Saturday, July 1, 2017

Week 70 - After every dark night, comes a dawn...

This is probably the one thing that we hear the most from our friends and family, whenever we go through a tough time.. Its the most common way of consoling, but yet has a strong healing power. Our brain believes whatever it hears, good or bad. Thats why consoling is very important, even though everyone might say the same thing..As our brain hears more of the same, it will start to believe that things will become better. πŸ˜Š

This week in our show, it was about the sisters that Dev lost when he broke up with Sonakshi. Dev had distanced himself from any source of light and dwelled in darkness.. And this week is about the dawn that has come in his life..

We spoke a lot last week.. about men being the weaker sex and how they cannot handle the stress of life all by themselves...  I don't want to dwell much in that topic, except a small reminder about Dev's take on keeping his family happy. Long ago, just before Sonakshi got into an accident, she and Dev spoke about many things as they walked together.. Of all the things, I remember the part that Dev said about how easy it is to handle business and employees.., but much difficult to handle family members. He said about how he always tries to keep everyone happy and content but often disappoints someone or the other...There are many stories about professionally very successful men not having any interest in their families. Dev is a person who loves his family, while being super successful at work. Dev was a pillar to his family members before Sona's arrival. For him, his mother and sisters came before anything else, and he was even unaware of his own needs.. But with Sona being around, he started recognizing himself and his own needs in life. He was so happy and thrived better than ever, in Sonakshi's company. But, when he lost Sona, he lost himself πŸ˜’ And he was unable to go back in time and become the Dev that existed 8 years ago πŸ˜’ He got so used to Sona's company, that he had forgotten how to live without her πŸ˜’

Now that Sonakshi is back in Dev's life, he has begun to see the light finally at the end of a never ending dark tunnel.  And with the light, he is also slowly acquiring the power to once again become the superhero brother of his three lovely sisters. All thanks to Sonakshi.. for mellowing Dev in the right way.. so that he can become that super hero! Even though I was haunted by Sona's perfectness initially.. I got some clarity with Ishwari's comparison later on this week of "sautΓ©ing the onion the right way in ghee" to "Sonakshi mellowing down Dev"..πŸ€“

Sonakshi confused me right at the beginning of the week. She had a problem long ago, about Dev not doing his own work.. right? Her advice to do his own work.. and not depend on his mom.. was so inspiring that I started to cultivate it in my home. With great difficulty I have now made sure that my husband folds his own clothes.. keeps the laptop in its sleeve.. charges the phone.. etc. I have even started to educate my son to do his own work, so that a Sonakshi doesn't come in his life later on and call him..mamma's boy.  But now, Sonakshi is doing everything for Dev??πŸ€” Although, Dev helping out in getting the kids ready for school is super endearing..❤️ Sona doing everything for Dev.. totally confused me.. I quickly fast forwarded that scene.. so that my husband doesn't see it and go back to his old ways.. πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‰

Sonakshi has always been the "go getter", "fix it all", "perfect" woman. She is such a woman who cannot live in peace when there is someone upset around her. She always loves her family and friends immensely and will do anything to make sure everyone is happy. She calling Ria and the other sisters was bound to happen sooner or later, given that the Dixits are her own family, now. Eleena being her sister was quick in judging Sona's intentions.. and I also really liked Sonakshi tell Eleena that she was trying to fix her family.. It was good to see Sona take some ownership for whatever hardships that the Dixits went through all these years. The uniqueness of Sonakshi, unlike the other TV show heroines is the way she acknowledges her mistakes as well.. in her own.. less dramatic way..πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Coming back to Ria, her take on the whole Dev-Sona breakup and Dev's isolation was correct.. Ria never did anything against Sonakshi and so, the question of Sonakshi forgiving her doesn't arise at all.. And for all the indifference that Dev showed towards Ria, her staying away from her brother is completely justified from her point of view. At the same time, Ishwari's advice to Ria about forgiving the mistakes of the family members is also very true. Riya's entry in the show, gave us all, a clearer glimpse of the emptiness that Dev experienced in those dreadful days without Sonakshi.

Thinking about that emptiness of Dev, reminded me of the time after the first breakup of DevAkshi. There was a huge void that time in Dev's life and he was struggling to pull through every single day.. be it at work or home. I remembered how he would come to the coffee shop, completely griefsticken and longing for Sonakshi's company πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ Today, to see him at his same favorite spot, with his favorite person gave me a lot of happiness πŸ˜„πŸ˜ And during that conversation between Dev and Sonakshi, I realized how much he is now in tune with Sona. Earlier he would try to convince Sonakshi to look at the problem from his angle. However, he is now able to see problems and its solutions from her angle. He is now able to share his views, without stopping Sonakshi from sharing hers..His acknowledgement of Sona's efforts to meet his sisters while also cautioning her to not take things personally, in case it did not go as planned, was a clear representation of the changed DevAkshi. πŸ˜Š

Just like the coffee shop, the garden talks are also very memorable for the all the DevAkshi well-wishers and slowly in our show, we are getting back all those moments. "Mein woh film bengali me kya.. english mein bhi nahi dekh saktha hoon" was πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  The Begali movie discussion reminded me of the Regional language award winning movies that would be telecast in Doordarshan on sunday afternoons.. During those days, we would hardly be able to understand those movies and I remember sitting in front of TV trying to make some sense of the dialogues.. and eventually only falling asleep πŸ˜‚ I don't know how many KRPK viewers belong to that generation.. Satyajit Ray movies used to come a lot in that slot πŸ˜Š

Again in that garden conversation, the changed DevAkshi equation was quite evident. They assured that they are each other's partner and priority πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Sonakshi made a promise once again of not ever letting go of him..πŸ™πŸΌπŸ‘πŸ»

While DevAkshi were exploring this new equation they have now acquired.. Ishwari was also exploring the new person that she identified within herself! If there is one thing in the show that gave me a lot of pleasure other than the DevAkshi togetherness - its Ishwari's urge to find an identity for herself. A very unique and much needed approach for the Saans-Bahu stories of today πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»  Women these days are multi talented.. Many of them are able to take care of their family and kids, while also having a flourishing professional career. I am not one of them. As soon as I got the news that I was pregnant, I gave up my 10year old IT profession. I wanted to enjoy the motherhood in all its true sense. Now, after 10 years of break, I am trying to get back to work and Ishwari's this new avatar is very motivating for me. I am not as old as Ishwari. But I echo all her thoughts about earning.. about having our own identity.. etc. While family and motherhood is important, its also important that we find our own identity other than the "household" duties. In fact, that was the motivating factor for me.. to even start writing this blog.. to do something for myself... that belongs to me.. just me...

Its needless to say, Supriya has very easily adapted to the role of this new Ishwari. Her conversation with the kids Golu and Soha.. about her job while bringing up her own kids.. was such a treat to watch.. There are always many useful lessons for the kids in this show πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» - to look at every job with respect and to treat every person equally irrespective of whatever job they do. This is apart from the plenty other thoughtful things shown - like mom and dad are equally responsible for getting them ready to school in the morning.. telling lies is wrong, etc..

Ishwari looking to Asha for guidance and support also added a good flavor to the show. This growing bond between the two ladies will probably be very useful..later on.. when Dev and Sona's relation is tested more by circumstances. I have great expectations for Asha's book. I have a feeling that this book will become another beautiful character in our show.. Asha's own career as a writer is also very inspiring for the older generation of women.. who want to have an identity for themselves.

