Saturday, June 25, 2016

Week 17 - Growing up with Love

The week started off with the cuteness of the newly blossomed love. It was quite a delight to watch Dev hang out at home and find an opportunity to meet Sonakshi alone and give the gift he got for her..Both Dev and Sonakshi were well out of their usual comfort zone of doing things and looked very different and weird for all those around them 😃

My guess is - Kichu bhaiya already has a solid doubt about this whole new avatar of Dev bhaiya and doctor didi.

Ishwari communications was clueless with their Boss's sudden disappearance from work! Tina had to cancel all of Dev's appointments for the day with the exception of one last meeting which was quite critical.

The conversation between Ria and Tina about Dev's change in behaviour was interesting. Knowing how well informed Tina was about Dev, it did not come as a shock to me, when Tina cracked down the mystery behind Dev's new behaviour..Poor Ria..she had no clue that even her brother could fall in Love!

By the end of the day, Sona was quite tired after exhausting all possible options of meeting Dev and was about to leave when Dev caught her to finally give the gift. Too bad, Ria interrupted them again and mistook the gift as her brother's gift to her for her upcoming birthday. And off went the last opportunity for the day..Well...Not yet..Dont forget Mr.Dev Dixit has long become Mr.Romantic Dixit who can do anything (mark my word - "anything"!) to please his lady love. "Tina, ask everyone to go home. meeting cancelled!" came the orders for Tina!!

I especially loved the car scene with the cute subtle romance of their hands touching briefly. The conversation on old-fashioned gifts was really amusing to me! Mixer grinder?? Seriously Mr.Dev? As your first gift for your Sona? Thank God, you are old fashioned and chose the ear rings instead! And when Sona said.. "I like stars, sky, rain.. can you get those for me..", Dev quite confidently said "Yes" - just a reminder here that Dev has always been the go-getter for his mom and 3 sisters. Sona is now officially in that list of girls :)

It was cool, Dev quickly checked his phone..what was he checking?? Google for weather report? This guy can give an ad for Google..What is Love-ask Google, business mergers with marriage proposal-ask google, what girls like-ask Google, I vividly remember in the initial episodes when Dr.Sinha introduced Sonakshi as the best nutritionist in his hospital, he quickly googled about her!

Anyway, as Sona said she wanted rain, Dev's face was shrunk a bit. But as Sona walked towards her home, it poured! They say, Love is the closest we have, to Magic :) Dev was super happy, and his expressions were more of "Here you asked..and you got it!" Sona was dumbstruck and so were we! All that hype on rain romance on social media!! I could see 2 beautiful innocent children dancing in the rain..Such a new meaning to Romance itself..I just wish that these two people should get old together and dance in the rain when they are 75 or even beyond..

Tension prevailed in Neha-Ranvir relationship this week. In a way, I am with Dev and Neha on one  point. She has been through a lot as a child. She was never able to do anything for herself for several years and now, she is at a point where she can get the luxury she wants and her brother is ready to get her the moon if thats what she wants. So, why not do whatever it takes to get Ranvir a better lifestyle.. Thats a practical approach... However, life is beyond our control, isn't it? As Ishwari said - just because we have all the luxury in life, will sadness and emptiness never knock on our door? They can come in any form and if one is not satisfied with what you got, life will surely be sour and never be complete. As Sona said, relationships are not balance sheets.. Sona quickly came to a conclusion that Dev was all about balance sheets and that he gives a lot of importance to "economic status"..

Ishwari as well as Sona were not with him on his decision to help Ranvir become bigger in life. Neha was very upset after her conversation with Ranvir ended bitter with both of them sticking to their point - Neha saying there is nothing wrong in accepting Dev's help and Ranvir saying that he did not need Dev's help and that he is satisfied with what he has. But with all this going on around him, when Dev came to know Sona left the house that day, without informing him, he could only think of meeting Sona immediately.

