I wasn't surprised when Sonakshi decided to leave the place. There was no point.

Dev-Sona's little talk on monday over why Sona came home empty handed irritated me initially, although, later when I thought about it, I realized that was the Dev that we had always known. His mother is more important than anyone else. And this thought haunted me and continues to haunt me as to what he might do when the ultimate moment of choosing only one of the two women comes before him. And Sonakshi also was probably saddened by this thought. I am sure she started to wonder that Ishwari might reject her as a daughter in law if she never has a child of her own (which has the most probability as of now) and in turn Dev might also decide the same.

Its a very complicated situation for Dev, I am sure. Pretty much a catch-22 situation.. Its not that he loves his mom more than Sonakshi or Sonakshi more than his mom. His love for them is the same. However, his added responsibility is to make his mom love Sonakshi the same way as she loves him. In addition, he has to make sure that Sonakshi's love for his mom never reduces even though he knows that his mom is sometimes unreasonable. Got it?  If not, don't worry. Its really complicated.

Ishwari continues to live in this illusion that Sonakshi conspires to take Dev away from her and that Dev on his own, will never hide or lie about anything. However, time and again its proven to her that her son in fact has a special relationship with Sonakshi and he, on his own accord does things without Sonakshi's persuasion of any sort... from their affair onwards, and even the non-veg in wedding (remember?) its been clear to her that Dev is not forced into anything. One more time, Dev clarified that the whole deception of baby was his idea and Sona has no part in it.

To be fair to Ishwari, I did feel bad for her when she said that she feels small in front of Sonakshi - the girl for whose sake, Dev chose to lie and hide the truth even from his dear mother. Between the mother and son, there was a trust and a bond that once existed which is definitely not the same now. 

I was taken aback when Ishwari asked Dev to make the dream of baby come true.  For a moment, I thought she was going to ask Dev to marry someone else... Probably Dev was also shocked about that. But she said make the 7% as 100%. Well, thats my belief too.. that 7% is more than room for a miracle to happen and that when we wish for something so dearly with all our heart, the universe will conspire to somehow make it happen 😊

Sonakshi's frank question to Ishwari about what will happen if the treatment fails was a much needed one and Ishwari's answer was not a surprise to any of us. Although I did not completely like how Sonakshi adapted herself to the situation without much hesitation or question about Ishwari's "condition", I told myself to go with the flow of the show.  At the least I was happy that Sonakshi told her that she was as much disappointed about the whole thing as Ishwari was.. and her dreams of becoming a mother was also shattered by whatever has happened that day...

It was not right on Ishwari's part to keep a "condition" for her to come back home. But it was magnanimous on Sonakshi's part to quietly agree to it, for the sake of harmony in the family (and of course, for her own dream to become a mom).

The pressure was on. The decision to pursue treatment was on. Being a victim of infertility myself, I can completely feel the pressure and pain. And having tasted the success of the treatment and being a mother, I also understand how it feels when you experience miracle 😊

If someone asks me to define how you feel when pursuing infertility treatment, I will say "You have to be very hopeful of positive results, because positive thoughts and positive energy is much needed during that time. However, you should be prepared to face the disappointment". You might ask me, if you are prepared to face the disappointment, how can you say you are hopeful? Thats the challenge of this treatment 😢😢. And this is in addition to the physical pain during the process 😞 - the process that might be successful in just a couple of months or might take years together and still very uncertain.

Wednesday was the most hilarious episode. It was awkward, embarrassing, and hilarious to see Ishwari accompany Dev and Sonakshi to the infertility clinic and ask all the questions on the couple's behalf. It seemed more like a pediatrician visit to me for her 2 kids 😂😂. the more nosy Ishwari becomes in this matter, I can only imagine her in the bedroom and ordering them "do it! do it now!!" 😂😂. But on a serious note, its a very touchy situation and rather personal between a couple.. Atleast a girl might be able to share certain things with her mother even mother in law, but for the guy its such a touchy issue to talk about it to his mother or anyone else for that matter.