Asha, is a representative of the modern day "senior citizen". Ishwari belongs to the olden days and in order to achieve something in the present, she needs a bridge to bring her from her time to the present time. No-one else, other than Asha can do that job effectively. She is the probably the only person of the "older generation" who can appreciate the ability of the younger generation of mingling and adjusting with all age groups πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

Talking of Ishwari's change, I also totally loved the way she admired Dev and Sona doing things together.. The dialogue "Har rishte mein ek pyaar bhari dhoori honi chahiye" was the crux of this changed version of Ishwari ❤️ She now knows where to draw her limits and where to go one step closer.. - when Ria came to the Dixit home, Ishwari turning back to hold Sonakshi's hand along with Ria's is that "one step closer" I am talking about ❤️

The Dixit sisters are very used to being under the loving care and protection of their elder brother. Their bond was much more than any normal brother-sister bond, especially because of the "father" role that Dev played in their life. And when all of a sudden, they lost that love and care, it came as a big shock to all the sisters. Our show did not explore what happened in the Dixit home and the Bose home, soon after the breakup of DevAkshi. We saw a little bit of Dev-Ishwari conversation, thats all. Whether the sisters tried to help him get out of depression, is not something we know fully. So, I don't want to get into that territory. However, I do strongly agree that the sisters should have come to their dear brother's rescue at that hour of need and should have done whatever it takes to get him back on track.. even if it meant going in search of Sonakshi.  Well.. may be they did and failed in their attempts.. we don't know.

Ria's reunion with her Dev bhaiya and her mom was the most emotional part of this week. All Ria wanted was the love and acknowledgement of her brother towards her. One step from Dev made Ria take multiple steps towards him and her family πŸ˜Š❤️  Shaheer, as usual did a great job executing the role of the emotionally overwhelmed brother! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»  I also really liked the way Sonakshi compared relationships to magnets... of how they come very close very quickly.. when we go in search of them.. It was lovely to watch the genuine happiness in Sonakshi's face for Dev and their family. And Erica did a good job especially in that scene, trying to fight those happy tears! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Nikki's reunion with her family may not be as easy as Ria's.. especially because of her age. I would say that in the last 10 years, the world has changed so much! People born in the 70s and even early 80s have become too old to be in tune with the wavelength of this generation.. "Live in" seems a lot  to digest for me. However, I completely welcome this track! Its wonderful to see our show going into this new untouched territory in the world of TV, without ruining the charm of True love and committed relationships.

I can empathize with Nikki, for the most part. Sonakshi had a very special relationship with Nikki much before she started having any feelings for Dev. So, after the breakup, it was not fair on Sona's part to have completely ignored Nikki. Nikki was much more than "Dev's sister" for Sona. I liked how Nikki very clearly said "Aap sirf Dev bhaiya ko nahi.. hum sub ko chodkar chali gayi...aur itne saal me ek baar bhi nahi contact kiya.. ab... mein busy hoon.." From Nikki's side, she was quite right. Except the fact that as much as she blamed Dev for turning away from his sisters these past 7 years..she should also appreciate all the things he did prior to that, for his sisters... Dev's conversation with Sonakshi was perfect on this topic.. "Itne saal hum nahi te.. Laksh ne uski saath dhiya..teek hain. par.. usse pehle jitne saal woh humare saath thi... uska kya?" Well.. with the younger generation.. its always a tug-of-war for the parents.. Thats why parents of all generation are always worried and scared for their "Teenager kids"..  But I am sure that just like Sonakshi indicated.. once the hatred comes out, then all that will remain in Nikki's heart will be just Love and nothing else. Nikki will start to realize Dev's helplessness during those 7 years and will also start to see the problems from Sona's angle.. that she couldn't have obviously been in touch with Nikki alone.. while turning away from all the memories of "Dev Dixit"... Nikki was always the darling of the Dixit home and Dev's unborn child.. Its just a matter of time, before Nikki will come running into Dev's arms :) Dev seeing Suhana and Nikki in the same way was a very classic touch to the relationship that this brother-sister shared πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»❤️

I have mixed opinions for Laksh.. but its too early to judge him. He is a cool dude.. no doubt! 

App developer - lovely profession for the modern day youth. Video game lover. Does not like to be overwhelmed with "sentiments" and "emotions" and tries to put a strong foot against these. His discussion with Dev and threatening him with police complaint was probably a repulsion, he was showing towards family sentiments that makes Nikki sad..If it was just this much, then I am ok with it. I just hope he is not another Ayaan.. trying to manipulate Nikki for the money of the Dixit kingdom..

But, even if Laksh is after the money and not Nikki, I am sure he cannot succeed. Because, the Dixit empire is not built out of money and riches alone.. Its built out of Love, compassion and above all acceptance and forgiveness. Thats why Dev, inspite of knowing that GKB and Vicky are materialistic, does not ever think of getting rid of them..but rather embraces them warmly with love ❤️

I understand that this week has been very difficult for the fans, especially with the "never-ending" guilt cycle of Dev. I saw one of the fans tweet that Dev has pretty much asked sorry from every one, except Jassi. I am also not enjoying it.. However, thats the uniqueness of this show - that it explores new untouched areas of the TV serial world. It explores relationships from the different angles of "Love"... without focusing on revenge.. It subtly shows us the self realization and redemption.. without dwelling on emotionally pouring out and begging for forgiveness.. This phase is the realization that Dev's long dark night is finally coming to an end and there is a dawn awaiting him with open arms.. in the form of his own BIG family that he cherishes.. Therefore.. be a little patient until the Sun comes up fully :)

There is always this ongoing complaint that Sonakshi is shown to be "perfect... too perfect"!! I admit that this "perfectness" is sometimes.. too sweet to digest. But then, those are the times, I tell myself that TV shows are very women-centric and they glorify the women little more than the reality. We have to take it with a pinch of salt. We got to see Sona telling early on this week to Eleena.. "Kahi na kahi. in sab me..meri bhi galati thi..".. So, we got to see her guilt as well.. Its not as pronounced as Dev's.. because Dev is always the more expressive of the two.. isn't he? He is very open about his it love, anger, or whatever he is experiencing.. and then.. its played by Shaheer.. so needless to say the impact he has on us is enormous..πŸ˜„πŸ˜❤️ Erica fans, don't get mad at me. She is a great actor.. Absolutely no doubt and has been doing the role of Sonakshi exceedingly well.. But.. hey I am a Shaheer fan. Its only natural that I like him more πŸ€“❤️

Looking ahead..

- I am eagerly looking forward to Ishwari shaping her new found career..
- I am also eagerly looking forward to Nikki's realization of her never-diminishing love for her dear brother and her entire family..
- Laksh.. please be a good boy.
- Neha..if you decide to show up, please take Sonakshi's side..
- Maami.. now that Dev has conquered you with his unconditional love, please be nice to "his" Sonakshi.. and keep a tab on your that he does not try any stupid trick on DevAkshi..
- My lovely trio Golu-Soha-Aaru.. continue to shine on with your innocence and continue to amaze us with your angle of "Love"
- I am looking forward to seeing the big grand dinner at the Dixits with the whole family soon.. talking about cricket match and politics and GST πŸ˜‚

350 episodes and there is still so much to talk about ❤️!! Kuch Rang pyaar ke aise bhi.. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Week 69 - The missing pages...