One of the main things of loving someone is learning to grow up and learning to understand each other. The highlight of this week was all about that. After the cuteness (which am sure is going to be there forever in their relationship), now it was time to go into the deeper meaning of their love for each other. In one of the most nicely made scenes in television shows/movies - Dev waited to meet his Sona outside her house in the rain. Sona realised late that he was waiting out and she immediately stepped out. We might think Dev was going to apologise for disagreeing with Sona. But all he did was be frank and say that he was also angry at that time and its going to be like that between them as he is a complicated person. Was Sona even ready for this relationship? This grown up love is the need of the hour in today's society. Sona's instantaneous hug and a warm "yes, I am ready to accept you with everything that is yours" was exactly what Dev wanted at that moment. And with that, the lovely couple stepped into their life together forever. But that scene was not just about being grown ups. It was also about how deep Dev's love was, which he himself was just realising. It would melt any girl's heart to hear her man say to her "when you left, it was like something broke inside if I was unable to breathe..please never do that again..never walk away from me, without concluding our discussion..even if its a disagreement". Excellently made scene! Marvelous performance by the actors!

Dev very seriously and sincerely explained that his philosophy of money and being rich was really not just about money in reality. He wanted to be rich not to be rich but only for making his family happy, in making his promise to himself a reality -  that he will never let his family ever go through the same poverty that they once went through. Sona's apology for her hasty  incorrect judgement on this philosophy of his..was heartfelt. Apologies accepted and a deal was also made that night that Dev will teach Sona how to drive the car 
so that she will drive the car henceforth and he can always look at her. Her quick wit brought smiles on our face - "hum chalenge car mein aur aayenge akbaar mein!"😂 "I will look at you, you will look at me, who will look at the road??"😂😂

The driving lesson started promptly the following day - a perfect way to meet each other in between their work! Dev is such a passionate lover. He reminded her of the time when she was annoyed that she never really had fun in her life like normal people..(so the fake boyfriend..) and said that he now wants to have lot of fun with her..😃 His quips on finding some other girl friend in place of Sona and her open-mouthed big-eyed response was very cute to see 😍 as well as Sonakshi's request to use "bunny" instead of "kharghosh"..the girl who asked him to call "Dr.Bose" and not even "Ms.Bose"!!! 

The growing up in Love was not just with Dev and Sona... it was the same with Ranvir and Neha this week. After their disagreement, Ranvir came to meet Neha to tell her that his stubbornness is nothing in front of his love for her. It was endearing when he said, "I have 2 paths. In the first path, I might satisfy my principles, but I have to walk alone and in the second path, I will walk with Neha. I cannot afford to loose her and am willing to relax my principles for the sake of our love." 

At the end of the week, I found myself thinking about Love..Love is all about giving and giving and more giving and if everyone knew this, there will never be hatred and separation...

Hmmm... as the younger generation matured in their was sad to see the older generation, the mom, feeling possessive and uncomfortable with the changes in Dev..She was surely not ready to accept that her son said "no" to her, but readily agreed for the same thing when Dr.Bose told him.  Ishwari's insecurities have started to grow stronger...

But, we still have time to taste the bitterness of relationships. Now, lets enjoy the fragrance and beauty of love and the charm of the new Mr.Happy Dixit, who finally found time to notice the golf swing spot in his office which the interior designer had once installed! Tina was very happy to see this new boss and Dev was happy with himself! We are always - 😍😍😍

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Week 16 - Romantic treat

With the new colour of love - Orange..
Off he goes to meet his love at 2:20AM.  He cannot wait anymore..and why wait? Love is always magical. There was a calmness in his face and a curiosity in Sona's face as he took her out at that time of night. Amidst the excitement of the proposal, it pricked us very sharply when he said he saw the colours, but never felt it ; he knew the colours of rainbow before anyone else in class, but have never really stopped to look at a rainbow; he woke up before sunrise to distribute the newspaper to earn some money, but did not know how an early morning sun looked - A crux of what he lost as a child. With that prelude, he took her to the hospital where he was born, to the school that he studied in, to the streets where he walked with his mom for tuitions.. and finally to the house which was home to his lost childhood, his lost papa.

He expressed his desire to gain everything right there in the place where he lost everything. He passionately told her how she has made him a better person in life from Mr.Abhodro to now a person that can smile and share his feelings to others.. and how he wants to be even better. When he said her name "Sonakshi", it was as if he just started to breathe; it was as if all this while he was so stiff and holding on to something and suddenly, by uttering her name, he was just set free.. The 3 customery yet magical words "I Love you" followed immediately..but the magic only started after that. Sona had a very legitimate doubt...on what that "Love" meant.. She was in friend zone, remember? so she just wanted to be sure what kind of Love this was..He said "I love you as a man loves a woman".  Never heard this proposal before..but it seemed more magical than "I love you". Sona's reaction was perfect.. "Can you please hug me.." As she said those words, am sure the viewers went weak on their knees for a moment. It was just a perfect and magical start of a Fairy tale love. What followed this week from this scene onwards.. was not a TV serial. It was a poetry in action.

