Saturday, June 17, 2017

Week 68 - The RE(al)-UNION

Marriage is not just a union of two hearts or a union of two lives, but its the union of two families. In a recent wedding I attended, I saw a sign that said "Today, two families are becoming one. Please pick a seat not a side".  That signboard was the talk of that day, than even the bride and groom. It is very true, though. Every marriage is a union of two families. Dev and Sonakshi started their love story many years ago.. They broke up because Dev was not sure. They reunited due to their inability to move on. Although they all seemed happy, there was a lot of hesitation for their families to unite.. Therefore, their Re-Union became a Reluctant-Union.. And they broke up again because their families were not ready and they themselves were probably not ready. And now, after many years and a beautiful daughter, they are together again. This union is "Real".. There is no Reluctance or Remorse or Rush.. Its Natural, Real and its the union of their families . So this will be strong, sturdy, heavy duty and unshakable!! ❤️

The Reunion already started after Ishwari accepted Sonakshi and her family with her whole heart. And with Sonakshi's changes, this week became an even more interesting week for me. I had my highs and lows, because I ALWAYS watch the show from Dev's point of view. I love Sonakshi very deeply but I also get angry with her all the time just like Dev. It was interesting to see the iron lady of our show, Sonakshi, slowly turning into a beautiful flower that she was, at the beginning of the show when she stole our and Dev's heart. But it was not easy for her at all. It took the efforts of many people, to get over her fears and realize her destiny.

The loneliness and pain that Sonakshi suffered all the seven years had turned her heart into a rock. But that was only one part of it.  Sonakshi's fears were probably because of Ishwari and I am sure these words of Dev surely kept Ishwari wondering about what she can do to help Sonakshi get over it.  Since Ishwari already asked for forgiveness during the dinner in Dev's house.. I thought there was nothing new that she was going to say to Sonakshi. But as she started explaining how much she missed Sonakshi and how much she had taken her for granted, I couldn't help but cry. Supriya is an extremely talented artist and she stole the show on monday. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 

Just those 5 to 10 mins of her conversation with Sonakshi probably cannot make up for all the cruel things she did earlier. However those few minutes of genuineness was enough to shatter Sona's fears and get back into her heart. What I really liked about Ishwari's apology that day was the part about "Saheli". During the days when Sona was Ishwari's nutritionist, they were both pretty much like friends.  Even amidst GKB's taunts, these two somehow hit it off! It was a pleasant reference of those days with the word "Saheli". I also loved the part when she said "Us din Ishwari tumse maafi maangi thi.. aaj Dev ki maa tujse maafi maang rahi hain" - I was reminded of Ishwari's conversation with maama ji - when she said "When I am Ishwari, I am able to see her goodness..but when I am Dev's mom, I am unable to, because of my fears". Today, even as Dev's mom, she was able to accept Sonakshi not just as her son's wife, but also as her daughter in law and as her "Saheli".  Even though Sonakshi married Dev before, she was never able to become his better half and take responsibility of his family, because his mom never accepted her.  This time Ishwari has accepted her and so, this union is Real and not in a rush and definitely not forced. 

Ishwari's open conversation, I am sure instantly changed Sonakshi's fears into affection and love. However, she had put way too many fences around her to protect herself from getting hurt anymore. And because of that, she was unable to heed to Ishwari's request to go stop Dev's engagement.

A father protects his daughter, probably till the last second of his life on earth. Every daughter in this world will probably accept to this statement. My father is not someone who openly comes and tells me how much he likes me. But  I know all the million things he does for me even without my knowledge. Every time I visit my parents, right from buying my favorite vegetable and instructing my mom to do it in a way that I like to the financial security he has built with his little pension keeping me in mind (even though I am happily married and settled), there are a million things he does for me all the time.. and for that matter any father does for his daughter. A daughter's marriage does not sever the bond between a dad and his daughter. And when the daughter has had a failed marriage, any father will take it upon him to protect his daughter from the man that made her cry. Sonakshi was let down by the same man.. not just once, but twice. But thankfully, Ishwari's timely advice and Asha's timely intervention highlighting his inability to look beyond his fears and ego hit the right chord with Bijoy and he realized that the Dixits were genuine this time.