When we witnessed the breakup of Dev and Sonakshi on that disastrous night, we were all devastated, because, Dev and Sona shared the most beautiful love story with us ❤️ The love story in which we got to see both of them go against all odds to come together, in which both of them complimented each other, in which both of them made each other's bad days better and good days memorable and best. There was technically no worth reason for them to break up..and yet, they did.. And even before we could digest it, there was a seven year leap in our show and Sonakshi was shown with a daughter and Dev was shown as a man without any specific goals in life. We had a million questions in our head and we all even got divided into Team Dev and Team Sonakshi.. arguing about who was right and who was wrong. Each team argued with utmost conviction!  How can Sona hide the child from Dev? How can Dev expect Sona to let Suhana talk to him? It was all Dev's fault.. It was all Sona's fault.. How can Ishwari do this.. how can Bijoy do that.. and what not!! πŸ˜’

This week was the gateway to the answers for all those questions.. πŸ˜Š This week we have started to read those missing pages of this beautiful love story..the pages that were filled with anger, hurt, sadness, guilt and everything else that took away the peace from these two honest lovers πŸ’”

The week started on a beautiful note of Dev and Sona reminiscing the magical moment they just experienced, the magical togetherness they just felt. They both never thought such a moment will come again in their life. But it came and this time, it seems to me that it will be "forever..and beyond". "Mrs.Dixit" - Dev, Sona and both their families enjoyed this title wholeheartedly and thats what gave me the confidence that the happy times are here to stay forever.❤️😊

Now that we know that all is well and the love story is back in track, it will be less sorrowful to flip through the missing pages... 

The main page that was missing from Dev's side of story was the birth of Suhana. Dev always loved Sonakshi as a woman, and he never wanted the infertility to affect their love story in any way. He did not leave any opportunity to ensure Sonakshi of his abundant love and care. If at all he wanted a child, he only wanted it so that Sonakshi will feel complete.  When their love story tragically ended, he would have never thought that Sonakshi will become a mother. Had he known, he would have handled everything differently. He is not the kind of man who would let his wife carry the burden of "their" offspring single handedly πŸ˜’ However, fate separated them and  Sonakshi did have to suffer as a single parent for seven years πŸ˜’

Similarly, the main page that was missing from Sona's side of their love story was the fact that Dev was almost paralyzed and became powerless and directionless in Sonakshi's absence. The tragic part about this was that Sonakshi was not at all aware that Dev will become so powerless in her absence...Had she known she would have never ever left him, come what may πŸ˜’ However, fate separated them and Dev went through a helpless lonely phase πŸ˜’

The makers have done a fabulous job of filling in the missing pages to Dev and Sona from each other's angles!!

Whenever I get upset with my husband and our arguments go on for a long time without any closure, I often find myself sit and write out an email with extreme anger. Once I do that, my outrage will definitely reduce. When that calmness sets in, I will just delete it and carry on..or probably save in drafts for review later!! I just checked and I still have a couple of those angry emails in my draft.. Many times I feel Sonakshi is very much like me πŸ˜Š

Shaheer as Dev once again, has acted phenomenally well as the guilty husband, who just read those missing pages from his life and realized the impact of his absence in his wife's life... πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

We live in an era where our work and social life have taken over our personal life. Many husbands who live in the same house as their wife, don't necessarily take part in the pregnancy of their wife. Nor do they give a hand in the upbringing of their children. However, here is Dev.. He wanted to read and feel all the hatred that Sonakshi felt for him during those days. He wanted to go to the hospital where his wife delivered his daughter. He wanted to dwell in the guilt and blame himself as an irresponsible man for what happened seven years ago without even his knowledge... for not being there for his wife when she needed him the most...Dev is a man to look up to πŸ™πŸΌ❤️

The guilt of Dev drove him totally helpless, unable to undo any of the damage that he did to his dear wife. Again, the makers have wonderfully conceived the hospital scene where Dev imaginarily fixes himself in one of Sonakshi's hospital visit.. A very heart wrenching scene wonderfully done by Shaheer πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» The guilt made him run from pillar to post looking for that one thing that might give him some peace.. His visit to the Bose house was heartwarming and am sure it changed Bijoy's perceptions about Dev.

Its very questionable, whether a person like Dev exists in today's world. We can only hope!

While going through these missing pages of the past, the makers have also done a fabulous job in conceiving the present hesitation from Dev's side to take any first step towards getting closer to Sonakshi πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» We know the romantic Dev for more than a year now and he has never felt uncomfortable or uneasy with her ever. However, the guilt that he has now, gives him a lot of hesitation in taking that first step.. Its a very natural feeling and 100% marks to the makers for showing this and not showing a filmy closeness and romance just because now they have expressed their love for each other. I would like the closeness to come naturally.. after all... tiny Mr.Abhodro has to be very special... right from the making..isnt it? πŸ’‘❤️

How does Sonakshi feel about Dev's guilt? The moment she knew that Dev saw those emails in draft, she only gave her friendly supportive hand and tried to trivialize the whole thing... I really liked how Dev insisted that he read those emails. My husband would never insist like that. He would be happy to not know what I wrote. But I will also never be as friendly as Sonakshi. I will make sure he reads that specific line and point it out to him saying "Read this..this part.. this is exactly how I felt that day, when you said the coffee I made was not nice.." πŸ€“πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Oh Well!! Dev and Sona are too perfect to exist in reality! We can only hope and try to be like them.

Sonakshi also wanted to know all about Dev's life in those seven years. It was beautiful to see Dev brush aside her request. Only a strong man will be able to take ownership for his mistakes without indulging in his own losses.πŸ€—

There is a very important truth about Men that we all need to know. Men are the weaker of the two genders. Weaker because, they easily let their weaknesses overpower them. They almost have zero power to fight against their weakness. The one person they truly love is their strength and in the absence of that person, they absolutely cannot perform. Women, on the other hand have a fighting spirit which gets much stronger in the absence of who they consider as their strength.. In fact, when our man is around us, we generally tend to lean on him and feel at ease and let him take care of us and pamper us. But in his absence, we take up the ownership and try to perform much better..

Dev had felt clueless, weak and almost paralyzed in Sonakshi's absence. He could not do even what he did before Sona came in his life. I vividly remember the time of Sonakshi's engagement with Ritvik and how Dev expressed that he wanted to die but could not do so..because of his responsibilities as a brother and son and begged Sonakshi to be with him and guide him. However successful a man is, he is an extremely weak person in the absence of his woman. Sonakshi made a promise that she will never leave him, but she did. Whether the Sonakshi supporters like it or not, she made a mistake by leaving him behind. She should have known that Dev is powerless without her. πŸ˜’

But, because Sonakshi is basically a good person, she relentlessly tried to find about all the missing pages from her love story.. all about Dev during those seven years. She went to Ishwari, then to Eleena and then to Dev himself and insisted that she know everything about his sisters. It did not surprise me that Dev's life became pointless in Sonakshi's absence. However, he ignoring his sisters definitely surprised me. Why would he do that? Pondering on that topic made me realize that with his every sister's saved life, lies Sonakshi's goodness. Whether it was saving Nikki from drunkards or Ria from the wicked Ayaan.. Sonakshi had a huge role to play. And Neha's wedding probably brought even fonder but now haunting memories of him and Sonakshi, so he chose to stay away from it. Well.. even though men are grown up adults, their success lies only on the women behind them. 