Well, Dev cannot sleep. This is a totally new feeling for him. He is blind to everything else around him. He has such a strong conviction on Love itself. Mami, Mom, sisters.... Kichu bhaiya... all exist.. but he lives in his world where he is with Sona all the time and there is a non stop poetry of Love in the background. Sona doesn't want to go to sleep - what if she wakes up and finds it was dream! She is cute as this girl whose fairy tale has finally become true!

They both now have their passports to happiness. They don't need to secretly admire each other anymore..They can deliberately express it now. They can flirt, be possessive, obsessive, and care without hesitation. Lets keep the physical attraction on the side for a moment. 

In reality, does a man like Dev exist? Will someone want to know all about his woman, the way Dev wants to? What a profound way of expressing his desire!
I want to know all about you...
What do you like, what do you don't?
What are you scared of, what are you not?
Which is the fight that you fought and lost?
Which is that night when you sat through and counted the stars?
When did you say your first big lie?
Which is your promise that broke and which is the one that didn't?
What is your dream? What is your one most beautiful dream?
What did you get without asking ever? And what did you not get till date inspite of longing for it?
When do you smile? When do you cry?
What do you want to do? Why do you want to do it?
What do you call me? just Mr.Abhodro? or something else?
Is it possible that there can be anyone else in your life other than me?
I want to know everything.... even more than you know about yourself...
I have waited long enough for you.. Now I need you just for myself; I have never desired for anything in life more than I desire you.
Dev is surely Neighbour's envy and Owner's pride! Sonakshi is surely one lucky girl to have got the prince charming of her dreams! One more proof of the uniqueness of the show - the kind of romance that was never shown before.

Yes, the hormones are high too and there is a lot of attraction.. The desire to see each other constantly and to be with each other all the time and to think of the other person 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. A never ending urge to hold each other, to hug, to just keep looking in each other's eyes.. are all part of being in love. It is indeed a romantic treat to watch the couple Dev and Sonakshi 😍

It was cute to see them talk through their eyes :) Ishwari obviously noticed the glow in Dev's face. Hope she remains happy when she ultimately finds out the reason for the glow. The fact that he took a carrot to chew on..was a nice connection to the Orange mania!

Dev getting restless at work to just get home was so unusual of him. If this continues for one more day, its sure to get Tina into a suspicion.. if at all she didn't notice yet!

What is love without the little tiffs and the little make ups? The "Tumhi..." part has now become a topic of amusement for Dev 😜 The researcher Dev started his research on "knowing my girlfriend Sonakshi". For him, everything is a project! He told Sona that he looked at all her social media profiles to know about her.. I was reminded of the time, when he asked Tina to research on whether all business mergers have marriages also in the cards! I also thought of the time when he told Sona that he needs to do a google search on what the Love symptoms are 😜 This time though, he has his own Sonakshi to guide him that life is beyond a research like that and that to know about her he just has to spend time with her. 

His sisters have started to notice the change in their brother. They noticed the smile in Dev's face. The writers make careful connections to the past and so the viewers are able to see the contrast in Dev's behaviour! I was particularly reminded of the time when the sisters said that they have never seen Dev smile. 

When Nikki approached him for a permission to go on a college trip, it was a nice way of explaining the need for going out in order to gain life experience - even to see the sunlight, the earth has to go around the sun...This was probably the only other thing that Dev did that day, apart from thinking about Sonakshi 😀

For Ishwari, atleast for now, its a welcome change in Dev. Dev is not completely aware of Ishwari's insecurities and he trusts his mom that she is always with him in all his decisions. Similarly, for Ishwari, Dev shares everything with her. Its unimaginable for her to even think otherwise. When the two of them face the reality are they going to react, will be interesting to watch.

But for now, lets concentrate on the fragrance of love that fills the air.

The grand finale of the week was the cutest one by far. The two beautiful people get lost in their world not realising whats happening to them or even who is around them. Its a new feeling for both of them and they are completely enjoying the changes that Love brings to their personality. They can't seem to stop smiling at all.  Their silent gestures keep the audience amused. Except Keechu bhaiya and us, no-one else seem to notice it 

The Green chilly scene was a quite daring move from Sona and even more daring from Dev's side. And the emotional make up got them one more step closer to each other.