When I look at it from Sonakshi's point of view, I am still unable to accept that she needed Bijoy to give her a green signal to go to the love of her life, Dev. It definitely put me off.  However, on introspection and from Bijoy's point of view, I am convinced that, that approval was absolutely necessary. I realized that a dad's fear..Bijoy's fear, was not baseless. His repulsion for Dev was not insensible. His promise from Sonakshi was not unnecessary. Bijoy should let her go, only when he feels that she will be safe. Last time as well, Sonakshi did get Bijoy's approval before going to Dev. But last time, it seemed more of a compromise from Bijoy's point of view. However, this time Bijoy is convinced. And thats why this union is "Real" and not a "Reluctant" one.

While Sonakshi was going through this change, Dev was going through a torture to simply put it.  Shaheer is an actor who will magically brighten the screen whenever he is present in it. Even his stressed out emotions and angry expressions somehow attracts us in a way no one else does. When he is present everything around fades out. We see Dev and only Dev. I don't know whether it was because of this or whether it was because of our unattachment to any girl other than Sonakshi with Dev, I did not even realize that he took Payal's name instead of Nisha... until Eleena corrected him..

Nisha is a girl with clear intentions, just like Rithvik (who was going to get engaged to Sona long ago). Nisha did not take anything for granted and had made sure that Dev and Sonakshi were not having any plans of getting back together. However, on the day of engagement, his restlessness to somehow see Sonakshi at the doorstep created a clear disturbance to Nisha's peace. I really loved the way, the makers conceived the whole engagement scene from Nisha's angle. And I must give it to Nisha. Her dialogue delivery was excellent. I have not seen this actress before, but she was awesome!👏🏻👏🏻 The makers always choose the actors without any compromise. Even if the role is tiny, every actor that have taken part in our show are skilled in some way or the other! 👌🏻👌🏻

The dialogue writers of this show need a fitting appreciation with some award and I hope they get good recognition for the work they do in KRPKAB. Dev's description of Sonakshi was honest.. by far the best way you can define honesty. He said Sonakshi was like a good habit for him.."Aadat acha ya boora, aadat nahi hona chahiye..par Sonakshi ki aas paas mein rehna kisi ko boora nahi ho sakta". He defined Sonakshi in a nutshell. He basically said that Sonakshi made it all easy for him. And the content of what else he told Nisha was intelligently added by the makers in her conversation with Sonakshi later.👏🏻👏🏻

Nisha probably already realized that this engagement was probably not going anywhere and Sonakshi's arrival only confirmed it! Dev quickly loosened up and became a little relaxed. His conversation with Eleena was proof that when Sonakshi is around, Dev somehow feels at home. However, I also liked how he clearly indicated to Eleena that it will be only Sonakshi's decision and that he was prepared for an unhappy ending for his love story.

Sonakshi came to Dev's engagement probably with an intention of telling him that she loved him and that he should call off the engagement. But when she saw that the engagement was really happening, she, being a person that is not selfish at all, could only walk into it in Nisha's shoes. She did not have the courage to call off the engagement, nor did she have the heart to watch all that was happening there.

I really loved Ishwari's persistence to somehow get into the deep fears of Sonakshi and remove it once for all.. It was as though she didn't want to leave any stones unturned at all. Her promise to Sonakshi that whatever she said before in her house was the ultimate truth of her heart in the name of her son Dev - was the most honest confession anyone could ever make. And beyond this Ishwari couldn't do anything else to affirm Sonakshi that she will not anymore hinder the happiness of Dev and Sona.

After this incident, I really could not understand why Sonakshi was holding back. The only reason is to not hurt Nisha.

I think Nisha was also waiting impatiently for Sonakshi, especially after hearing all about her from Dev himself. And once Sona arrived, she was very keen to talk to her. The quick interaction in Dev's room only increased Nisha's need to talk to Sonakshi. She was on a mission to make Sona talk that day and for that, I will be ever so grateful to Nisha! Her scene in the garden with Sonakshi was the highlight of this week, according to me. That was the real realization of Sonakshi. In Sonakshi's own words Dev's happiness, even though he was a successful and rich businessman, lied only in spending time with family.