It was only after Sonakshi heard from Dev, was she able to realize the amount of damage she has indirectly caused to his entire family. The dependency that Dev had on her dawned on her only in that instant..Dev probably cannot go into past and make up for the missing pages of his life which had the birth of Suhana.. but Sonakshi might still be able to do some damage control in Dev's life and his family.. However she needs to be very careful in handling this.

The identity of Sonakshi is, to do the "right" things and to make the things "right".  Thats why, as soon as she came back in Dev's life, she thought about Nisha and explained to Dev that they owed an apology for her! Sometimes, Sonakshi's ways of setting things right work favorably.. However, sometimes it backfires. Like the time she tried to somehow get Neha and Ranvir back together.. It only caused more strain to their already strained relationship. Similarly when Dev and Sona broke up, the same urge of Sonakshi to set the things right for the Bose family triggered the whole misunderstanding and unpleasant arguments. Not that she shouldn't have supported her family. But, she could have done it differently, taking Dev also on her side. 

I somehow feel, this time also, she is being too hasty in right away plunging into the Dixit sisters' family matters and setting everything right without the knowledge of others... Somehow I feel her coming back to the Dixit home itself was a hasty decision to somehow set everything right between them and the sisters. And her way of handling the keys also did not seem right to me..As Ishwari pointed out, she could have spoken to Ishwari before giving the keys to GKB. She should have definitely asked Ishwari and/or  Dev before contacting Ria on her own. I hope this is one of those times when Sonakshi's plans work favorably for everyone πŸ˜ž

Talking about Ishwari - She did the right things this week. 

- Her genuine heartfelt happiness in seeing a happy and content Dev was something I had been longing for. As a mother, I had always questioned her inability to feel happy for her son. And finally I felt that satisfaction. 
- Her visit to the Bose family to ask for Sonakshi's hand again not just for her son as his wife but also for herself as her friend was also a very satisfying moment for me. Just like Asha, I am sure all mothers of daughters would have felt their eyes getting wet. 
- At the same time, her efforts to make Exotic Avocado Salad brought a smile on my face πŸ˜ 
- Her interactions with GKB were perfect! I wish she had so much confidence in her son and his choice of Sonakshi many years ago... And I hope that this confidence and clarity that she now has, is here to stay forever.

Similarly, Bijoy also did the right things this week. After a long time, the elders are finally becoming a positive source of energy! 

- Bijoy's warm welcome to Dev in the beginning of the week and his wish for good luck uplifted our moods. It was a perfect comparison of native place to your life prior to marriage and the place we migrate to, for the sake of job, to our life after marriage!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
- He also gave Dev a very valuable advice to become each other's strength and not weakness.. 
- The best part between Dev and Bijoy was the part where Bijoy acknowledged that Dev was best and Dev acknowledged that Dev can only look up to Bijoy. 

The flavor the kids brought in made the show more interesting this week. I am sure parents often get stumped by their kids' questions.. 

- What is "Propose"?? πŸ˜²
- Iss room me kyoon itna decorations hain? Kyoon big chi hass rani hain??
Kids, especially these days are very inquisitive and its hard to explain many things to them!! πŸ˜²πŸ˜‰

The dialogues as usual is another hero in the show!

- The scene where Ishwari compared Dev as dabba and his love as the biscuit inside.. was classic πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ The tug of war between Ishwari and GKB for the dabba was a perfect comparison of the war that happened seven years ago, between Sonakshi and Ishwari..πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
- The scene where Dev told Sonakshi that he wants to read all the emails was also another highlight!! "kya kya delete karoghe? yahaan se delete kar sakti ho, par apne dil se delete nahi kar sakti ho na..."πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

The lead characters definitely stole the show this week! 

- Shaheer's excellent portrayal of his own guilt and his protectiveness for Sonakshi both must be applauded. His dialogues are always pitch perfect.. His body language and emotions are always bang on!!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
- Erica's reactions while Dev was explaining his setbacks in the absence of Sonakshi was perfect. Without dialogues, she easily conveyed her deep regret.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

There were lot of promises made this week... 

Dev promised Bijoy that he will try his best to not disappoint him.
Sona promised Dev that she will henceforth walk with him and support him during his moments of weakness..
Ishwari promised sonakshi that she will consider Sonakshi as her own daughter and not a daughter in law.
I hope all these promises are kept by everyone.😊

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Week 68 - The RE(al)-UNION

Marriage is not just a union of two hearts or a union of two lives, but its the union of two families. In a recent wedding I attended, I saw a sign that said "Today, two families are becoming one. Please pick a seat not a side".  That signboard was the talk of that day, than even the bride and groom. It is very true, though. Every marriage is a union of two families. Dev and Sonakshi started their love story many years ago.. They broke up because Dev was not sure. They reunited due to their inability to move on. Although they all seemed happy, there was a lot of hesitation for their families to unite.. Therefore, their Re-Union became a Reluctant-Union.. And they broke up again because their families were not ready and they themselves were probably not ready. And now, after many years and a beautiful daughter, they are together again. This union is "Real".. There is no Reluctance or Remorse or Rush.. Its Natural, Real and its the union of their families . So this will be strong, sturdy, heavy duty and unshakable!! ❤️

The Reunion already started after Ishwari accepted Sonakshi and her family with her whole heart. And with Sonakshi's changes, this week became an even more interesting week for me. I had my highs and lows, because I ALWAYS watch the show from Dev's point of view. I love Sonakshi very deeply but I also get angry with her all the time just like Dev. It was interesting to see the iron lady of our show, Sonakshi, slowly turning into a beautiful flower that she was, at the beginning of the show when she stole our and Dev's heart. But it was not easy for her at all. It took the efforts of many people, to get over her fears and realize her destiny.

The loneliness and pain that Sonakshi suffered all the seven years had turned her heart into a rock. But that was only one part of it.  Sonakshi's fears were probably because of Ishwari and I am sure these words of Dev surely kept Ishwari wondering about what she can do to help Sonakshi get over it.  Since Ishwari already asked for forgiveness during the dinner in Dev's house.. I thought there was nothing new that she was going to say to Sonakshi. But as she started explaining how much she missed Sonakshi and how much she had taken her for granted, I couldn't help but cry. Supriya is an extremely talented artist and she stole the show on monday. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» 

Just those 5 to 10 mins of her conversation with Sonakshi probably cannot make up for all the cruel things she did earlier. However those few minutes of genuineness was enough to shatter Sona's fears and get back into her heart. What I really liked about Ishwari's apology that day was the part about "Saheli". During the days when Sona was Ishwari's nutritionist, they were both pretty much like friends.  Even amidst GKB's taunts, these two somehow hit it off! It was a pleasant reference of those days with the word "Saheli". I also loved the part when she said "Us din Ishwari tumse maafi maangi thi.. aaj Dev ki maa tujse maafi maang rahi hain" - I was reminded of Ishwari's conversation with maama ji - when she said "When I am Ishwari, I am able to see her goodness..but when I am Dev's mom, I am unable to, because of my fears". Today, even as Dev's mom, she was able to accept Sonakshi not just as her son's wife, but also as her daughter in law and as her "Saheli".  Even though Sonakshi married Dev before, she was never able to become his better half and take responsibility of his family, because his mom never accepted her.  This time Ishwari has accepted her and so, this union is Real and not in a rush and definitely not forced. 