When Sona asked Dev how long he is going to surprise her, Dev's answer was very honest. He said "I don't know..I myself am trying to understand this change in me..".Many love stories have come on screen before. The realness in this story is definitely something to be applauded.

The game of words with misconstructed sentences and contradicting answers (all side effects of being in love!) strengthened their presence of mind 😀 Whether it was Sona, who managed the question of who is picking her up or Dev who managed the doubt of why he is home at an odd hour - both of them made it hilarious for the audience 😂

As the week passed, its hard not to stop and applaud the cast and crew!
Shaheer's magic is everywhere! What an actor! Such honest expressions in the eyes, in the delivery of dialogues, in the body language. You cannot but fall in love with this guy. Meet the King of Romance.
Erica compliments him in every scene and makes it look so real! She shines as Sonakshi, the beautiful bengali Nutritionist who is madly in love with Dev.
Dialogue writers - for such profound dialogues, 
music directors - for such awesome music - I have never listened to a playlist of a TV show before on and on, 
lyricists - all songs.. especially Tu mujme mujse zyaada hai,👏🏻👏🏻
and the entire crew. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Thank you for another great week!

Week 16 - Good bye to Mr.Abhodro and everything else that is not DevAkshi!

Mr.Abhodro Dixit had already started to fade away ever since he started looking at Sonakshi as his friend. The little bits of remaining Abhodro was also given a farewell this week..It was also a farewell to the qualms and doubts of Dev and Sonakshi's heart's desires. 

The moment Dev saw Sonakshi in the place of Natasha, was the very first time he experienced something for himself. It was a shock, but pleasant. It was a realisation of love. It was the moment which got him the answer to his constant confusion ever since Mr.Gujral brought Natasha in his life. It was all getting clear to him, although he was not sure how to get it all worked out.

In that instant, all Dev wanted to do, was talk to Natasha first. Everything else was later. She was the one person, that will be most affected by this last minute realisation and Dev was fully aware of his mistake. He was hesitant, but determined to tell her that he was not in love with her - without hurting her. Well..there is no way of saying this, obviously, without hurting her.  

In the past, when Natasha tried to say or do anything romantic with him, he was oblivious to it, either because he was very preoccupied with 'how Sonakshi can have a boyfriend without telling me..' or because he was genuinely open to give his relationship with Natasha a chance. But today,  he did not allow Natasha to proceed any further with a wrong notion. As she kept going in a wrong direction, he kept dragging her to the topic and just said it right on her face that he cannot have this engagement with her, because he does not love her.  

Natasha was obviously devastated. And she insisted that Dev tell her who he actually loves. It did not come as a big shock to Natasha, when Dev mentioned Ms.Bose. When 2 people are in love, even before they can express to each other, the people around them somehow figure it out. She corrected him saying it was Sonakshi, and not Ms.Bose. Dev, jumping in on that moment, to explain how he himself realised it only now and that he hasn't even told Sona about it, was very very genuine. Dev was genuinely very very sorry and he was right in saying that his relationship with Natasha cannot start, after knowing that he loves Sonakshi.

Very well made scene. No drama. No nonsense. Right to the point. One more proof that this show is unique!

The next task in Dev's mind was letting the family know of it. We all know the wifi connection of mom-son combo. The mom surely sensed something was wrong, just by seeing him. As he told her that the engagement will not happen, all she did was look at him deeply. All he did was look at her. While in the background maami ji was rambling. I literally took my hand to the TV screen and tried to shut her up. But mom, just as all the other times before, had complete confidence in her son's decision and stood by him like a pillar. 

His interaction with Mr.Gujral was another downplayed -no drama -awesome scene. I only hope, just like Ishwari, that the business tycoon does not take a revenge on our dear Dev. Dev's confidence when he told his family, that he is a self made man was very commendable and I am sure he can handle this.

Now that the engagement was stopped, his mind was fully occupied with Sonakshi and only Sonakshi and how he is going to tell her about his love. Very well conceived imagination of Sonakshi warning Dev, that he is now going to propose to a girl that believes in Fairy tales and it will not be an easy task!!

