Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dev Dixit, the man. the loyal son.

Dev Dixit (Shaheer) walked into the office majestically.
"makhaan mil saktha hai, lekin ghar nahi"  (we can get a house, not a home..)
"ek ped, kitna bhi lamb ho jaaye, apane jadon ko nahin chhodata" (however tall a tree grows, it never leaves its roots)
as a 9 year old it seems he said "Mein ek acha beta banna chahtha hoon"
- these dialogues in the first episode, pretty much defined his character in the show - A home loving person, a person with deep values, a person that is very grateful to his mom.

As the show progressed, Dev's character became more and more clear to us.. and the more clear it became, the more complicated it was..Rude, yet the most caring person. Bossy, yet the most amenable. Repulsive, yet so charming, Insusceptible, yet vulnerable. Often sour, yet sweet. As Sona says.. "Thumi..ek dhom impossible!".

His relationship with his mother is by far the closest that anyone can explain the word "Loyal". This boy's only ambition in life was to give a better life to his mother dearest.

In one of the best shot scenes, Dev explained his childhood to Sona in a nutshell. During that conversation, he explained all the hardships he and his family went through..how, as the only alive parent, Ishwari brought the kids up in a world that was no less than a jungle.. how his mom gave him the courage, but it was upto him to gain strength.. and he explained how the little boy Dev lost his childhood to grow soon and give his family a better life..

He worships his mother. He depends on her. He cares for her in a way that no other son can. He claims no credit for any of his achievements in his life and gives it all to his mother.  He remembers every single sacrifice his mother made in order to bring him up.

When this special mother was sick and needed the help of a nutritionist, can he leave any stone unturned? He needed the best person to help his mother and no matter what, he needed that person. period. He was willing to pay the cost whether its in the form of money or anything else.

His relationship with his 3 sisters is a very cliche on-screen brother for most part. For his 2 youngest sisters, he is a dad disguised as a brother. He is their superhero who can make any of their wishes a reality! However, his first sister Neha is not able to love him as she thinks that he stole her childhood by being mom's first choice for anything..Nevertheless, Dev strives to bring that happiness to her by constantly trying to please her..he never gives up. For him, Neha's happiness is the most important. But for her, whatever he does is just not enough..

He respects his mama and his family very much and is ever so grateful for giving the Dixit family a roof, when they needed it most.

And, he is great boss! He takes care of his every employee's every need in a way that they can never repay!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

TV serial grammar

I am not a TV serial fan. The last time I saw one, was many years ago..and my impression was
1. There seemed a constant conspiracy happening
2. The women always put other women of the cast in trouble
3. There was this single person who was extremely nice and was tortured by everyone else
4. Everyone looked overly made up with flashy jewels.. unreal perfectness..flawless skin..
5. Men in the serials? Lets not even get there..

And then I happened to know about Kuch Rang pyar ke aise bhi..only reason I even knew about it was because I was following Shaheer Sheikh, who played Arjun in Mahabharat.

The Swastik productions version of Mahabharat was very impressive. Certain parts of the epic were surely modified a little from what I read while growing up. Nevertheless, it resonated very well with today's world. The way Bhagavat Gita was explained from beginning to end, I had never experienced such enlightenment from a TV show. And Shaheer caught everyone's attention as Arjun, the pivotal character of the epic.

I had a lot of trust in Shaheer's choice of shows and decided to watch this daily soap - Kuch Rang Pyar ke Aise bhi.

On February 29th I was eager to catch that first episode of the hero that Indian TV missed for so long.