Ishwari's open conversation, I am sure instantly changed Sonakshi's fears into affection and love. However, she had put way too many fences around her to protect herself from getting hurt anymore. And because of that, she was unable to heed to Ishwari's request to go stop Dev's engagement.

A father protects his daughter, probably till the last second of his life on earth. Every daughter in this world will probably accept to this statement. My father is not someone who openly comes and tells me how much he likes me. But  I know all the million things he does for me even without my knowledge. Every time I visit my parents, right from buying my favorite vegetable and instructing my mom to do it in a way that I like to the financial security he has built with his little pension keeping me in mind (even though I am happily married and settled), there are a million things he does for me all the time.. and for that matter any father does for his daughter. A daughter's marriage does not sever the bond between a dad and his daughter. And when the daughter has had a failed marriage, any father will take it upon him to protect his daughter from the man that made her cry. Sonakshi was let down by the same man.. not just once, but twice. But thankfully, Ishwari's timely advice and Asha's timely intervention highlighting his inability to look beyond his fears and ego hit the right chord with Bijoy and he realized that the Dixits were genuine this time.

When I look at it from Sonakshi's point of view, I am still unable to accept that she needed Bijoy to give her a green signal to go to the love of her life, Dev. It definitely put me off.  However, on introspection and from Bijoy's point of view, I am convinced that, that approval was absolutely necessary. I realized that a dad's fear..Bijoy's fear, was not baseless. His repulsion for Dev was not insensible. His promise from Sonakshi was not unnecessary. Bijoy should let her go, only when he feels that she will be safe. Last time as well, Sonakshi did get Bijoy's approval before going to Dev. But last time, it seemed more of a compromise from Bijoy's point of view. However, this time Bijoy is convinced. And thats why this union is "Real" and not a "Reluctant" one.

While Sonakshi was going through this change, Dev was going through a torture to simply put it.  Shaheer is an actor who will magically brighten the screen whenever he is present in it. Even his stressed out emotions and angry expressions somehow attracts us in a way no one else does. When he is present everything around fades out. We see Dev and only Dev. I don't know whether it was because of this or whether it was because of our unattachment to any girl other than Sonakshi with Dev, I did not even realize that he took Payal's name instead of Nisha... until Eleena corrected him..

Nisha is a girl with clear intentions, just like Rithvik (who was going to get engaged to Sona long ago). Nisha did not take anything for granted and had made sure that Dev and Sonakshi were not having any plans of getting back together. However, on the day of engagement, his restlessness to somehow see Sonakshi at the doorstep created a clear disturbance to Nisha's peace. I really loved the way, the makers conceived the whole engagement scene from Nisha's angle. And I must give it to Nisha. Her dialogue delivery was excellent. I have not seen this actress before, but she was awesome!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» The makers always choose the actors without any compromise. Even if the role is tiny, every actor that have taken part in our show are skilled in some way or the other! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

The dialogue writers of this show need a fitting appreciation with some award and I hope they get good recognition for the work they do in KRPKAB. Dev's description of Sonakshi was honest.. by far the best way you can define honesty. He said Sonakshi was like a good habit for him.."Aadat acha ya boora, aadat nahi hona chahiye..par Sonakshi ki aas paas mein rehna kisi ko boora nahi ho sakta". He defined Sonakshi in a nutshell. He basically said that Sonakshi made it all easy for him. And the content of what else he told Nisha was intelligently added by the makers in her conversation with Sonakshi later.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Nisha probably already realized that this engagement was probably not going anywhere and Sonakshi's arrival only confirmed it! Dev quickly loosened up and became a little relaxed. His conversation with Eleena was proof that when Sonakshi is around, Dev somehow feels at home. However, I also liked how he clearly indicated to Eleena that it will be only Sonakshi's decision and that he was prepared for an unhappy ending for his love story.

Sonakshi came to Dev's engagement probably with an intention of telling him that she loved him and that he should call off the engagement. But when she saw that the engagement was really happening, she, being a person that is not selfish at all, could only walk into it in Nisha's shoes. She did not have the courage to call off the engagement, nor did she have the heart to watch all that was happening there.

I really loved Ishwari's persistence to somehow get into the deep fears of Sonakshi and remove it once for all.. It was as though she didn't want to leave any stones unturned at all. Her promise to Sonakshi that whatever she said before in her house was the ultimate truth of her heart in the name of her son Dev - was the most honest confession anyone could ever make. And beyond this Ishwari couldn't do anything else to affirm Sonakshi that she will not anymore hinder the happiness of Dev and Sona.

After this incident, I really could not understand why Sonakshi was holding back. The only reason is to not hurt Nisha.

I think Nisha was also waiting impatiently for Sonakshi, especially after hearing all about her from Dev himself. And once Sona arrived, she was very keen to talk to her. The quick interaction in Dev's room only increased Nisha's need to talk to Sonakshi. She was on a mission to make Sona talk that day and for that, I will be ever so grateful to Nisha! Her scene in the garden with Sonakshi was the highlight of this week, according to me. That was the real realization of Sonakshi. In Sonakshi's own words Dev's happiness, even though he was a successful and rich businessman, lied only in spending time with family.

N: "Kya gift dhoon Dev ko"

S: "Uske paas tho sab kuch hain, jo paison se kareeda ja saktha hain.."
N: "tho phir.. kyaa dhoon..."
S: "ache yadhein, experiences, bathein..."
N: "Bathein???"
S: "Dev ke liye..paise important nahi hain..paison se woh impress nahi hota..achi bathon se hota hain..uske liye family sab kuch hain..Party time matlab family time hain.. woh bahar walon ko zaroor entertain kar saktha hain..par woh jaldi thak jaata hain.. par family ke saath 100% rahta hain... agar tum usse hasa sakthe ho..rula sakthe ho..tumhari bachpan ki yadhein share kar sakthe ho.. tho woh bahot kush hoga...uske liye 5 star hotel ka chai pasand nahin hain.. tupri wali ka chai bahot pasand hain..wohi meri taraf se uske liye best gift tha..."

And as Sona completed these words, she just defined Dev as the "Perfect" man any woman would ever want.. Nisha's expressions slowly started changing to more than just a disappointment that her engagement was not going to happen that day. It became more of an interrogation to Sona, almost asking her "Then, why the hell are you not together with him!!" she went on to ask...

N: "Tho tum kehna chahthi hain ki Dev perfect hain..par usne kaha ki woh perfect husband nahi te..bahut galathiyan karthe te..tum usse mamma's boy bulati thi.. woh tumko kabhi ache se treat nahi kiya..woh ziddi aur selfish te.."

At this point, I think Sonakshi magically answered all the questions of her own heart and almost got over all her fears..

S: "Galati meri thi..Meine socha ki mein sab kuch handle kar sakti hoon..par nahi kar payi..woh toh har situation ko ache se handle kar raha tha.. maa ki baat maan ne se kya galat hain..muje samajna chahiye thi... woh meri ya kisi bhi aurat ko hurt nahi kar sakta..woh mujhe meri saari kamzoriyon ke saath pyaar kiya... He was the best thing that ever happened to me..." ❤️

Even though we had a beautiful reunion of DevAkshi on friday, this sequence stood out for me, as it was the real essence of Sonakshi's love for Dev. Excellent dialogues!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»❤️❤️  I wish he heard it all...