While all of this was happening in Dev's life...what was Sonakshi's state? Obviously devastated. We felt quite sorry for Sona when we knew Dev has not realised his love for her. But now, its just a matter of time. To see her gobble on that "Dessert" as a way of getting rid of her Stress was..well.. funny for us.. Saurav and Eleena trying to make it as easy for her was cute.  But on a serious note, Erica did an awesome portrayal of the girl that is grieving the disappointment of not getting the love of her life.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Week 15 - Changing colours..

Ishwari and Dev's emotional changes were the highlight of this week. For Dev, it was a realisation of Love and for Ishwari, it was a realisation that she needs to accept a third person between her and Dev. Very well played by the 2 awesome actors strongly supported by Sonakshi's genuineness, Natasha's harmlessness, and the sisters' supportiveness.

The week started off with Dev humming a bengali tune! There was a sense of relief for him.. some unidentifiable relief.. It came across very well when Natasha asked him about Sona-Neel relationship. He was happy to say they broke up. He did not break the lie to Natasha because he wanted to keep his Sona's wish of "being cool in front of Natasha". What I like most about Dev from the beginning is the respect he has for Sona. I recollect from an earlier episode, when he was making a matrimonial profile for Sona.. he mentioned to Tina that Ms.Bose needs a companion not anyone's help. Today, his respect for Sonakshi came across when he told Natasha that Sonakshi will not like rich men as many rich men do not respect women. Dev also promptly clarified that he is not one of he was not rich from the beginning :) 

But his happiness was very short lived that day, because soon...Mr.Gujral forced the engagement date on him..Dev was very shocked as Gujral combined the engagement and the deal! He was genuine when he said that Natasha was a nice girl and that they get along well..He really did not have anything against her that would make her a bad choice for him or any man. A confused Dev needed a friend's shoulders. Sonakshi was his first thought  when he needed a friend.

Friendship and opening up is the first step of falling in love with anyone and Sonakshi was probably the only one he opened up to, these days..I could not help but think of those days when all they did was fight, whenever they met..Somewhere between those stupid little fights, Dev surely fell in love with Sonakshi. Its just a matter of time for him to realise that. As we wait for that, it was warm enough to see Sonakshi being a true friend to Dev that night and Dev listening to her very obediently..The permission for taking sleeping pills was only an excuse to talk to her.

As Dev was going through was not easy for Ishwari as well, to accept the fact that Dev was at a point when he has to choose his life partner. She had been brushing it away all these days, whenever the discussion came up. But today, she had no choice but to think and talk about it. She became almost speechless when Dev broke the engagement news to her. And at every point later, she lost a bit of Dev, whenever the topic came up..A mom always enjoys doing all the work for her kids, especially her son. When she realised from Nikki's words that Natasha will soon be doing everything for Dev, she was not ready to accept it..although it was a fact. And the best thing about Ishwari is that - this change of emotion is very new for her... and she is not at all comfortable with her own unhappiness. She is puzzled as to why she is unhappy when she knows very well that its a happy event in her son's life. 

Change is challenging to all..And Ishwari is worried about this change that is going to come in their lives..a change that will distance her and Dev..She is very fond of her son. And without exposing her fear..the mom quietly expressed to her son that soon she is going to be replaced by another woman..And her intuitive son acknowledged her fear and assured her that she will be his first priority whatever happens in his life. Very well played by mom and son 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Sonakshi's trauma seeing her soul mate moving away from her into someone else's life is unexplainable. Dev hit her where it hurt the most for her..when he put on that ring that was meant to be for the name of a test to see if it fits.. She could not stop her tears trying to get that damn ring out of her finger. As if he understood her pain, Dev went to heal her. Only, she was hurt beyond any healing. Erica was excellent in her role of a girl, who has a lost/failed dream. Sonakshi was so hurt that she wanted to avoid him for a while and decided to take a couple of days off.

But, hey.. who are you hiding from, Sonakshi? He is only a part of you and how could you be away from yourself?  Dev promptly showed up in front of her, even forgetting his most important meeting, just to check on her 😀😀😀 Whenever Dev does such things, the audience are as surprised as Sona herself, with this contrast in his characterisation. One moment, he is completely indifferent to  Sonakshi's feelings and the next moment, he is so caring towards her. As they talk about plant and love for plants, he also found himself momentarily attracted towards her.