The ticket to Shimla? was a little too much..This is the same Ishwari who did not like them being together at all and managed to get them away from each other for several days in the name of pooja, etc. Well... after the stress that we went through, we needed some break as well. A trip to Shimla sounds just about the right thing to do 😊

Even though they got ready to go to Shimla, I somehow felt very uncomfortable and for the first time, DevAkshi even seemed very much "forced" on me.. If I fought with my husband, I will stay angry for atleast 1 day..I was still unable to accept that Sonakshi just ignored everything and agreed to hop in the car go on this trip... And honestly, I was happy to see atleast some hesitation in Sona during the car ride.

The Shimla stay was hilarious on one side and extremely irritating on the other side. Hilarious every time the music people came with their violins whenever Dev and Sonakshi walked past them, and every time the staff came with the hourly schedule and so hilarious to see the decorated room and the pond that magically lighted up when the couple came to the balcony! But it also got very irritating that every single item was linked to the "project Dixit baby", even the massage! It seemed every wall knows that the couple have been sent there on a mission. But amidst all this, I must admit that it was such a pleasure to see the ever so charming Shaheer and the gorgeous Erica 😍😍 not to mention their adept acting as Dev and Sonakshi.

Sonakshi's anger and disappointment was quite obvious and quite understandable. And Dev was just trying his best to pacify her. Dev is an honest man - in terms of his love for Sonakshi as well as Ishwari. He just genuinely wants to keep them both happy and that was quite obvious throughout this week. I particularly liked how he pleaded with her to help him help her.

Dev really knows the way to cool his wife down. It made us smile too 😄😄 when he told her that she can change everything that she doesn't like there, except himself! All husbands eventually do find that trick to cool the wife down, but Dev got it much early in marriage, I should say. He has been impressing me in this subject even from their first night onwards, sometimes with a puppy face, sometimes with an expression of his love that is just so poetic 

Sonakshi is practical, understanding and very accommodating. She is a wife and daughter in law goal for every girl. Dev is also a good husband goal for most part. And he really tries his best and does not do any mistake on purpose. And for these reasons the show is worth watching.

These days, we seem to get the best on fridays! This friday was just fabulous. The evening started with a very romantic dinner. The hero was charming and the heroine was looking simple yet very gorgeous. The music was soothing and the resort looked beautifully decorated for them. However, all of this was abruptly interrupted when Ishwari's "special" diet arrived. Dev is trying his best to be patient with his mother and hope he maintains his cool always. Because, if he shows his anger even once to her, she is not going to be able to tolerate it like Sonakshi...

The bonfire scene was such well shot. The cinematography of that scene was just too good. It was a treat to watch 2 good looking people on screen..In spite of the heated conversation, I could not help but admire how good they looked!! 😍

The show belonged to the dialogue writers from this point onward. Sonakshi spoke exactly what was in my mind. Dev lives so much in the present..and always looks to make people happy..even if the happiness is short lived and for a few seconds only... And that it does not make any sense to carry on with this "mission Dixit baby"!! The emotions that  I had bottled up and did not know how to explain, all came through Sonakshi. Erica as Sonakshi did extremely well in expressing her anger and frustration and Shaheer as Dev complimented her extremely well by just quietly taking it all in with eyes full of heplessness and empathy for her! Being unable to conceive is looked upon as a mistake that she did for which she has to constantly feel sorry about and Dev is just reminding her of it by saying a million times that it does not matter to him? Very profound way of articulating the emotions from the girl's point of view 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

The show ended with all of us stumped! Just Stumped

- by the dialogue writers' apt and to-the-point script
- by the actors' genuine and convincing performance
- by the cinematographer's skillful use of camera
- by the scriptwriters' unique way of story telling
and everything else related to the show!!

I almost forgot to mention. I am glad Vicky went back to his old self of scheming and being bad. The changed Vicky didnt really suit him. The 5 Crore issue is cooking (thanks to Vicky's hard work) and will be ready to serve as soon as the couple come back home from Shimla.