Nisha's questions to Dev and Sonakshi later were to the point and there was no beating around the bush. For any other TV serial, this is the best place to prolong it for another day with dramatic music and close up shots of every single character of the show.. KRPKAB is unique in many ways and its narration style is one of its biggest pluses. There is no unnecessary drag in the show.

Well, Dev was cornered. He wanted Sonakshi to confess this time around.. But when he was directly asked that question of whether he loves Sonakshi anymore, he said Yes without guilt, without fear, without doubt. Love is always like that. Its there or its not there.. There is never an intermediate state. Haan ya Na. But somehow, even though Sonakshi confessed so much to Nisha, she could not open up to Dev even after Nisha called off the engagement.. I think she immediately got into a zone of "Guilt"... That she can never ever get back her Dev... because she lost him forever due to her own carelessness and inability to see how perfect he was... Dev was still in love with only Sonakshi and hearing that only added to her guilt. All she could tell Dev was "I am sorry Dev.. I didn't know all this will happen.. I am so sorry that the engagement was called off.."!!

Dev's reaction to this was perfect!! What more can he talk to this woman Sonakshi who felt guilty..when she had to actually feel happy that his engagement was called off..

Dev the lover was hurt deeply.. but that does not negate the fact that he is a father now. Often times, for kids' sake we have to give in. However, he was unable to stay there any longer even for Suhana's sake, because the feeling of "not being loved" is the most hurtful of all feelings πŸ˜’. I loved how Suhana came running to her dad as he was ready to walk away.. But the little girl could not do anything to stop her dad..

Dev is a guy who has all along nurtured every member of his family. He worked hard and sacrificed his own childhood and youth, so that his family can live comfortably. He loved his wife deeply, but was unable to keep her for himself. He respected and loved his mother very dearly, but was unable to keep her happy either. He lived in hell all these years and finally there was a ray of light in his life in the form of his daughter.. With her around, positivity came back in his life and he thought he will be able to get back all that he lost.. However, he was wrong. He was not able to convince Sonakshi enough, so that she can choose him. A man that lived for others all these days, wanted to somehow get happiness for himself, but failed to do it. This deep pain came through when he spoke to Suhana on phone and asked her to take care of herself, as he will not be around for sometime. I don't know about others, but this was a very heartbreaking scene for me.😒

Sonakshi didn't mean to hurt him so deeply. She did not know what to do at that moment. Even though Ishwari mentioned to her that Dev is doing all this purposely to make Sona choose him, she just could not get herself to tell him that she loves him a lot. We cannot question why she was not able to.. For every person, Love is something that needs its own correct moment to be expressed. And when that correct moment comes, nothing can stop it from being expressed. It can be at midnight, in the middle of the road or during a rainy night in an autorickshaw..anything will work.. just anything..πŸ˜„ By the way, auto rickshaw, rain, night are all very special in my love story as well. So, KRPKAB is super close to my heart!! ❤️

Nutritionist, daughter, mother, sister, businesswoman.. everyone had taken a backseat. The girl that was steering her life that night was Sonakshi who was madly in love with her prince charming, Dev. The makers had wonderfully conceived that carefree, crazy, flirtatious lover girl Sonakshi. Even when she was secretly admiring him during the good old Natasha days, she never set herself sooo free.. She always had her own identity.. But this Sonakshi was real, with only one identity for herself and that is - she loves Dev immensely. ❤️

Sonakshi went down on her knees to express how sorry she feels that she failed to wake up with him everyday all these 7 years and how guilty she feels for running away from her real emotions.. They exchanged rings and shared a lovely dance together and hugged one more time with a promise in their mind to never let go of each other.. And thus that night Dev and Sonakshi united again in a magical way. ❤️

And I thought.. the story will end on a beautiful note of "Dev and Sonakshi lived happily ever after..". However, the makers seem to have much more up their sleeve!! And I cant wait to watch it! πŸ˜„πŸ˜

Some of the very nice sequences this week:

1. Golu and Soha - I have become a great fan of these two kids.. They are as cute as "cute" can get!! Hiding the ring, their interaction with Sonakshi, and later their heartfelt apology to Nisha were all done so perfectly.. Even many adult actors may not be able to execute the job given, so flawlessly!! Their voice modulation, body language and facial expressions were all perfect!πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

2. Erica's conversation with Ishwari, Nisha and the finale with Dev were all extremely well done! Erica's strength is her underplay of emotions. Especially in her scene wth Nisha and Ishwari, this strength of hers helped the scene a lot to stand out!!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

3. Ishwari's honest confessions, expressions of heartfelt guilt and deep desires were all so aptly done. I cannot think of any other actress to fit in that role with such ease! I loved all her dialogues this week, especially the one she told Sonakshi about "tum mujhe kya kehker bulaoge.. usse mein samaj jaoongi ki tum yahan kya karne keliye aayi ho".. Ishwari's advce to Bijoy was also very aptly done!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

4. For Shaheer, I don't know where to start my appreciation and where to end it!! He was excellent this week as the restless lover, waiting for his love Sonakshi not just to reach his house for engagement but to reach his heart as his wife again..Emotions were so aptly done and the dialogues were delivered to such pitch perfection. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ

5. The dialogues of this show should be praised to the skies and back! They are completely out of the world and the class is something I have not seen even in great movies! They are simple, crisp, and extremely captivating. Three cheers to the dialogue writers for an outstanding work!!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ

Mrs.Dixit is all set to come back to the Dixit family with abundant joy, happiness and most importantly, conviction... My prediction is that, "Iss show mein, ab se, sirf khushiyaan hogi.. pehle se behethar hoga.."  πŸ˜„

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Week 67 - Love ❤️❤️

Love is an unconditional commitment to a completely imperfect person. Its a decision we make, to accept a person in our heart with all his imperfections. All other emotions are conditional, except Love. Thats why when Love fails based on some conditions and exceptions, it ceases to exist. Love exists only in a heart which has no rule and no conditions.

Although the show is all about Love, I can call this week as the real essence of the "Love" of DevAkshi. Day after day, we witnessed the different facets of their Love. There cannot be a better week to analyze this topic of Love. ❤️

Love is Friendship

To be in Love is lot of fun..because we usually start off as friends first! Post leap, Dev and Sona have been in Friend zone for a while now. Although "friend" zone is much better than the "Mujhe farak nahi padtha" zone, Dev has been longing for a while now, to be out of this zone and become husband and wife again. In the "Payal" game, Sonakshi is just a friend... Dev used this to his advantage and instigated Sonakshi as much as possible with a "Buddy" touch!! "You are always a kid" by Sona was countered aptly with "Yes, I am.. a kid who needs a lot of Love" by Dev. It was so much fun for us to see this "non-gentle" man Dev :) There were a couple of "friendly" car scenes this week which made us all get some pain in our cheeks due to excessive grin. 

D: "May be got heated up... I mean.. car.. No?"

S: "I will know if its heated up"
D: "Ohh..then May be angry? It happens...No? then what else?"

S: "You traitor!"

D: "What?"
S: "I mean car.. its mine, and still it cheated me"

S: "Wait.. I know.. I can open the door myself.. Ok buddy!"