Natasha asked him once, why he still calls her Ms.Bose, when he calls himself her friend. As if he was waiting for an opportunity to do that.. he decided to test the waters that day and called her "Sonakshi" once and reverted back to Ms.Bose quickly with one look from Sona. He was not sure, how Sona was taking it, although...we all knew she was quite amused about it 😜 Well, the audience wanted their conversation to go on forever. Sona wanted it too. But Dev was reminded of the meeting and had to leave. Nevertheless, many beautiful moments were captured that day for their "Happy times" album 😊

A restless Natasha, a disappointed business team - but Tina was cool and professional as a secretary should be. Tina has been very supportive for Dev and I have a feeling that Tina is going to be of great help to Dev and Sonakshi in future 😄 Dev was very embarrassed about missing this meeting..probably his first slip ever. And I hope its the last. Because, being sorry does not look good on Dev.

Ohh.. and the small sequence with Ranvir was heart warming. Neha, although seems a very self centred so naive and I sincerely hope that her tender heart is not hurt later on and that she realises that family bonding gives much more happiness than comfortable living.

This week was an extremely traumatic one for our dear Sonakshi and I hope Dev makes it up for her soon enough. Her talks with Eleena and Saurav were quite touching and brought tears to our eyes too. To not be loved is not easy to accept. The helplessness and inability to let go of the love of her life came through clearly when she told Eleena how she feels when she is with Dev and how she is scared of losing that friendship if she opens up her feelings to him. 👌🏻👌🏻

The highlight was of course Dev's realisation of his love for Sonakshi. They say we close our eyes when we pray, when we kiss and when we dream as the most beautiful things cannot be seen, but only felt by the heart. The cute sisters helped Dev realise his love in a magical moment. Dev could not believe what he just saw. He tried to feel again and he clearly saw Sonakshi and he reminisced his moments with Sonakshi.. all the little fights..all the little laughs..and he could not stop smiling every time he thought of her. He finally realised how it feels when in love. All the lectures he got from Sona and Neha about love seemed to make sense now!

But it was also just about time for his engagement to commence... He looked like someone with a 10000 piece jigsaw puzzle in front of him and a timer to race against!  

Its going to be an exciting week to see Dev fix all the puzzle pieces and then show up in front of his lady love 
❤️. Will Sona ignore him, just as another one of her dreams?! 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Week 14 - New colours

Week 14 was the pre-realisation orange week!
As per the recent promo, Dev is all set to realise his love for Sonakshi on 9th of June 😊 the episodes of this week leads him there.

The week started off with Dev curious to know that third person between Sona and him. Although Dev doesnt realise these emotions yet, he was definitely hurt when he heard all about her boy friend..but he was careful not to express his unhappiness. Instead, he honed his other emotions very sharp. Like..being sarcastic, resentful, etc..🙄
However, when Sona said, Dev was just a friend..not her best friend....then he was really hurt 😐 It was cute to see Sonakshi trying to unhurt him 😊

Sona on the other hand, was extremely uncomfortable with her lie and tried her best to get out of it. Her fake boyfriend story sold out, but not her fake sick story. Dev was stubborn about the double date. And, Eleena got her friend's brother all set for the double date!

On the D-day, the foursome had one heck of a roller coaster ride! For Dev - it was all about knowing Sonakshi more and finding out what makes her choose this Neel guy! For Sona - on one side, it was heart aching possessiveness to see Natasha and Dev together. On the other side it was trying to make her lie look real and keeping cool with every single surprise that Neel threw in. Neel and Natasha had no idea (atleast as of yet) what their part really was 😂 Natasha kept holding Dev's hand. Dev was completely unaware of it, and Natasha probably did not do it on purpose, but Sona's jealousy meter rose to the brim everytime it happened 😅

Post the date - Dev became the interrogating officer and quizzed Sona for the "Neel facts".  It was hilarious to watch Dev come up with back to back questions and Sona gather all her presence of mind to answer him confidently - but all her answers were wrong 😔. Dev's conversation with Natasha during lunch was especially wonderful. There was so much of pride in Dev when he told Natasha that he knew a lot about Sona and that they both are really good friends 😊. 

It was fun to watch Dev this week who was not aware of his emotional changes. His character shone when he spoke to his mom about Sona's boyfriend and with Natasha about his friendship with Sona. Sona, on the other hand was completely aware of her emotional changes. But she was forcefully hiding those and she excelled too, as the "madly in love with Dev" girl, who had to act as if she loves someone else.