N: "Kya gift dhoon Dev ko"

S: "Uske paas tho sab kuch hain, jo paison se kareeda ja saktha hain.."
N: "tho phir.. kyaa dhoon..."
S: "ache yadhein, experiences, bathein..."
N: "Bathein???"
S: "Dev ke liye..paise important nahi hain..paison se woh impress nahi hota..achi bathon se hota hain..uske liye family sab kuch hain..Party time matlab family time hain.. woh bahar walon ko zaroor entertain kar saktha hain..par woh jaldi thak jaata hain.. par family ke saath 100% rahta hain... agar tum usse hasa sakthe ho..rula sakthe ho..tumhari bachpan ki yadhein share kar sakthe ho.. tho woh bahot kush hoga...uske liye 5 star hotel ka chai pasand nahin hain.. tupri wali ka chai bahot pasand hain..wohi meri taraf se uske liye best gift tha..."

And as Sona completed these words, she just defined Dev as the "Perfect" man any woman would ever want.. Nisha's expressions slowly started changing to more than just a disappointment that her engagement was not going to happen that day. It became more of an interrogation to Sona, almost asking her "Then, why the hell are you not together with him!!" she went on to ask...

N: "Tho tum kehna chahthi hain ki Dev perfect hain..par usne kaha ki woh perfect husband nahi te..bahut galathiyan karthe te..tum usse mamma's boy bulati thi.. woh tumko kabhi ache se treat nahi kiya..woh ziddi aur selfish te.."

At this point, I think Sonakshi magically answered all the questions of her own heart and almost got over all her fears..

S: "Galati meri thi..Meine socha ki mein sab kuch handle kar sakti hoon..par nahi kar payi..woh toh har situation ko ache se handle kar raha tha.. maa ki baat maan ne se kya galat hain..muje samajna chahiye thi... woh meri ya kisi bhi aurat ko hurt nahi kar sakta..woh mujhe meri saari kamzoriyon ke saath pyaar kiya... He was the best thing that ever happened to me..." ❤️

Even though we had a beautiful reunion of DevAkshi on friday, this sequence stood out for me, as it was the real essence of Sonakshi's love for Dev. Excellent dialogues!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️  I wish he heard it all...

Nisha's questions to Dev and Sonakshi later were to the point and there was no beating around the bush. For any other TV serial, this is the best place to prolong it for another day with dramatic music and close up shots of every single character of the show.. KRPKAB is unique in many ways and its narration style is one of its biggest pluses. There is no unnecessary drag in the show.

Well, Dev was cornered. He wanted Sonakshi to confess this time around.. But when he was directly asked that question of whether he loves Sonakshi anymore, he said Yes without guilt, without fear, without doubt. Love is always like that. Its there or its not there.. There is never an intermediate state. Haan ya Na. But somehow, even though Sonakshi confessed so much to Nisha, she could not open up to Dev even after Nisha called off the engagement.. I think she immediately got into a zone of "Guilt"... That she can never ever get back her Dev... because she lost him forever due to her own carelessness and inability to see how perfect he was... Dev was still in love with only Sonakshi and hearing that only added to her guilt. All she could tell Dev was "I am sorry Dev.. I didn't know all this will happen.. I am so sorry that the engagement was called off.."!!

Dev's reaction to this was perfect!! What more can he talk to this woman Sonakshi who felt guilty..when she had to actually feel happy that his engagement was called off..

Dev the lover was hurt deeply.. but that does not negate the fact that he is a father now. Often times, for kids' sake we have to give in. However, he was unable to stay there any longer even for Suhana's sake, because the feeling of "not being loved" is the most hurtful of all feelings 😢. I loved how Suhana came running to her dad as he was ready to walk away.. But the little girl could not do anything to stop her dad..

Dev is a guy who has all along nurtured every member of his family. He worked hard and sacrificed his own childhood and youth, so that his family can live comfortably. He loved his wife deeply, but was unable to keep her for himself. He respected and loved his mother very dearly, but was unable to keep her happy either. He lived in hell all these years and finally there was a ray of light in his life in the form of his daughter.. With her around, positivity came back in his life and he thought he will be able to get back all that he lost.. However, he was wrong. He was not able to convince Sonakshi enough, so that she can choose him. A man that lived for others all these days, wanted to somehow get happiness for himself, but failed to do it. This deep pain came through when he spoke to Suhana on phone and asked her to take care of herself, as he will not be around for sometime. I don't know about others, but this was a very heartbreaking scene for me.😢