D: "Wow! you understood so quickly yaar"

Now that Shaheer and Erica are well into the skin of the characters, I could see that there are probably many many instantaneous Sona slamming the car door angrily.. or Dev giving Sona a gentle fist punch with a "Ok Buddy!" These two actors have excellent comic timing!! Who can forget the snake episode!! And this week, the first couple of days were pretty hilarious!! The "Buddy" touch went on for the second girl in line too..As time went by, the touch became stronger..or Sona became weaker in her knees? 

By the way, Nisha, Jisha, Payal..whoever comes, I hope they all got a return ticket as well.. No-one can come between these two best friends Dev and Sonakshi!

There is a point in a relationship when Friendship turns to something much more intimate and then there is no covering up with the fancy word "Friend".. Dev and Sonakshi have been very passionate lovers from the beginning..How long can they stop themselves?

Love is Passion

There is a saying that "Do anything with Passion or Don't do it at all".. I would say that there are way too many mediocre things in this world which are done with half heart and Love is not one of them. Dev and Sonakshi are a couple with very deep love and their love for each other has always been very passionate and intimate.. For them, the average "We are also leading our daily life as usual" phrase does not suit. Every day is special for them as long as they are together. Because of the current situation that they are in, they went through a roller coaster of emotions this week, in spite of the fact that they are not couple now... And of all emotions, their passion for each other kept haunting them..

Who said romantic scenes have to be shown at the cost of a feeling of uneasiness for the audience? Shaheer and Erica share such a marvelous chemistry that they being together in a scene by itself has become a content day for the fans. And yet, who would not want to see some sizzling romantic scenes? Inspite of the "Buddy" zone they are in, Sonakshi could not stop herself from getting lost in the handsomeness of Dev. And Dev did not fail to notice it. "Everyone downstairs are having a shirt..and you haven't worn your wait yet?"..Oh sounds better in  hindi :) You know which scene I mean :) Dev was irresistible for Sonakshi. I would still applaud her self control that moment, for not confessing how much she had missed him all these years.. As if the mesmerizing was not enough, Dev even attempted to adjust her hair behind her ears and adjusted her ear rings.. Sigh!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜❤️

Passion in Love should not die even after you have grand children. If you let it die, you will just become a walking and talking machine. For Dev and Sonakshi, every touch is familiar..every hold is ever so comfortable..every look is irresistible. Their passion for each other is not just alive..its strong, intense, mutual and irresistibly beautiful.

Would Sonakshi want to give up this special bond that she has with Dev to someone else? As a trailer..she got to witness Nisha in Dev's arms.. I won't wish anything bad for Nisha..let her have a good life.. but please...she does not look good in Dev's arms.. πŸ˜’

I am a Dev fan. No doubt.. But hey Dev, "how dare you try to wear that gajra on Nisha's hair?" You better be prepared with proper explanation to us, after everything falls in place with you and Sonakshi. Good job, Sona, for making sure the gajra doesn't reach Nisha's hair πŸ’ͺ🏼😏 Gajra is a special thing only between Dev and Sonakshi.❤️

Love is Understanding

Sonakshi understands Dev inside out. She knows his strengths and his weaknesses. Dev knows all about Sonakshi. This understanding has been there between this couple even many years ago. Who can forget the time when Sonakshi supported Dev when they had to cancel their honeymoon due to Neha's failed marriage. And Dev is no less. He completely hid the doctor report from Sonakshi, because he knew that she will take it upon her and even go to the extent of calling off the wedding. 

And after so many years, their understanding of each other was still in tact. Sonakshi always knew about Dev's tricks and games. She found out pretty quickly that the whole Payal-boyfriend-reunion was a drama staged by Dev Dixit. Its not that Dev wouldn't have guessed that Sona will find it out... Because he knew her inside out as well.. Even though, they are not together anymore, ever since they have started to share the friendly equation, I think they themselves often forget that they are not a couple anymore, because of the immense understanding they have.. Though a very subtle and inconsequential scene, this feeling came through, when Nisha came back for her purse and Dev by default called Sonakshi to give it to her..  

Ishwari was always proud that she understands her son more than anyone else. But this week, the changed mother gave credit to the wife that she understands him more.. Its not a miracle when a mother understands her child. The child has been with the mom ever since he/she first came into this world. So, there is nothing great in a Mom-Son's understanding. However, a wife is not related at all.. And yet, the degree of Understanding any loving couple share is definitely miraculous to me... ❤️

Love is Perseverance

We got to witness tremendous perseverance from Dev to somehow get back his lost love. After Sonakshi supposedly convinced Dev to marry some girl, Dev decided that he will somehow make Sonakshi realize that her love for Dev has not changed at all. When he decided that, he was ready to go to any extent to make this happen. And was doing all that he could do, to instigate her.. from cornering her in a friend zone, questioning her interference between him and Nisha, trying to recreate the gajra scene, taking her with him and his fiancΓ© everywhere.. and what not! He even got Suhana and Golu on his side to call Nisha as the new mamma!  πŸ˜„

Where there is Love, there will be perseverance. So, Dev's such actions did not surprise me. However, his opening up to his mother during several occasions this week, definitely surprised me. I really liked how he told Ishwari confidently that if he needs happiness in his life (which usually comes only as a guest to him), he has to take control of his life and attain whatever he needs. I also liked how he told Sonakshi and Ishwari, after the Payal breakup that however difficult the path is, he is not going to stop until he reaches his goal! My sincere wish is that, his perseverance should bear a fruit.. πŸ™πŸΌ

Love is Courage

My marriage is a classic 1990s love story. 1990 was the time when love stories had endings other than eloping or suicides. And mine was one such, that saw the light! It was not easy. Coming from a conservative family, I had never spoken a word against my dad. I didn't have the courage to ask permission to go for shopping or a movie with friends, even when I was in college. And yet, my marriage was an inter-community love marriage of the 90s..and that too, it  happened with the blessings of our parents. How was it possible? The answer is "Courage". If you want your love story to become a fairy tale, you gotta have a little courage.. 

But the "Courage" that Dev was talking about this week is not a simple one time "Courage". Remember how Dev asked Sona - "I am a complicated man.. Are you ready to take on this life with me?" Remember how Sona said "I will never leave you.. Even if you leave me, I will not leave you". The courage he spoke about was this - To carry on their life, with courage and not be fearful of what will happen when things don't work...

Sonakshi is probably afraid of having to face the same situation and get hurt the way she did 7 years ago. Sonakshi is probably afraid to express her love for Dev, because it had been extremely difficult to let go of him..and she cannot do it all over again. She is probably even more afraid that it will become difficult for Suhana now. She probably thought in the last 7 years that her love for Dev had long died and that she will never feel this way for him. And now she is scared that she feels this way. She is also scared of hurting her father.

However, if we need a rainbow, we must put up with rain. Dev being a complicated man is not a hidden fact. And she striving for perfection is also not a hidden fact. They signed up for this life, knowing all that. If their love is strong enough, it will get the courage to survive in every situation and not succumb to those situations. ❤️πŸ’

Love is Loyal

Need I even say that this couple is very loyal to each other? However, the people around them got a little bit of a jerk when Sonakshi convinced Dev to marry again and Dev went on in full speed to look at girls and finalize in a single meet up! They started questioning in their mind about the couple's loyalty. Ishwari banked on this quality of Love of "Loyalty", when she chose the plan of action of getting a 3rd person between them. She thought that if a 3rd person comes between them, they won't be able to resist their love for each other. But Dev's decisions to move on shook her a lot! Her discussion with Asha to somehow make Sonakshi take one step towards Dev was a very interesting one. Asha sticking to her principle of not interfering in Sonakshi's decisions only increased my respect for her. Ishwari is always an impulsive person.. After all, Dev's quality of impulsiveness is inherited from his mom. The mothers definitely knew that their children loved each other dearly which was why they could not accept that Dev was ready to marry another girl. 