The last day of the week, although hilarious from the outside, was pretty sad for me to watch..I could only see 2 souls so much in love with each other but did not know how to express. Dev was really going through a lot of emotions this week. He was pretty hurt at the beginning of the week to know about Sona's boy friend..and finally got it clarified. When it was clear to him that Neel was fake, he was so happy that he played like a child with his sisters, completely unaware of what was even happening to him! The scene where Sona confesses her lie was a very sweet scene..Dev admired the non stop rambling of Sona as she explained the reasons behind her lie..and finally as it got serious, he was confused with himself as to why he ever started all this 😊 Really well played.

The other parts worth mentioning this week are

1. Dev's role as a brother who went to Ranvir's house to gauge the situation, later offering a job for Ranvir at his company, standing up for Neha when maami tried to bad mouth about Ranvir's alliance and finally convincing Neha that he will take care of everything.

2. The Bose family and the cricket sentiments - superb conception! And special mention to Bijoy and Asha. I was reminded of my own sentiments 😊

3. Ishwari's possessive side was introduced more to the audience as she kept asking Sona how does Dev-Natasha look as a couple. Her eyes clearly expressed the fear of losing her son's love for her...

4. Neha's character is probably not the ideal girl that any of the older generation will like. But inspite of her self centred actions, one cannot, but sympathise with her as she is trying to fight for her own happiness every time. That is her colour in this show.

Dev and Sonakshi - the fairy tale

Sonakshi is a straight forward, honest hardworking, intelligent person and so is Dev.
Dev is the best in his profession and so is Sonakshi. Both love their families with all their heart.

What makes them different is what they want from life and how they live! Because of the rough childhood that Dev went through, working hard and working more became his lifestyle. All he wanted from life was to be a better son to his mother. He is very rigid and is not colourful..just to put it simple..Sonakshi on the other hand wants a fairy tale colourful life..but she is otherwise, pretty down to earth and is driven by her career and family too, like Dev...

The two meet in a bitter encounter which turns more bitter as Dev needs her to be his mother's nutritionist. Sona repels from him as she does not intend on selling her career. Dev leaves her no choice as he closes all doors for her except his home. Helplessly and angrily she becomes his mother's nutritionist. The person that she is, she does not bring any of her grudge on Ishwari. However, Dev remains a rich, arrongant man for her..until..

Dev's childhood teacher casually visits the Dixit home one day and changes Sonakshi's impression about Dev. For Sona, from then on, the rude Dev became only an extremely complicated person! He was extremely arrogant at one instant and as sweet as a child the next minute. The more she tried to ignore him and even repel him,  the more she got closer to him and attracted by him..

For Dev, according to me, it was love at first sight. But he might never agree to that, because he does not realise that himself! Although his main intention of hiring Sona was for his mother, he was constantly only looking for opportunities to meet her, to talk to her, to fight with her. He lost himself when he was around her. 

When he interfered in her marriage proposal, he only expressed his possessiveness. During one of the well shot dance sequence, he showed off his charming personality and dared to flirt with her! When he got that sugar free cake for Sona's mom, against all odds, he showed her that he cares. When he compeled her to take the replacement phone for the one he broke, he expressed that he is vulnerable with her.

And then, one day there was an accident that almost took Sona's life away. I have never experienced such a well made sequence in TV or movie medium. He gave his everything to her. He gave his past and present to her, so that she can have a future with him. In that very well shot sequence, Dev told Sona, who he was, in his own words. He struggled to keep her alive and gathered all his strength in getting her well.  He cried for her..he cared for her..and he would have done anything that day.

Sona, who was unsure of her love until then, was introduced to her prince charming, that day, like a storm!

Why should it always be the man checking out the girl? In a welcome change, Sona secretly started admiring every move of Dev. Her love for him grows by the day..not a single night or even day passes without a dream about him. 

When 2 people are in love, they are basically blind to anything happening around them..yes, life is going on for both Dev and Sona..but they are both living in their own little world inside their bigger world.

Dev has not realised his love for her..but Sona has become everything else for him. He is actually more in love with her than she is, with him.
Although he has not realised his love for Sona, he is unable to accept anyone else's love, even when it was forced on him, even when his hard earned company was at stake.

Natasha's presence only makes him realise Sonakshi's absence! He started looking for reasons to fill the absence by reaching out to her as a friend..And when Sona introduces her new boy friend, what will happen?