Sonakshi didn't mean to hurt him so deeply. She did not know what to do at that moment. Even though Ishwari mentioned to her that Dev is doing all this purposely to make Sona choose him, she just could not get herself to tell him that she loves him a lot. We cannot question why she was not able to.. For every person, Love is something that needs its own correct moment to be expressed. And when that correct moment comes, nothing can stop it from being expressed. It can be at midnight, in the middle of the road or during a rainy night in an autorickshaw..anything will work.. just anything..😄 By the way, auto rickshaw, rain, night are all very special in my love story as well. So, KRPKAB is super close to my heart!! ❤️

Nutritionist, daughter, mother, sister, businesswoman.. everyone had taken a backseat. The girl that was steering her life that night was Sonakshi who was madly in love with her prince charming, Dev. The makers had wonderfully conceived that carefree, crazy, flirtatious lover girl Sonakshi. Even when she was secretly admiring him during the good old Natasha days, she never set herself sooo free.. She always had her own identity.. But this Sonakshi was real, with only one identity for herself and that is - she loves Dev immensely. ❤️

Sonakshi went down on her knees to express how sorry she feels that she failed to wake up with him everyday all these 7 years and how guilty she feels for running away from her real emotions.. They exchanged rings and shared a lovely dance together and hugged one more time with a promise in their mind to never let go of each other.. And thus that night Dev and Sonakshi united again in a magical way. ❤️

And I thought.. the story will end on a beautiful note of "Dev and Sonakshi lived happily ever after..". However, the makers seem to have much more up their sleeve!! And I cant wait to watch it! 😄😍

Some of the very nice sequences this week:

1. Golu and Soha - I have become a great fan of these two kids.. They are as cute as "cute" can get!! Hiding the ring, their interaction with Sonakshi, and later their heartfelt apology to Nisha were all done so perfectly.. Even many adult actors may not be able to execute the job given, so flawlessly!! Their voice modulation, body language and facial expressions were all perfect!😘😘👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

2. Erica's conversation with Ishwari, Nisha and the finale with Dev were all extremely well done! Erica's strength is her underplay of emotions. Especially in her scene wth Nisha and Ishwari, this strength of hers helped the scene a lot to stand out!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

3. Ishwari's honest confessions, expressions of heartfelt guilt and deep desires were all so aptly done. I cannot think of any other actress to fit in that role with such ease! I loved all her dialogues this week, especially the one she told Sonakshi about "tum mujhe kya kehker bulaoge.. usse mein samaj jaoongi ki tum yahan kya karne keliye aayi ho".. Ishwari's advce to Bijoy was also very aptly done!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👌🏻

4. For Shaheer, I don't know where to start my appreciation and where to end it!! He was excellent this week as the restless lover, waiting for his love Sonakshi not just to reach his house for engagement but to reach his heart as his wife again..Emotions were so aptly done and the dialogues were delivered to such pitch perfection. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👌🏻🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

5. The dialogues of this show should be praised to the skies and back! They are completely out of the world and the class is something I have not seen even in great movies! They are simple, crisp, and extremely captivating. Three cheers to the dialogue writers for an outstanding work!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌟🌟🌟

Mrs.Dixit is all set to come back to the Dixit family with abundant joy, happiness and most importantly, conviction... My prediction is that, "Iss show mein, ab se, sirf khushiyaan hogi.. pehle se behethar hoga.."  😄


  1. I have read and re read and re read your blog _ week 68. In fact I have noted down many a line in my diary to be read later . They were all so weighty and meaningful.
    You said that you watch this how from Dev' s point of view . But I am so happy that you have appreciated Sonakshi 's perspectives also so well and so well described her turmoil and dilemma.You like one but always appreciate the other too! A very heart warming article, I must say. 👌👌👌👏👏👏
    Looking forward to your next week 's blog.
    P.S. The small tit bits from your personal life are so endearing and heart warming to read. Please let them keep coming .🙏😍

    1. Thanks Saipriya. thanks for being a loyal reader and taking some time to write to us every week. My sundays are never complete until I read the comments from loyal readers like you and others on twitter. Lots of Love ❤

  2. Love reading your blog and equally love replying to you. This week's episodes are going to be epic and I am waiting for your reaction . Thanks for replying to my comments. Love and regards.

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