But I really hated Bijoy, for celebrating his daughter's hurt emotions.. well, he was technically celebrating that Dev was ready to leave Sona forever.. However, I don't know why he failed to see that Sonakshi is not happy about it. He never accepted that Sonakshi loved Dev.. thats why, he could never understand or acknowledge how Loyal her love is for Dev.. Hope he will realize this one day. 

In another beautiful scene this week, Dev explained to Suhana that he will never marry anyone else. Kids may not understand the word "Loyal" yet.. But, they do understand the phrase "Ours and only ours". The makers have once again conceived it so nicely from Suhana's point of view.. Her explanation to Sonakshi that they won't like it if papa marries someone else was the crux of the "possessiveness" that Sonakshi felt.

In yet another beautiful scene, Dev himself told to a sleeping Sonakshi (Or may be she heard it all?) that he feels the same Love for her that he had always felt and begged her to stop him from getting engaged to another girl.. It was a very special scene for us because, Shaheer's husky voice and apt emotions elevated that scene to a different level πŸ˜²πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»❤️ πŸ˜„πŸ˜

Love is Forever

If there is one thing in this world for which we can use the word "Forever", then its only Love. The promises we make during the wedding, might be seen as a ceremonial exercise by some people. But the reality is that those promises are made with an intention of never ever breaking it. In one of the best scenes this week, Dev assertively told Sonakshi "Tum aakhri pal tak mere saath dhoongi" Even though she could technically take it as if he meant "till the wedding", she and all of us very well knew that he meant "Forever".

Couple who get divorced almost always have a reason of justification. Its probably valid in some cases too.. But if you ask me, I will only say that, if you were not sure, why did you get into the relationship? A neighbour of mine who has 2 beautiful daughters, got divorced and on her way out of our complex, she gave me a free advice.. She said "We women have to put up with so much of crap from these men.. you should never get stuck with such men".. I thought, she probably heard our (friendly) fights from my home (the walls in the apartments are very thin!! πŸ˜‚).. thats why she was advising me.. We are a very loud family.. We express our love also loudly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I quietly replied to her "You are right.. but they are also putting up with our crap.. We usually give tit-for-tat right away in our home... And I don't plan on releasing him from my torture in the near future".. You are allowed to even shout or throw things at each other, if the situation warrants..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but never leave each other... because, if its not Forever, it cannot be Love. ❤️

Love hurts

Pain is a small word for the amount of torture Sonakshi went through this week.. or for that matter Dev as well. I am sure he did not enjoy holding Nisha's hands or buying flowers for Payal. Of all the facets of Love, this was the most prominent one this week. Whether it was having to hear Dev say "I like this girl and I am ok with having the engagement tomorrow" or having to hear Sonakshi say "I am sure, we will never be together again".. they both went through a lot of pain. This is on top of their growing passion for each other that they had to resist. Atleast for Dev, he was purposely doing everything to win Sona. But, for Sonakshi, her bottled up emotions refused to find a way out. It was a wonderful scene where Sonakshi looked at Dev watching her from his room. It was as though they were trying to tell each other, not to hurt.. πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ˜ž

Ishwari's question to Sonakshi whether Nisha was worth to be called "Mrs. Dev Dixit" probably hurt her the most... Even her mother Asha could not make Sona open up to her.. Sona's outburst to Bijoy, though impulsive, was a much needed one for her. As a father, he may forever feel the need to protect his daughter and may even justify that whatever he is doing is only for Sonakshi's happiness. But, a little acknowledgement of her pain would have made Sonakshi open up to him. Whether Bijoy likes it or not, its a fact that Dev is still the only one that can cheer her up and make her smile, inspite of his infinite imperfections... πŸ’”

Sonakshi's pain threshold is extremely high, which is why she is able to endure so much! I hope she lets go of her fears and expresses her unchanged love for Dev.

Love is Respect

Without Respect, Love is completely lost. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ Just because you love someone and you value the relationship more than anything, it does not mean that you can allow the other person to disrespect you. Dev and Sonakhsi's life also drifted apart, because of this lack of respect for each other's feelings. In another beautifully conceived scene, Dev spoke to Ishwari about Sonakshi's journey from a nutritionist to a daughter-in-law in their home and why Sonakshi is unable to come back to them now... He rightly said that she stayed alone all these years..because of the pain they gave her. Its probably because of that.. And he even went on to tell Ishwari that it was probably because of her, that Sona is unable to come back to their home. Sonakshi only wanted to win everyone's heart in that home..but he explained to Ishwari how they defeated her in that pursuit. Dev realized that its been his trait to play games and treat family members like a pawn... And this time, he wants to respect her feelings and he wants her to come to him on her own accord, without anybody's force. Will that happen? We have to wait and watch.

This blog has already become lengthy I think.. It is so hard to pick few best scenes this week.. but let me try to make this list as short as I can..

1. The post Payal-breakup scene. It was Shaheer's yet another wonderful performance this week, when he went on to explain Love and how it becomes one's strength as well as weakness and how a Love story becomes a Fairy tale. Awesome voice modulation and excellent body language, apart from the apt chemistry between Dev and Sonakshi. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»❤️

2. The dialogue writers.. I don't know where to start and where to end. Whether it was a simple "Ok Buddy!" or a slightly complicated "Agar Fairy tales mein jeena hai tho..thoda himmat karni padegi.." it was a celebration of dialogues this whole week! Mama ji's comment that "Marriages don't happen between blood relation.." to Mami ji's wish "I should have married a monster" really cracked me up.. I was laughing long after the scene was over!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

3. Dev's question to Sonakshi "Mera kya hoga Sonakshi...Mein tho akela reh gaya..Mujhe kab meri pasand ki ladki milegi?" was very touching and probably Dev tried to pour all his pain with that one dialogue.. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

4. Sonakshi's outburst to Bijoy - though it was a short scene, I think it brought out almost all of Sona's pain.πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ Erica did an excellent job in that scene and in all her other scenes with Shaheer. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

5. Dev-Sonakshi's chemistry throughout this week made the audience go crazy! There were tons of poets on social media this week!! πŸ’

6. The kids added a very nice flavor to this week's episodes. The makers continue to do justice to "kids". I always loved the way they are handled in this show. This week will be one such, in which they don't cross any limits of the kid zone and continue to shine with their cuteness  πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

7. I have probably already mentioned above.. but the scene that stood out for me from the last episode was when Dev expressed how perfect Sonakshi is, even with her short hair and stupid glasses and confessed to Sona once again in his low, firm voice.. that his love for her in unchanged πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»❤️

Dev has been very persistent and has proved to Sonakshi that they both still share the same passion, understanding, respect, and friendship. I think he has been successful in making Sona realize that all these feelings are mutual. Will Sonakshi be able to get over her fears and accept her love for Dev? Will she be able to face the life ahead with courage and confidence? We will have to wait and watch.