Sonakshi Bose

The Bose family is a typical Bengali family, and Sonakshi is a perfect bengali girl - Simple, beautiful girl with extra ordinary eyes and very intelligent!

Bengalis are very loyal and proud of the culture and Rabindranath Tagore, very romantic, cool, big foodies, and talk a lot! Throughout the show, these traits are seen in the folks of the Bose family. Dad is a loyal KKR fan, brother is a Roshogolla lover and a big foodie, Mom is the best cook :)

Sonakshi is an independent, self sufficient, intelligent, simple and passionate nutritionist..according to Dev himself! 
She is a very strict doctor and will go out of the way to make sure her patients follow the diet. But, when it came to her own family, her love over powered her she was unable to mend her brother.

She is quite a strong woman and tried her best to fight against Dev who tried to buy her out using all his power, for his mother. When it came to a point of seeing her family suffer due to the lack of financial support that she provided...she gave in and accepted the offer.

She repelled against Mr.Dixit. But started to mellow down as she came to know more and more about him. She completely melted for him, to her own astonishment, as she started realising that Dev is as clear as a plain canvas waiting for her to paint her colours. She slowly allowed him to enter her heart and rule her.

But she was never able to gather her strength and express her love for Dev. Even when a third person came into the arena, even when she was dying of jealousy and possessiveness, she could hardly express herself. 
So, what next?

She always believed in fairy tales and waited for her Prince charming. The Prince is in front of her..however will her fairy tale become a reality or remain a tale?

Ishwari Dixit, the woman, the mom. and Dev's mom.

Every mom loves all her kids. Ishwari too loves her kids. But she loves Dev a tad bit more than others. In her words, its because he was her first son; he was the one that first made her a mother; he was the one that gave her the identity of "Dev's mom". She wants to love him more... because she is proud of him. She empathises with him in every stage of life from childhood till today and supports him achieve his every goal in life.

As Dev rightly says, "for a person to succeed in life he needs hardwork, sincerity and prayers - and my mom has done all these for me. So, any reward for me, actually goes to her!". He owes her his entire life. He is aware of that. And Ishwari is proud of him for that.

Ishwari is blamed for not giving the right childhood to her elder daughter, Neha. Ishwari is surely guilty of it. However, she feels that at that point in time, Dev was the eldest, the fastest and the smartest and that she had to give him everything, so that, one day he will be able to take care of the whole family including his sisters, her daughters.

At one point, it so happens that Neha's wedding will not happen if Dev does not marry the groom's sister. Although she knew that Neha was keen on the marriage, she refuses to put Dev under pressure for a marriage and does not hesitate to call off Neha's wedding!

The mom-son relationship has been very beautifully weaved in this show. They have a wifi connection and one completes not just the sentence of the other, but even thought of the other person.

Of all problems that the Dixit family faced, Dev very clearly remembers the pain that his mom went through as a woman in this world. Ishwari had been an extremely strong woman. She is, however, very possessive of Dev and gets disturbed, every time Dev's marriage is discussed. I sit and wonder why..Why is this mom so possessive of her son.. to the extent that she does not want to share him and his love with anyone..

Ishwari is a possessive mother, because she owned Dev, banked on him. He was not just her son - he was her life. He was her eyes. Through him, she saw her future, the future of her broken family. He was her heart that helped her live even after she was emotionally dead with her husband's death. He was her limbs that helped her sail through everyday of her life when hardships were at it its peak. She made him the way she dreamt of. She worked hard, very hard, in moulding the 8 year old boy into the smart, successful, intelligent, business man that he is, today. And she was not ready to give him away to anyone else. Her relationship with her son is like that of a boy who asked his mom to hold his hand while crossing a river. When the mom asked why, the boy said "If I hold your hand and something happens, chances are that I may let your hand go, but if you hold me, I know for sure that you will never let go of me!" During the hard times, they both needed this reassurance..and now, its too hard to let go.

We use "Entire lifetime" as a very long time..But in reality, its just 4 or 5 phases of short periods of time. As we move on to the next phase of life, the previous phase becomes a memory..and we cherish the happy times and heal ourselves of sad memories and move on. This will happen to Ishwari as well, eventually. But, until then..she has to go through the pain. It will be sad to see that its not just her, who is hurt. Inadvertently, she is going to hurt her dearest son and the girl that is dearest to him. And this is also a kind of love.